2018 Kids Choice Awards Fashion Review


Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a good day! You know what? I was gonna write this post yesterday in the morning but then I found out the KCAs hadn’t even happened lol! I’m missing out life.

So you know what I’m doing today! Yesterday the KCAs happened and I’m so excited because I love fashion and celebs so yay let’s do it!! I’ll be reviewing 5 people, as always! 😝😝

2018 Kids Choice Awards Fashion Review

yara shahidi

Yara Shahidi

Omg I love this outfit!! The moment I saw it I kinda passed out but like, without passing out? You know

Anyway 😅 I love it! I think it’s a two-piece thing, right? Idk. I love the summer vibe that it brings. I like the black dots and the “flowingess” of it and the shorts, I love them!!! I also like that they’re short. I just don’t like how low the cleave is, not because it’s cleave, but because it makes me anxious that it’s so low and she only has little thin straps, like, it can fall! I don’t know, I hate it.

I like the shoes too, not a big fan of the color though. I also love the makeup, she just keeps it so natural and it looks amazing!! The least makeup you use, the younger you look! 😊

I love the hair as well!!! I love that she pulled her baby hairs to the front lol it totally makes a statement. 😄 And I like that the rest is put up in a, I don’t know if it’s a pony or a bun. 😅

I love this!


Millie Bobby Brown

I didn’t think I was gonna say this but I’M OBSESSED with this!!!! 😝 Like really, at first when I saw it I was like: “Oh well, it’s too casual for an award show” you know? And then I was like: “but wait, some guy celebs literally wear shirts and jeans for award shows like they’re going to idk, the grocery store” so I like that she’s doing the same thing. #ComftyClothes #FashionEquality

I like the canadian tuxedo (I just found out it was a canadian tuxedo about 2 hours before writing this), I’d totally wear this to school!! I like the white touches to it. I love the shoes as well, I’d not wear them cause I’m a kid and I feel like it’d be uncomfortable but yeah, love the design!!

Also I love that she put the names of the 17 victims of the Parkland, Fla. shooting, avobe it says “March for our lives”, you know, everybody’s been posting the logo thing on social media, it’s been everywhere.

I also love the hair, the middle partition is everything arghh 🤤🤤 Love the makeup as well, it doesn’t even look like she’s wearing any! #NoMakeupMakeupLook My fave thing everrr!!!

camila cabello

Camila Cabello

Yassss Camila Cabello!!!! As you can tell, she won the award for “Favorite Breakout Artist”. I’m so happy for her!!! Her song Havana, I love it!!! 😍😍

I kinda like this outfit in the way that it looks comfortable but still she looks amazing!! I like the globe-looking sleeves (idk how to call them properly), what I don’t like that it’s asymmetric, because she shows her shoulder and I… I just don’t like blouses or shirts that show elbows, it reminds me of… *cries like a crazy person* 😭 😭

I love the jeans, I love that the high wasted jeans are coming back, it’s the most flattering type of jeans to the body and also much more comfortable. 😊

I can’t see her shoes so I can’t comment on that 😕

I’m not a fan of her effortless hair looks, I don’t know, I think she could do more to it. I like the makeup, she looks so fresh!!

hailee steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld

I love this look!!

Because she’s wearing the space pants, she reminds me what she wore to the Grammys!! I like the flower kinda thing that her pants have!! I like the blouse, I love that she’s like showing skin, but like she’s showing nothing 😅😅😅 I explain myself awfully. You know what I mean? I like cleave, as long as it doesn’t show, you know? 😅😅

Ok let’s forget it.

I love that the blouse ends up in a cape thing. I LUV CAPES!!! If you’ve read other of Fashion Reviews you might now it, it’s my kryptonite!!

I love her makeup, she could’ve worn less, because I think a lot makes her look older, she still looks good, but idk like less makeup makes her look younger. 😊

I don’t hate her shoes, they just don’t attract my attention, I guess. I love her hair!!!!!!! 😍😍😍 I love that it¡s straights and that it’s half up half down!!! So fresh, literally it’s been one of the hairstyles I’ve been using the most lately. #Twins #NotReally

I always say it, I love her hair color!! Hailee Steinfeld, if you’re reading this which is never gonna happen, never dye your hair please! 🙏

liza koshy

Liza Koshy

Yassssss I love this girl!!! I haven’t caught up with youtubers lately, I have to!!

She looks amazing!!! She looks like an 80’s pop star! She looks stunning!!! I love her smile, she’s an amazing person and SO FUNNY!!!! 🤗

I LUV her pink suit!!! Love the material, love the color, love everything!!!!! I love that she’s wearing it with shorts!!!! I’ve always liked that!!!! 😍😍 Again, high wait is back, people! 👏👏 I like the shoes, they just seem uncomfortable. I love the black sequence top she has, it makes the perfect contrast, not only the material, but also the color!!! Great fashion sense!! 🤤

I like her hair, it’s short and fun!! I laos like her makeup, cause you can tell she’s wearing it but it’s just the right amount, you know? Like… yeah

I love this!!! She rocks!!


I’m currently done with exams and other school projects, yaaay!!!🎉 So I’m gonna be more active on the internet, I promise! Not only posting, but also reading blog posts!! I have a lot of blog posts I wanna make and many things planned, I’m also planning to talk more about my opinion on stuff more often! *cause like, errybody cares lol* So yeah, just that!

Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your fave outfit? Mine was probably Hailee’s. And your least fave? Mine maybe… I don’t know! I can’t say it cause I liked something about all of them! Was there any other celeb’s outfit I didn’t mention that you liked? Tell me!!

And that’s the end! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it! I hope you have an amazing day/night and week and I hope to see you next time!!!

Massive Hugs!

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