Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!


Happy Tuesday!! I hope you’re having a scary day!!! 👻 So as it’s Halloween, of course I’m gonna post today!! Well, I’m not gonna lie, I just remembered I had to make a Halloween post yesterday.

At night!!!

Wait, oops, I forgot…


*sorry for the cuteness of the ghost, I know it doesn’t go with the vibe* 😅

Anyway, that wasn’t gonna stop me so I did the image for this post quickly yesterday and now I’m writing this as fast as I can cause I’mma go to the movies with ma friends and stuff.

We’re gonna watch Marrowbone, I told them I can’t handle scary movies and they said this one was thriller, nor horror, until another of my friends told me about half an hour ago it was a scary movie. I looked it up on the internet and it says Thriller/Drama so yeah I just hope not to die. 😂😂


Tell me guys!

Are you dressing up, guys? Me, I’m not really dressed up this year, I’m just dressed in a black dress with some black boots and black leggings and I’m gonna paint my face. Are you going Trick O’ Treatin’ today? Me, I’m going to the movies. Tell me!!!! What are your plans?

I’m sorry I didn’t make any content type of post today, I was going to but I totally forgot, I had exams and I kinda forgot about Halloween. Calendars are making me crayzay!!!!

I hope you guys have an amazing day and a very fun night!! I’ll be back on Sunday with a normal post like always. I’m not having school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday so I’ll get posts ready.


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14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!

  1. I’m actually one of those weirdos who don’t celebrate Halloween….I don’t see the point and my family and I never have thought about celebrating it!

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  2. Halloween was great! I didn’t go trick or treating but my brother did and I may or may not have taken a couple of sweets. I just stayed at home and chilled (that actualy sounds so clichéd when I actually just rushed to finish my homework).

    How was the movie? Are you going to review it? Here’s some after-movie popcorn >insert popcorn emoji here because my phone doesn’t have it<. ♥ 😀 😀

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    • You didn’t go trick or treating? Well I haven’t for the past what, 3 years? lol 😛
      And that sounds nice, well except for the homework part :/ I had to do loads of homework and study the next day too 😛 😀

      And yeah, the movie was good, I kinda liked it, but it was definitely scary, I think what is most scary is the story, not the effects. I don’t even know how I could sleep that night lol 😛 And yeah, now you say it, I’m probably gonna review it!!! 😀 Thanks! ❤


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