2017 VMA’s Fashion Review


I hope you’re having a FAB day!! So the VMA’s took place just yesterday and you know what that means? You know what it means. I’m gonna review the fashion!! I’m so excited, specially today, wanna know why?


Yas, you read well, today is my second VMA’s Fashion Review (if you want to read last year’s 2016 VMA’s post, click here!) and I’m really really happy cause I love fashion and I love expressing my opinion and you guys have been really supportive and argh!! I’m so happy!

Anyway, as always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people, let’s start!

2017 VMA’s Fashion Review:


Oh. My. Gosh. Now THIS is the Nicki Minaj that I know and Love!! 😆

Not everyone can pull that off, that’s so effing admirable!! 👏👏

I love it! You know what? If I was famous and went to a carpet, this is definitely something I’d wear. Not kidding. Maybe like, less cleave cause you know, age and stuff… But yeah!

She must be sweating SO MUCH inside that, also, it seems way too tight, she probably can’t really move in that. 😅 But dude, beauty is pain.

I love the color too! It matches the hair! Speaking of the hair. THE HAIR!! 😍😍 It’s like blonde but at one side it’s like kinda pink-ish, I love it!

And the makeup is straight up FLAWLESS!!I also love her shoes, again, so Barbie! I don’t like the accessories, but you guys know I don’t like jewels and that stuff. 😂

THIS IS SO BARBIE!! I wish Barbies were like her. 😕


Ahhhh… Julia Michaels, it was time to see her in a red carpet!! 💁


I love the dress, it’s not really something I’d wear cause it brings prom vibes, but I LUV the color and I LUV a good color gradient! 😍

I like her hair, it looks effortless, she could’ve woken up like that. 😊 I also love the makeup!! It doesn’t bring the attention so much and that’s what’s cool about it!

I can’t see her shoes and that upsets me. 😭 I can NEVER see anyone’s shoes!

Anyways, this girl SLAYYED!


Seriously, this woman is a supermodel. Look at her! Look at the dress! Look at her again! I’m just obsessed. 🤤🤤

It goes perfectly with the fact that she hosted this year.

Her dress is very futuristic! I wonder how they made the right side of her dress stay UP. Tape? I think so. But dude, doesn’t it hurt when you rip it off? People are crayzay!! 😝

I don’t like the earrings, they’re too much, they’re so early 2000’s, not into it. Sorry!

I love her makeup, it’s always on point! You saw the Swish Swish video? She was playing basketball and still her makeup was on point!!! 😍😍

The hair? Meh, not ma fave.


You know what? I don’t remember the last time I reviewed a guy for a fashion review, it was probably HIM as well on the AMAs last year. It’s sad guys don’t stand out so much on these things. 😣

He looks great! I don’t like the shirt in him, I feel like a girl could pull it off better. It’s my opinion, don’t hate me. 😂 But I love that it has a different pattern on each side!

I like the tuxedo! A lot of people say he dresses like a dad. But I don’t think so, he’s young! He’s just dressing quite formal! 😊

I wish his style was more dad-ish. Wait, who said that? 😅

I love the hair, makeup… Hold on, he’s not wearing makeup!! 😂 Sorry again! #UsedToReviewingGirls


Yay, Lorde! It’s been a while since I reviewed her for the last time! This is so different from what she uses to wear! I dig it! 😄

I love the color of the dress!!! *I have a sweater the same color LOL just saying 😅* I’m not that into feathers, I feel like this is not so trendy now. 😕 This is a fun look, it also looks quite formal cause again, #PromVibes but I like it! 😊

Omg I also LUV the hair! I love a good short hair. 😍 I know it’s not so short, but pretty short compared to almost everyone in the world. She looks like she could’ve done her hair herself!! And I’m not saying it in a bad way, that’s actually awesome! Again, effortless!! 😊😊

I really into her makeup, you can barely tell she’s wearing some! I think natural looks are the best! 😄

And that was it! This was a very fun red carpet! *more like blue carpet* I loved it! I would’ve LUVED to review people like Fifth Harmony, Millie Bobby Brown, Bebe Rexha… 😭

Share your thoughts with me!

Who’s outfit was your fave? Mine was probably Nicki’s. And your least fave? I would say Ally from Fifth Harmony, I love her but I didn’t like the dress with the pants. 😢 Sorry. *third time* Is there anyone you liked I didn’t review? Tell me in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked writing it for you!! I’ll be doing lots of reviews in the future, this is amazing! I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing week and I’ll see you next time!


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