Stuff that Makes Me Cringe!!


How’s your day going? I hope well! So it’s been a LONG time since I talked about awkward situations for the last time, I don’t even remember the last time. Anyway, it was time, let’s do it now!

And today we’re gonna talk about stuff that makes ME cringe. I think everyone cringes at some point *expect maybe well, psychopaths* and there’s a lot of stuff that makes us cringe. Today I’m gonna talk about the things that personally make me cringe.

DISCLAIMER: *whoah, this is a tradition now* Supposedly I would warn you not to read this if you’re too sensible, but as I’m too sensible too, I can’t talk about very explicit or explain certain things with detail. So yeah, this is trauma-free zone! Enjoy!

Stuff that makes me cringe!!

  • Watching people embarrassing themselves

Yeah, this has made me cringe every since I was a kid and watched typical movie scenes where the singer has scenic phobia and remains shocked for the next half an hour.

Once I was in a rap battle in school and here’s the thing, I write raps every once in a century, but I’ve NEVER improvised. So yeah, you can imagine how that ended. 😬😰 I’ll probably talk about the whole story one day.

Anyway, there’s many situations that could be included on this list actually.

  • Watching and hearing myself in videos or voice recordings AND some noises

Ok so this one is awful and everyone knows it. I think everyone at some point has dealt with listening to their own voice in a video or voice recording.

Here’s something I don’t understand, why in the world does my voice sound WAY more like a kid’s than irl?? Why? I get it, I’m a kid, but not a little kid, recording have malfunctions!! 😡

I hate hearing my own voice, specially when there’s more people around, specially my class, and the teacher. 😭 #Why

And about noises, you know, sounds you make to the blackboard with the chalk, children screaming really loud… You know!

  • Listening to bad singers

This one makes me cringe just sometimes. Not always. Most of the times it’s funny to hear people singing badly. But I don’t laugh at them, that’s rude.

Maybe in private… Wait, what? Who said that? 😅

I mean, it’s very admirable that people who find it difficult to hit the notes have courage to get out there and sing. 🙏 Like when I did that rap battle. #FearlessPeeps

  • Seeing really gross animals

You know when you’re watching an animal documentary and then it’s time for all the cringy gross animals? It has happened me several times. 🙄 The worst part is when you’re in bed, you remember that documentary and you feel like those nasty creatures are invading your bed and you begin to sweat like a pig who’s about to give birth.

Too much? Sorry.


Eyes are beautiful , but I can’t help cringing every time someone talks about contacts or idk, eye problems.

The other day, one of my friends started talking about how she puts on contacts and how she gets them off. It was traumatizing, but very educational, I’ve always wondered how that happened. I won’t tell you cause I said this wouldn’t be cringy. 😂😂

Or like those people who are about to get eye surgery? WHY?!?! I can’t help dying when people talk about it.

And that was a wrap on my list of cringy things! Sorry if I made you cringe, it was totally on purpose not my intention. 😅 Just kidding, I love you! 😇

Share your thoughts with me!

Did I make you cringe? Do you relate to thins? What makes YOU cringe? When was the last time you were embarrassed? Last time you cringed? Do you watch documentaries? Is hearing your voice awkward for you? Do you use contacts? Tell me everything, I wanna know you better!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed as much I did writing this post! Cringing is cool, isn’t it? I hope you have a wonderful day without cringing and hope to see you next time!


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18 thoughts on “Stuff that Makes Me Cringe!!

  1. I totally agree with the hearing self back on videos and voice recordings! When there’s too much to text, I send voice recording messages to my best friends and when I play them back, my voice sucks! I CRINGE SO BAD.
    I also cringe when book characters embarrass themselves or say REALLY cheesy things.

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  2. I can definitely relate to the recording one! Every time I hear my voice on a recording I sound really posh and snobby 😂…I’m just left there thinking to myself ‘Oh no do I really sound like that?!’ 😖.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just clicked on your URL to visit your site and I just want to say how much I LOVE your blog layout and design!! It’s beautiful – I LOVE it!!! I also really liked this post 😀 Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwww really? Thank you so much, it means so much, I’m glad you like my design (even though it’s more than a year old but thanks so much!!!!)
      And thank you, I’m glad you liked it!!!! 😀 ❤
      Thanks so much again, argh, you're so sweet! I don't deserve you!!!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. omg when people talk about contacts I am always so freaked out……this one time I was saying this to my moms friend and she decided to take one of her contacts out right in front of my….I was just sitting there in horror.

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