Music Habits Tag!!

music habits tag


Heyy I hope everybody’s doing good! LOL I sound like I’m talking to a crowd or something, anyway.. Today I’m back here with another tag, yas let’s get the party started!!!

The wonderful Sumedha @ TheWordyHabitat tagged me to do this!!! Everybody follow her blog if you haven’t already!! 🍭🍭 Thank you so much, this seems pretty fun!

Music Habits Tag:


  • Tag the creator – done, it’s Sumedha!
  • Thank the person who tagged you. Done!
  • Answer all the questions.
  • Tag at least three friends.


Question time!

Do you download songs or stream on apps like Spotify, Wink?

Not really. I have downloaded songs like, on my phone few times but I mostly use youtube to listen to them. When I’m in the car I listen to CDs my parents have with music from the 80’s 90’s and stuff and I love ‘it! 😍😍

What’s your current favourite song?

I don’t have a fave song cause I luv LOADS but one I’m really liking lately is called *you probably know it* My Love by Route 94 and Jess Glyne. LOVE the rhythm and how she sings. 🤤

Last song you listened to?

Last song? I’m actually listening to a REALLY good song called After Life by Tchami with Stacy Barthe. I found itfew months ago, it’s really really amazing!!!! 😝😎

Who are your all-time favourite artists?

I have too many I can’t choose, also I always find a lof of new artists who I get obsessed with and there’s too many 80’s and 90’s peeps I like. Couldn’t choose. 😭 😭

Have you been to any concerts?

No lol 😂😂 I’d like to sometime, why not?

Do you play any instruments?

No, I’d like to play the piano though.

Do you play your songs on shuffle or choose a playlist?

I ain’t got playlists nor I shuffle, I just think of a song and listen to it, and then another one and over and over again.. Well, I only use playlists when I work out cause there’s certain song that help me keep the rhythm but I have to write them down so I don’t have to think: ooh what song shall I play next?

Name one song that you always skip when it comes up on shuffle.

What? No! I don’t skip songs, if I ever put them on a playlist, I won’t skip them 😅 Well, unless I’m not in the mood for that song, but that depends on my mood and the song. 😅

Do you prefer playing songs on speaker or listening in ear/headphones?

Speaker, nothing feels better than listening to stuff at loud like you’re in the club. 😝😝 When I listen to music I feel it 😎 I used to listen to music on my headphones before but now I try to avoid it, I’m a little scared of headphones and virtual reality glasses, just anything you put close to your ears and eyes that can get you blind or deaf. 😖

Is there any popularly liked song that you don’t like?

Oh yas, many! You know this song by Selena Gomez; Bad Liar? It’s so simple and it has no… nothing to it! I mean, I think people like it I think because it’s Selena, but I hate it. Can you believe it’s on Just Dance 2018? How on earth can you dance to that? 😤

Where do you usually find new music? Example through shuffle online, recommendations.

Oh yas, sometimes when I’m on youtube and I’m listening to music, I see recommended songs, I find the title interesting and I play it, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. I also Shazam A LOT of songs when I go shopping to places like Stradivarius, Zara, Lefites, Bershka, Mango, Pull and Bear… Not only I find clothes, but great jams! 😝

Do you like songs based on tunes/beats or lyrics?

Both. For instance; I like the song called Issues by Julia Michaels because of the lyrics. But most songs I like them because of the beat; like Don’t Be So Shy by Imany, dude, it’s too sexual! Many songs I like them because of both beat and lyrics, like idk; White Noise by Disclosure covered by MNEK.

Name one song that you think everyone should listen to.

A song I think is very underrated and EVERYONE should listen to would be Can’t Stop Playing (Makes Me High) by Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto ft. Ane Brun, it’s an Oliver Heldens Remix, it’s amazing! 😍😝


Ma taggies:


I hope you liked this! It was so fun!!! As it said “habits” I though it’d be something like idk, what do you do when you listen to music? or do you sing in the shower? 😂😂 Don’t get me wrong, it’d be fun as well. 😃



I’m so sorry if I haven’t been really active in the blogging community or social media. I’ve been having exams and projects and I’m really sorry. I promise to be active on Easter holidays. Can you please 🙏 gimme links of your latest posts so I can more or less keep up?

Share your thoughts with me!

What’s your latest fave song? Is there any song you think is underrated? Or overrated? Do you like 80’s and 90’s music? Do you like song for the lyrics or the beat? Tell me everything!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it! Thanks so much again Sumedha for tagging me!!! I hope y’all have an amazing day and an amazing week!


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