Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition With: Sari Sari!!



I hope you’re having a great day!! I’m a little sick but meh, that’s nothing! So today is another one of those beautiful days when I host a game invented by moi and have peeps play it!

Today’s beautiful quest is Sari Sari @ SariSari!!! Errybody go follow her blog if you aren’t following already!!

She’s the guest today so she’ll be playing!! She’s gonna be answering my Never Have I Ever questions by saying NEVER or HAVE and she’s gonna give an explanation to some of them of why or why she didn’t do those things. Those are the rules!

If you have any questions put yo hand up 😜

Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition with Sari Sari:

Never Have I Ever…

Not replied to a comment intentionally

HAVE There are comments that you don’t really know what to reply. Instead of sounding stupid by replying something nonsense, I just do not comment

Liked a post you didn’t read

HAVE But I don’t do that anymore. I have matured! Hehehehe

Commented on a post you didn’t read

NEVER It is really weird and difficult to do that.

Wrote a hate comment

NEVER I won’t get caught writing a hate comment on someone’s blog or wall. Not that I am saintly or something, I just won’t allow my evilness get documented hehe..

Dissed a family member on your blog

NEVER I am solid with my family. Even if we fight with each other, at the end of the day, we are intact.

Dissed another blogger on your blog

HAVE I won’t deny it. There was a time between 2005-2008 when we were addicted to this now defunct blogsite called, All of us were addicted. Friends and foes developed. Love stories built and destroyed. A lot have gotten engaged, married, broken up. Real friendship shattered and got exchanged with online friends. It was poison bloggings days when people diss one another on each other’s blogs. I used to do blind items with a friend that stirred some nasty fights. It wasn’t a good experience. I regret my participation to those.

Dissed a friend on your blog

HAVE Same scenario as the above. Back then, we have developed real friendships, we weren’t just co-bloggers. We have seen each other, met in different countries… online to real life friendship so when the poison blogs started, yes, we have dissed our friends too at one point. We were so young. Albeit dramatic, permanent friends were gained too after all these years

Unfollowed someone

HAVE Bloggers who solicit money and spams your reader with money-soliciting posts

Promoted your blog on other blogs in the comments

HAVE I have shamefully done this when my blog was monetized and when I was working in paid partnership with some products. Now, I stopped doing so. I kept my blog anonymous too.

Deleted a published post

HAVE I realized it doesn’t make sense and was full of ranting.

Deleted a draft

HAVE Most of my drafts that stayed for more than a week usually get deleted because I could not find the drive to continue writing about the topic anymore.

Deleted a comment of yours

NEVER, on other’s blogs, but I HAVE on my blog. I have deleted a reply that sounded stupid, and the person I am replying to is kind of deep, so I tried to level with her, hence the deletion of the former reply.

Deleted someone else’s comment

HAVE A blogger sideswiped another blogger using my comments section. Had to delete that instigating comment

Not done a tag/award you were tagged for

NEVER I love tags and awards

Read a post and not liked it

HAVE Not all posts are in for the likes. Some won’t make sense to you at all because it was posted only for cathartic purposes of the author. In most times, despite being cathartic posts, they could also be likable, but yeah, still not all 😀

Forgotten your password

HAVE A lot of times! I have so many accounts to remember!

Forgotten your blog address

HAVE Like my address now, I thought I made a different domain. I nearly wasn’t able to login you know…

Called a blogger another name

HAVE Although it wasn’t a name of some other blogger; it was her name, only botched it soooo badly.

Accidentally left your account without having logged out

HAVE My mom’s laptop. She doesn’t care so it’s ok.

Have envied another blogger

HAVE Especially those moms who have a lot of time to document milestones! Ahhhghad I am so jealous of their patience.

Final score:


Omg Sari, you’re the person who’s had the most HADs everrrr in this game!! I truly appreciate your honesty, it must be SO hard! 👏👏

And that was it! Thank you so so much Sari for playing this game here, it makes me really happy!!! 😍

🦄 If you wanna read the post where I played Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition, click here! 🦄


You can tell me in the comments, via email (, Twitter or Instagram.

Share your thoughts with me!

Have you ever played Never Have I Ever? Have you ever done any of these things? Have ya not? Would you like to play this game on  my blog? Tell me erryting!

I hope you guys had as much fun as me and Sari did doing this!! I hope you guys have an amazing day/night and an amazing week! I’ll see you guys next week with a new post!


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