2018 Oscars Fashion Review



I hope you’re having a great day! I told ya I’d make a post on the Oscars today! I feel asleep a little late yesterday to write it but it’s totally worth it! So let’s review some fashion people!

As always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people’s outfits, hope you enjoy!

2018 Oscars Fashion Review:

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence:

Oh my god, like, she always looks good but this is arghg my gawd!!! 😆😆😆

I think I just feel in love a little bit. I mean, she looks like, REL GOOD!!! 😍 I love the dress, the straps are too thing and, I may always say this, it looks like they’re gonna fall off. But it’s fine, she’s the owner of her decisions. 😅 As I was saying… I like that the dres is shiny but not too much, you know what I mean?

I like her hair, it’s curly and fun, it looks rocker, looks good! 😎

The makeup looks amazing, the cat eye was brought to the effing limit, she looks SO FIERCE!!! Meow! 😼 *first time I use a cat emoji*

She looks flawless.


90th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Gina Rodriguez:

Wow, the first time I saw that dress I was like meh cause I only saw the upper part. Then when I saw the whole thing I was like WOWOWOWOWOWOW

You get the idea. 💁‍♀️

THAT is an Oscars dress. Uhuh. Anyway, I love the color and the little sparks and argh just everything!!!! Well, the belt doesn’t convince me actually. 😅

I like that her hair is pulled back, but with a middle partition. 😊 I also like her makeup, it ain’t too much, I mean, someone could tell me she’s not wearing makeup and I’d believe it. She looks good anyway!

I love that the cleave is really down, you know? And like doesn’t show a thing, yassssss #BestCleaveEvr #MissedTheROnPurpose



Margot Robbie:

Why? *cries real hard* 😭😭😭

Why? Seriously. She’s like effing pretty, why do her dressed have to be so meh? Like seriously, next year you ask me how she was dressed to the Oscars 2018 and I won’t remember.

Maybe if she removed those xmas decor from her shoulders the dress would look much better. *was I rude saying it like that? maybe. I’m so sorry* 😭

Other than that, I love her short hair, she looks amazing!!! I also like that she doesn’t wear THAT much makeup, I mean, she could wear a lot and I’d be fine with it, but I mean, she doesn’t need it.

She looks GOOD!!! 🤤



Emma Stone:

Ok so I have like 2 opinions on this, ok? It’s like half of my brain thinks one way and then the other disagrees.

Ok lemme explain; so I like that she’s wearing some pantsuit because, duh, comfort over everything (tho if she had chosen other colors I’d be *uses british accent* perfect) But then if you see how she looked on last year’s Oscars, this was very poor. 😕

I mean, she had looked SO like 20’s and like, the dress was golden and she looked so classy.. She’s still looking formal, but next to that, she looks like a hippy 😂 you know what I’m saying? 😂

Like I said with Gina Rodriguez, I love the cleave. #CleaveShawinNothin 🙏

Love the hair, everyone looks better with straigth hair, it’s a fact. If you, for some reason disagree, then imagine I’m giving you a pat on ya shoulder 🙃

I also love the makeup!!! I can’t really tell it’s there but that’s a good thing!



Gal Gadot:

I *uses australian accent* like Gal Gadot’s dress, it reminds me of Emma Stone’s dress last year on the Oscars, dat 20’s vibe! 😍😍 I love retro, I swear.

I don’t like the collar, it looks more for like an older woman, and I still wouldn’t like it. Idk, she tried to complement it with something, but meh 🤨 Well, some of you know I don’t like jewels in general. 😛 Sorry.

I like her hair, up but you can see some fringe on a side, yas!

I also like her makeup, not a big fan of the red lipstick, but it’s fine; she’s so pretty she looks good in anything. I like her smile in the picture, it makes her look youthful, I mean, she’s young, but idk, it makes her look fresh, you know? 😃


And yas, that was my opinion you most probably don’t care about. 😛

Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your fave outfit? I’d say mine was Jennifer Lawrence’s. And least fave? Mine was maybe… Idk, it’s not that I didn’t like Emma’s I just expected more, idk… Did you watch the Oscars? Your thoughts on that? Tell meeeeeeeee

I hope you had fun reading as much as I had while making this, it’s always fun! I hope you have an amazing day/night and rest of the week, don’t let the hard exams bite!


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