Dreams of the Month | January 2018

dreams of the month january 2018


I hope you had a great month!! I did have a good month. So as the end of the month is coming, and if I post this later I won’t be able to talk about the grammys, I’mma share ’em now!

Random reader: What are you gonna share, Anna?

Um, the dreams I had this month, duh. In case this is your first time reading these tpe of posts, I have a dream journal in which I write every dream I remember I’ve had, then at the end of the month I gather 4 dreams I really liked or thought were weird and share them here, on my blog!

So getcho pants ready! Nah just kidding, forget that. 😅

Dreams of January 2018:

January 7, 2018

I dreamed the second school term had begun (I was still on holiday when I dreamed this, last day before school). We were in the lab (it wasn’t the lab, it was a normal class, my dreams make no sense) with my English teacher?!

Since when do English teachers teach science? Anyway, she were apparently working with tomatoes and because I was a huge ignorant, I didn’t know tomatoes had hearts. Literally. They were like 3/4 of an inch, transparent white with tiny color dots and it was identical to the human heart.Resultado de imagen de wait whut gif

So yeah, I was observing it and then suddenly one of my friends grabbed it and popped it like an effing pimple. 😡😡

January 23, 2018

I dreamed I was getting ready for school but I was running a little late. I started to hurry up. I was in the bathroom (door open) doing my hair and brushing my teeth when a friend I have who’s like a year younger than me, suddenly appeared, huh? He brought me a box with candy 😂 Resultado de imagen de eats candy gif

I really appreciate it but who the eff goes to a friend’s house to bring them candy at 8:50 in the morning? 🍭

I was late af to school, like about an hour. Me and this friend were talking in the kitchen about idk if candy or whatever and then o-oh, were an effing hour late. 😭 😭

January 27, 2018

I dreamed my hot teacher was explaining something in class and I was bored. What? Since when do I now get bored in that effing class? I must’ve been ill. VERY ILL. 😐 #DissapointedOnMeImagen relacionada

January 28, 2018

I dreamed it was… my wedding day 🙄 Good news is I don’t know who my husband was. Literally.

Anyway, I was walking to the altar with.. my mum.. and mid-way there a weird woman with a black suit stopped me to do me a photoshoot sitting on a chair next to the altar. My dad apparently had paid her because he wanted a lot of pictures from the wedding.

Anyway, she took awful pictures, especially since she didn’t know how you have to position something depending on the light 😤. My dad had spent 7.000 dollars on that.Resultado de imagen de bbhmm gif

Then we went home after the wedding. Yeah, umm.. the part of the wedding where I see my “husband” yeah well, it’s like a movie in which you missed a scene because you fell asleep. But this was a dream. 😂

I think the dream took place in Germany. 🤨

Dream count: 24

Ok so it’s kiiinda few compared to other months, but the first 6 days of the month I had many dreams, the problem is I forgot them really quickly. Always write things down, kids. Also, on August or September I had like what, 40 dreams? I’m not kidding!


Share your thoughts with me!

Do you like tomatoes? Science class? Do you wanna ever get married? If you’re married, how long ago? When was the last time you’ve been scammed? Tell me errything!

I hope you guys had fun reading this, it’s so weird!! I also hope you have an amazing day/night and week! I have exams so I’ll have a great one, hehe! I’ll see you guys on tuesday!


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6 thoughts on “Dreams of the Month | January 2018

  1. Dude you have some pretty weird dreams… good to know I’m not alone!! And yes, I like tomatoes. Do I like science class?…… no. And yessss I would like to get married in the future when I have gained a successful career and found someone I love!! xx

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