The Christmas Tag!!!


I hope you’re having a sweet day! Ha, get it? Cause I put candy on the image.. Anyway, I’m back here with a Blogmas official post!! Cause the last 2 ones weren’t very Xmasy. Let’s just begin!

Few days ago, my wonderful friend Chloe @ DiaryOfALonelyGirl and the amazing Tabi the Bear tagged me to do the Christmas tag!!! Yaaaassssssss 🎉 🎉  I was actually gonna do it anyway, but I really like that they tagged me! 😊 Thanks girls, you’re the coolest!!!

Enough of the blah blah blah, let’s start:

The Christmas Tag:

Chloe’s questions:

Do you like Christmas?

You kidding?! I LUV Christmas and everything about it!!!

What do you enjoy most about Christmas?

I’d say the positive vibes, Xmas trees and decorations, music aaaaand blogmas! So yeah, everything. 😂

Do you travel at Christmas or stay at home?

I stay at home, there’s nothing better to me!! I mean, what kind of Xmas is better than staying warm at home reading blogs or watching youtube on the sofa, next to the Xmas tree, wearing Xmasy pajamas and drinking coffee?

Resultado de imagen de being home gif

Do you send out Christmas cards?

Some years ago me and my parents would send cards to our relatives in Mexico, but you know what? They would arrive up to 3 MONTHS LATER!! I’m not even kidding, it’s true. There’s 2 options: Sending them 3 months early *which we always forget to do* OR not sending them. That’s pretty self explanatory.


Do you go to any Christmas parties?

What?! People do Xmas parties? WITHOUT ME?!!

What tops your tree?

A BIG star!

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Usually we put it up around mid November, who tells you otherwise? I love it too much to set it for a short time!Resultado de imagen de xmas tree star gif

How long do you leave up your decorations for?

Usually until mid february. 😂 Again, the longer it can stay!

Which do you prefer – giving or receiving presents?

I’mma say both or else everyone is gonna hate me. 😅😇 #RoleModel

When and how did you learn about Santa Clause?

Ok so actually in my school, kids would tell everyone Santa Clause didn’t exist since we were 8 or less. But I didn’t stop believing until I was around 10. Kids are so interesting because like even though people tell them the truth, they refuse to believe it. 😂 But like, how?

Same story with the tooth fairy. And how babies are made. 🙄

Resultado de imagen de baby boss crying gif

What’s your favorite thing to eat during the Christmas holidays?

Mmmmmmm… anything tasty! No really, anything is fine for me as long as I like it, which is the most likely thing. 😋😋

Tabi’s questions:

Do you have any strange or unusual Christmas traditions?

I don’t know. Well, maybe this doesn’t count but as a kid I used to wake up on Xmas day at 8 am because I was so excited about getting presents, I would barely sleep. 😅 Once I went to bed at 2 am and when I woke up at 8 I was so tired I opened my presents and went back to bed 😜😜

Are you a festive baker or DIYer?

No, and it’s sad because I feel like everyone else does it. I don’t know, the most crafty thing I do for Xmas is Xmas drawings, hehe 😄

Favourite festive fooood?

I don’t know. 😅 I like everything.

Resultado de imagen de patrick eating gif

How do you spend your Christmas Eve?

I don’t know, it depends on the year really, usually we would stay at home and then have dinner, but then other years we would go shopping (not Xmas shopping, by that time we’ve already bought things, we just like going to the mall 😊) and then have dinner.

Would you rather have Christmas once every week for a year, OR Birthdays every week?

Xmas because Birthdays means aging and aging means people closer to death. 😅 Also, what’s better than Xmas?

Ugliest Christmas jumper?

What are you talking about? Xmas jumpers are really pretty!! 🦄 No, for real though, I mean it.

Do you do Advent Calendars, and if so what is it?

I used to buy these typical chocolate advent calendars, they’re so delicious. This year I didn’t buy it cause I thought only kids did that (I’m 15) but then I saw a lot of people on the internet buy those too and now I feel like an idiot. Lesson learnt, next year I’ll buy one. 🙏

Favourite Christmas GIF? 😛

OMG I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS, I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!!!! 😍😍 Ummmmm there’s so many I like, lemme seee…. Actually there’s a lot of Xmas GIFs I like so I don’t have a fave, but one that I really like is this pizza in the form of an Xmas tree!! 🎄

Resultado de imagen de pizza xmas tree gif

I tag:


And that was it for the tag, it was so much fun to do!!!

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you like Xmas? For how long do you leave the Xmas tree? When did you find out about Santa? Do you travel or stay at home? Tell me in the comments!

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I liked making it! Thanks again to Chloe for tagging me, it means so much! I hope you have an amazing day/night and a great week! Until next one!


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14 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag!!!

  1. That baby in that gif is me when people keep calling my name while I’m asleep and don’t get the clue I’m ignoring them because I want them leave me alone… 😂😂 Nice answers!

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  2. I love Christmas as much as the next person, but I’m totally entirely in for the presents!! 😛 (I’m not that bad, am I?) xDD Loved the post, Ana! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved your answers! And the other day, I was out shopping and I saw this jumper and it said ugly jumper on it! (I don’t know why I’m telling you this) And I get why you like the gif- I mean pizza and Christmas?! x

    Liked by 2 people

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