2017 AMA’s Fashion Review


I hope you’re all having a good day! So today’s one of those days when I’m providing you with my opinion on people’s fashion on an award show’s red carpet. Yasssssss I’m so excited!!!!

So on Sunday, the AMA’s happened, and that means I’m reviewing the fashion! I’m having 3 exams this week and tons of homework but there’s no way I’m not making this post. Nothing’s stopping me!! 😈😈

Anyway, I’m reviewing 5 people. As always. Let’s begin!!



Ok so the first time I saw this was when I went to YouTube on Monday and the first thing I saw was Clevver’s Fashion Review of this award and freaking SELENA was blonde!!! Whut?

This is totally unexpected, I mean, I never thought this was gonna happen, I thought Selena was gonna stay brunette for the rest of her life!! 😱 I had actually thought of this before and I never thought she would look this good as a blonde!!

I usually don’t like when people leave the roots untouched, but this looks really good on her, argh, she looks gorgeous!! 😭😭

Ok now let’s talk about the outfit cause I could go on and on with the hair. 😅

It’s very different, I’ll give her that. But I don’t know, I feel like an normal person could wear this to the club on a Saturday night. Also, it’s too short. And I’m NOT SAYING THIS because I’m a nun, I’m saying this cause what if her clutch drops and she has to pick it up? Everyone will see her butt!! Or maybe that’s what she pretends. 🤔In that case I’m fine with it. 😂

I like the shoes, love the shape!! I also love her makeup!!!! 😍😍


She’s so pretty!! 🤤🤤

Ok so I’ve never reviewed this girl on my fashion reviews, however, I’ve seen her many times and she’s very origial with her outfits.


I love it!! You know? I’ve thought this many times, when I grow up, if I were a singer and went on a red carpet, I would totally wear something like this!! 🙏🙏 Pantsuit + bra underneath = Idk how to describe it cause it’s so cool!! 😍😍

I love her hair!!! I actually was never really a fan of the wet look, cause it looks moist and sometimes greasy, but I think the only was it looks good is at events like this, cause you can wear anything and people will think it’s high fashion. 💁

I always love her makeup; long lashes, natural shadows… I also LUV her eyes and brows!!!! 😍

Oooh ooh I forgot the shoes, love them!!


Ahh G-Eazy, one of the handsome-est famous men on earth 😍🤤 Just look at his face and his hair, he looks like he comes from the 50’s, I LUV IT!!!!!

Ok, let’s calm down and talk about the outfit.

I love it!! I love the color of the jacket, it looks SO GOOD with black!! What I don’t like about the blazer is that if you look at his arms, it looks a little short for him, like a kid who wore a pantuit for a wedding and now he’s going to prom, he’s going to wear the same thing, but he’s taller now and it doesn’t fit well. 😂😂 He has a lot of money, couldn’t he buy a bigger one?

Also, I don’t like his tight pants, I mean, his legs are TOO THIN it looks like you could break ’em easily, at least you could hide that with wider ones.

This is not the best look I’ve seen on him, but I dig it, c’mon, it’s G-Eazy! 😄


Yassssss my queeen!!!! 🙏💁👑

This is so her and so different at the same time. I mean, I like it, it gives me like 80’s, rocker and drag vibes, and I really like the three, but idk, as Lady Gaga, you have to wear something more than just a dress and some high @$$ heels.

Yas, I STILL MISS THE OLD LADY GAGA, I’m still not over it. 😪

I like the hair, I LUV the color, it¡’s like peach blonde, and I LOVE peach in hair!! 😍😍 She looks SO GOOD in curly hair!!!

Also, the heels!!! She masters them!! It’s rare not to see her with those! I admiore her for wearing heels like that so confidently, I would break my ankles every time!

Oooh, and LOVE the makeup, I’ve seen close-up pics on insta and I’m OBSESSED!!!! 😆😆


And last but not leats, my other queen, Bebe!! 😊😊

She looks REALLY good!! Like, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing at all. Like, if someone asked you about Bebe Rexha on the AMAs you would say she looked stunning but you would most likely not remeber what she’s wearing.

Cause really, this is about her bod, 👏 not 👏 the 👏 dress.

As this is not “body review”, I’mma just go on. I don’t hate the dress, it¡s too normal but we’ve just talked about that. I think she’s a little too tanned, I mean, for how tanned she usually is, maybe this is what she was going for, who knows?

I like the sandals, they give me Ancient Roman vibes!! I LUV that!! 😛😛

And the makeup, I LOVE IT!!!! This girl always kills it at makeup, she’s so pretty!!! 😍

And dat was it, I didn’t thinkI was gonna sat this many thing about the outfits, I’m happy!! 😊

Share your thoughts with me!

Didcha like my review? Didcha not? Didcha like the outfits? Didcha not? Which was your fave? Mine was undoubtedly Hailee’s one!! Which was your least fave? Mine was probably Selena Gomez’s.

I hope you guys liked my fashion review as much as I liked making it, this was so fun! I ove making these things!! I hope you guys have an amazing day/night and week. Now I’mma go study!


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20 thoughts on “2017 AMA’s Fashion Review

  1. I totally loved the reviews!! Especially selena’s. 😂😂 LOL. I guess I have to agree with you on the dress being short though. How come I didn’t think of that. 😂
    And also, I don’t think I like Bebe Rexha’s outfit at the AMA’ s because it looks as though it’s too tight on her or something.😂 but she rocks. 😎 And selena being blonde was the biggest shock OMG..

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks so much!! I’m so glad you liked it!! 😀 ❤ And lol yeah, maybe sometimes we get used to seeing crazy things hehe 😛
      And yeah, maybe Bebe went too tight, but well, it's Bebe 😛
      Thanks so much again!!! ❤


  2. I actually saw Selena’s Instagram story so I knew she was going blonde for the AMAs , but I didn’t like it. It did NOT look good in those pictures, but now that I see the whole look properly, it does suit her! She’s going for a whole different vibe this year, and this look matches it somehow.

    Also, do think about reviewing more people because I get so sad when I’m already at the end of your post 😂 I would LOVE to know your thoughts on more dresses, but it’s your choice 😊

    Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. AAAAAAH SELENA IS ROCKIN BLOND HAIR. I never thought that would happen tho like WUT 😆 😆
    I didn’t really like Bebe’s dress I saw it and I was like …..It so TIGHT and just……i dunno…..It looks like it might be a see-through dress but it’s not REALLY it’s just so weird XDD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ¡Hola! Soy María, me barajé la posibilidad de comentarte en inglés, pero me lo pensé mejor ya que siempre que hablamos es en español jeje ^^
    Hacía tiempo que no me pasaba por aquí y ¡me encantan las reviews que haces de los premios!
    ¡Quiero máss! ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hola tiia ue alegría verte por aquí! 😀 Jeje, ya, es raro 😛
      Muchas graciasssss 😀 Me algero que te gusten!!! Voy a hacer reviews hasta que me mueraaaaa 😀 😀 ❤
      Gracias otra vez, Merii!!!! 😀 ❤


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