My First Birthday Haul!!


How’s life treatin’ y’all? I hope you’re having a great day!! So as some of you may know (or not), yesterday was my birthday, yay! And I turned 15. But that’s not the case, well ummm.. Kinda.

I wanna thank you all so much again for the birthday wishes, you’re all really lovely and sweet!!! 😊😊 Seriously, it means a lot!

Anyway, the lovely Misstte @ xXMisetteXx suggested me to do a Birthday haul and I thought it would be a great idea!!!! Thanks so much Missette!! *psst, follow her blawg* 😆 Thank you so much Misette, this was a great idea!!!

So let’s do it!!!

DISCLAIMER: Not bragging, this post was only aim to show you what I got for my birthday, not to brag or show off in any way.

My First Birthday Shopping Haul:

Before we proceed you must know these presents are not listed in any preference order..


An iPhone 6 s

So this one is the biggest and obviously the most expensive one (actually not lol, kisses! ^·^) and I think I’ve been wanting an iPhone since I was, what, 9? I don’t know but ever since I saw the iPhone 4 I kinda died on the inside, it was so pretty!!! 🤤

Anyway, I’ve had a Nokia Lumia 635 for almost 3 years and I love it, it’s just that unfortunately and for consuming purposes phones begin to fail more and more frequently after some time. 😩

I love you Darren, I always will. 😭

I have to name my new phone btw.



Ok so I got 3 books, the first one is Catalyst, a Star Wars Rogue One Novel, which is basically the story before Rogue One and how Krennic and Erso came up with the idea of the Death Star. The second one is The Maddie Diaries by Maddie Ziegler and there she talks about her rise to fame and success. I’ve been wanting those books SO BAD!!! 😍😍

My parents gave me those 2.

The title says “Bedtime stories for rebel girls”

The third one is in Spanish, my aunt, cousin and uncle gave it to me. It’s about the stories of famous women who helped change the world. Very inspiring, can’t wait to read it!!! 😝


I think most of my relatives give me money for my birthday, specially as I’m not exactly a kid anymore and I don’t play with toys, I actually prefer money most of the times. 😊


They gave me more things but one of them is MOTHER EFFING EXPENSIVE so I decided not to show it so you guys won’t think I’m bragging. 😅


So I celebrated my birthday party with my friends 2 days before my birthday and this is what they gave me.

Poop emoji stickers

I love stickers! A lot. Don’t really use them cause I think they’re too pretty to waste them but yeah. I started using them on my blogging notebook!



I LUUUUV stationary, schol kinda stresses me but I’m SO INTO stationary!!! 😍😍😍 I mean, papers and pens and markers?! Who doesn’t love that??

A parfume

They gave me a Nike fragrance too!!! I’m gonna smell so good! LOL kidding! 😂😂

An Inside Out key ring

Hell yasss I am OBSESSED with Inside Out, I just love everything about it!!! I’m so happy I have a key ring of Joy!!! I already hooked it to my blogging pencil case’s zipper ring!! 😄

“Funny gummy” to make shapes

Hell yassss I’mma make some pink little animals with that!!

A minion sponge

And last but not least they gave me a minion shower sponge!!! Poor minion, he’s gonna have to touch the pimples on my back. 😂😂 TMI? 😅 Sorry!!


They gave me more things but on of them is MOTHER EFFING EXPENSIVE so I decided not to show it so you guys won’t think I’m bragging. 😅

And that’s all I got for my birthday!! Whohoo this was so fun to do!!

Share your thought with me!

When’s your birthday? How old are you? What did you get on your last birthday? What’s the best present you’ve ever got for your birthday? Tell me everything in the comments!!

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!! Thanks again to Misstte for the recommendation!! I hope y’all have an amazing day and week and I hope to see y’all next time!!


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30 thoughts on “My First Birthday Haul!!

  1. I love the fact that you named your old phone. I like to name things as well. I have a beanie called Freddy and everyone thinks I am nuts because I named it. Why not name your phone George or Alfredo? Don’t ask how I came up with these names, they just popped up in my head

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  2. ¡Feliz cumpleaños atrasado! Me encantó todo lo que recibiste, estoy obsesionada con los Funko pop, me voy comprando los grandes de Harry Potter (mis favoritos) y los chiquitos son de otras cosas que me gustan jajaja
    ¡Me encantaría saber que te parecieron los libros! Me encanta leer reseñas de libros 🙂 un beso!

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  3. Happy belated birthday Hun don’t even remember my 15th it’s seems so long ago. Oh wait it was haha more like 11 years ago I think it was. Haha. Email me lovely as I’m on a ban of social media aka twitter and Instagram but still use it to post blogs cleverly. Email me on

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