2018 Golden Globe Awards Fashion Review



I hope you’re all having a great day! I’m really happy because the year has just started and we an Award has already happened!!! And obviously, that’s what I’m doing today, let’s go!

I’m going to be reviewing the fashion on the red carpet!! As always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people!

ALSO, as some of you may know, in this award they’re doing this movement called Time’s Up which against abuse. That’s why everybody’s dressed in black. I know nothing more so let’s start:

2018 Golden Globes Fashion Review:


Millie Bobby Brown:

Argh, I love this girl!!! 🤩

So the first time I saw the dress I was like ok that’s cool, but it looks a little simple and then I saw the back and it blew my effing mind! 🤯 Ok so I don’t like it. Why? Well, I mean, I love the front part – I think it’s nice and I feel like you can never go wrong with a dress like that, you can go anywhere, from a cocktail to an award to a wedding! 😎 I’m into the vibe – but the back cleave is too much, I mean, she’s 13?!

But seriously, I feel like along these past years kids and teenagers’ style has changed in the way that they’re wearing more adult-ish things, I mean, I don’t see myself wearing that at this age, and I’m not saying this because my back is covered in pimples I’m 15!

I don’t love the shoes, they’re cool and they match the dress, but not my style. Sorry Millie! 😭 I love the hairstyle and the makeup tho, the makeup is so nude and effortless vibe, I love nothing more than that!!! 😍😍


Emma Stone:

I really really like this dress!!!! 🤤 I don’t know if it’s her style but I feel like I’ve already seen her in something like this. Anyway..

I love the fabric, the length too – cause you can walk without stepping on your dress and falling 😂 – what I don’t like that it’s asymmetric, why only one strap? I don’t know, me and my crazes. 😛

I like the shoes, and the makeup, I’m just a little disturbed by her purple lips look and her paleness, it looks like she’s freezing in extreme cold. It doesn’t look healthy. 😬 Love the eye makeup tho! 😊

I don’t like the hairstyle, it looks like a lazy bun I did yesterday.


Gal Gadot:


Ok so first off, I’m so excited about the fact that it’s not only my first time reviewing her but also I think the first time I see her in a red carpet *obvs she’s been in red carpets, I’m not stupid* I love her!! She’s so pretty!! 😍

I’m not a big fan of the dress, I feel like I’ve seen it in many stores, what I really like and by that I mean I’M OBSESSED with her sort of tuxedo short blazer!! I’m so into that!!! 😍

I like her shoes, they’re classic and cool! I like her hairstyle, up but still with a little toupee, great! You can never go wrong with that, wherever you go! *finger snaps*

I also like the makeup, simple yet cool, and I like the lipstick color, I’ve been very into that color lately!!! 😊


Emma Watson:

Ok so my first impression on this dress was nothing, I was like: yeah well, normal But then I looked at it more carefully and OH MY GOSH I’ve never been so into a dress since another dress I don’t remember who wore I don’t know if in 2015 or 2016. 😍😍 But the other dress had back cleave so I’m more into this one!!


I love it, it gives me goth greek goddesss vibes, Idk! 😂 I’ve hear some people didn’t like the sleeve, but I I think that’s what I love more about this dress!! Ooh ooh and the neck!!! Argh, at last someone understand high fashion!!! 🙌

I like the makeup, simple yet good! You guys know I don’t like red lipstick. 👄

Omg and can we talk about the hair?! 😝 It’s amazing!! It’s up in a bun (I think) and I LOVE the baby bangs, I’ve been wanting something like this since I saw Elsa from Frozen in her coronation dress and that amazing hairstyle that she wore!!!! 😍 It suits her really well, she even looks younger!!!

I’d wear all of this everyday!!!!


Natalie Portman:

And last but not least 👏 Natalie 👏 Padme 👏 Portman!!! *sorry I had to say that, I just watched the new star wars movie and finished a star wars book and I’m living in heaven* 🤤

Ok so I’d never wear this dress in other than my dreams cause look at dat cleave, there must be a lot of tape going on! 😖 *shivers in pain* But I love it, I love velvet, I think it’s the best fabric ever after pajamas’!! I also REALLY like the design, urgh, I have no words to describe it!!!! 😍

I also like the hairstyle, it’s up but still has a side partition, which is something that I’ve been trying hard to accomplish but I can’t. Still on it. 😅 I also love the makeup, it looks like she’s bare face *like pretty much everyone in this award, but it’s nice, it makes me happy* and that’s amazing!

Love it!!!

And that was all! I know some of you wanted me to review more people, but I don’t have a lot of time as I just started school today (I’m writing this by a Monday, the day before publishing this and it’s getting a little late cause I have to sleep) and I have to do school work, yeah I know, too soon. 🤨

I liked this award show, I think I’ve never LUVED so many outfits in the same fashion review, and they’re all dressed in black, that’s a lot! 😊

Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your fave outfit? Mine was defo Emma Watson’s. And your least fave? Mine was maybe Millie’s one (out of the ones I reviewed). Did you watch the award show? Tell me errything!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing it, it’s always fun to do these things!! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and rest of the week, I’ll be her on the next award!


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26 thoughts on “2018 Golden Globe Awards Fashion Review

  1. Did you see the part where Natalie Portman was announcing the nominees? Her shade is LIFE. I watched only that clip on twitter and I replayed it so many times! Couldn’t get enough of the simple way she threw shade 👏👏👏

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