Ma Latest Playlist!!


I hope you’re having a good day! I am! Why? There’s no school today!! Today it is a festive day where I live yassssss!!! Anyway, I wanted to make more playlist posts so I’m doing one now!

I actually have a big list of songs I wanna show you!!! Don’t worry, this time I won’t make your laptop go crazay with so many videos.

*Even I go crazay when I visit the link 😅😅 sorry guys!*

I’m just gonna show you 11 songs and I’ll share a video or 2, the rest you can look them up on the internet.

Ma Playlist:

  1. Feels – Calvin Harris
  2. Issues – Julia Michaels (Kygo Remix)
  3. Touch Me – Starley
  4. Good Girl – Nao
  5. So Good – Louisa Johnson
  6. It Ain’t Me – Selena Gomez ft. Kygo
  7. Heartbreak Love Song – Ben Miktus
  8. Believer – Imagine Dragons
  9. Sexual – NEIKED ft. Dyo (REMIX)
  10. I’m The One – DJ Khalea
  11. Waiting For Tonight – Jennifer Lopez (Michael Luke REMIX)



And that was it! Some of the songs I actually liked them from a LONG time ago like Sexual *I swear I like the melody, not the title* or It Ain’t Me, Issues, Feels… But yeah, I’m really liking them right now too!!

Share your thoughts with me!

Did you know the songs? Do you like them? Did you not know them? What songs are you liking right now? Any songs you recommend me? Please tell me!!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it!! I hope to be sharing more playlists because there’s SO MANY songs I’m liking! I also hope you have an amzing DAY/NIGHT and week!!


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