My Relationship With Spinners


How’s your day going? Hope well! So today I tried writing blog posts but I only felt like rambling about my super interesting life so yeah, that’s what I’m doing today! You’re welcome!

So as the title says, I’m gonna be talking about spinners. I’m not gonna be talking on the trend or anything, I’m gonna be telling you my story with spinners. *ha, told ya this was gonna blow your mind* 😅 So let’s start:

STORYTIME: My relationship with spinners

So this happened at my trip to London in may. On our first day, some of my classmates bought a very weird little thing that would spin in its axis. Yes, yes, a spinner.

I was like, what the heck?! Why would they buy such a stupid thing!

I think now you know why I got the idea of talking about spinners. 😂

But it seemed like it had some hypnotizing effect cause people were VERY into it, I mean, it is pretty hypnotizing!

Anyway, other classmates asked how much that cost and they some said 6 pounds and others said it cost 7. What? Seven pounds for that? I thought it cost 1 or 2.

Dear friends, you got SCAMMED! 😱

Anyway, the spinner zombie apocalypse couldn’t reach to me in any way so I had to stay away from spinners and never try them or else I’d be a spinner zombie too and the spinner zombie gods would win the battle to destroy humanity. But within 1 day or so, my friends already were spinner zombies. 😱 I had to stay away from those little machines from hell!! But it was worthless, I started wanting to try spinning it! I had to conceal that feeling and stay cool.

But within half an hour my zombie friends convinced me to try it out. It was AMAZING!! 😍 The feeling you get in your fingers when you spin it is just so relaxing!! 🤤 I still wanted to resist my wish to have one.

The next day the spinners already had controlled my mind. I WANTED one, I NEEDED one!! But they were too expensive for such a pointless thing. Outside of the London Underground, was a place where they sold spinners. Guess what? They were 4 POUNDS each!! 😁 I had to buy it, but we were already getting into the underground. Mission failed. Next day then.

The next day, at the same store, spinners were 3 POUNDS each!! 😝 It was my opportunity, I went there quickly, grabbed a blue one and bought it. Another friend had come with me cause she also wanted to but one not so expensive, but she said no cause apparently the spinners were a little dirty. How weird! 🤔

Anyway, I opened the box and tried out the spinner and dun dun duuuun…

I didn’t spin well!

It was so weird, I didn’t know how or why but it vibrated and made a skidding sound when it span. Not to mention it would fall one second after leaving it spinning on one finger. 😤

Dear friends, I got SCAMMED! 😱

I found out later what was wrong with it, and you know they have like 3 legs – if I can call ’em that? Well two of them had the same metallic pieces but the third one was different, it had a different piece. 😬 That’s why it didn’t spin, there was no equilibrium!! Here’s a pic of it btw:

See? Dis what I’m talking ’bout.

Ever since I’ve seen NEW spinners at every price but you know what? I love spinners and I think they’re great at de-stressing but I already procrastinate a lot during school years and it would make me focus even less on my work. Also, did you know the creator of this doesn’t earn a cent out of this product? I don’t know who told me, I don’t even remember the story well, but yeah, it’s true.

Will I ever buy it again? Probably, anything can happen, as I said, I love spinners. But at least not for now. 😅

So that was my story, I didn’t wanna be scammed and bought a cheaper spinner. When, in the end, I think mine was the biggest scam.

Moral of the story:

If you’re gonna buy a spinner, make sure it’s new and works well. A good sign that it’s not new is that it looks dirty. Be careful with the things you buy, the cheapest things are not always what you expect. Although there’re also expensive things that are scams too. Yay! Hope you enjoyed my story! I hope it was useful for you in some way. I don’t know, I felt like it’d be interesting to share.

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you like spinners? Do you have a spinner or more than one? How is it like? Cause there’s many designs. Have you ever got scammed? Have you ever been swallowed by a world trend? I have, many times.

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I liked making it! Sharing stories is so fun! Specially scams! I hope you have an amazing day/night/whatever time it is and I hope to see y’all next time!


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20 thoughts on “My Relationship With Spinners

  1. OMG, so relatable! I was entranced by the demon spinner gods and was tricked into buying one.

    Also, just a quick reminder about the Canva vs PicMonkey post and sending in your response!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah right? There’s no way of refusing!!!
      And oh yeah thanks so much for reminding me, I’m so sorry, school has taken over my life lately, I’ll send it to you as soon as possible!!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok spinners in the us are $10 and I don’t know it’s equivalent to euros but it’s still pretty expensive for a small little metal thing. Our spinner lapse was a little while ago, they’re not as popular anymore but you seen them around in stores. I loved reading this I’ve missed you so much! 💕

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  3. Heyyy those are Fidget Spinners!! My brother and I have got about 4 of them. 😂😂 They’re so cool and almost everyone in my class has one.
    But the same thing with the price. I bought it when they first entered the markets and it was so damn expensive. I begged and got one for 25 pounds
    and its got speakers too. But now they’re available for 3 pounds and I’m banging my head. Urgh.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Haha yepp! They can get quite addictive especially when you see new designs coming every week. 😂
        And whoa 6..I know!! I almost got grounded for that but then again it’s cool. 😁 Although I should have waited. Urgh. They’re available for 4 pounds on Amazon now. 🤐🤐


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