Dreams of the Month | March 2018

dreams of march 2018

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all doing good!! I mean what? Two posts in 2 days, what?! I’m so happy to be back to blogging more often, I ‘m gonna try to post twice a week when Easter break ends.

So March has almost officially ended and ya knaw wat dat meenz 🤪🤪 It’s Dreams of the Month day!!! In case you’re new to this blog or series, every end of the month I share 4 dreams I had this month, written in my Dream Journal. Let’s go!

Dreams of March 2018:

March 7, 2018

I dreamed I was in school and apparently there was a bomb installed in the school! And… dun dun duunnn…. IT WAS GONNA EXPLODE!!! 😱😱

But don’t worry, it was us that made the bomb in class 😅 It was actually for biology class, we had to find a way to stop it and obviously saving the school. bored work GIF by Metcalfe's Skinny PopcornThe bomb was gonna explode that day, we just didn’t know at what time. So we investigated and studied the bomb and the hot teacher helped us 😏.. The weird thing is he wrote the geological eras on the board 😂😂

I don’t know how the dream ended.

March 18, 2018

I dreamed we were in school, again 😅 and me and a friend of mine had come to school in underwear spit GIF(and I know what you’re thinking, but no, each of us came from OUR houses and no, we hadn’t done it the night before, you dirty-minded people) and we had brought clothes to school in bags so we were putting them on in the hallway that leads to the Principal’s office 😂, I had a jean jacket and a long red shirt, oh and crocs. My friend wasn’t so lucky, I think he only had a jacket or something 😂😂

The bell rang and he had to hurry up to get in class early!! Also, people could see us 😳

March 19, 2018

I dreamed I was getting ready for school and I was gonna wear a Wonder Woman sweatshirt, I actually have one in real life, which is this one:

But in the dream, the sweatshirt was different, it was beige and the logo was a different one. Apparently, in the dream, the Wonder Woman had more than one logo 😂😂 It looked kinda like this: wonderwoman

*I edited the picture on paint, it’s what I could do* 😂😜

Idk how or why but I arrived late to school. Maybe I took too long to get ready.

March 30, 2018

I dreamed I was watching a sort of movie or documentary and it was about Zara Larsson, about how she got famous (which I still don’t know, I first heard of her when she released her song Lush Life). Apparently, she went to something like “America Got Talent” or “American Idol” or something like that. So turns out, people had to struggle really hard to win and idk how but they could even die or something.

Anyway, Zara thought that wasn’t fair and was cruel, so she quickly wrote an article to send it to the newspaper, so they published it and she became famous. Then, she released Lush Life. 😊

zara larsson GIF by TEN Music Group

Dream count: 27

It was more than last month, even though this month only has 3 days more. I think it’s the highest number I’ve had in a while. Not bad at all! 😜


Share your thoughts with me!

Do you remember any dreams you had these days? Or any time? Do you dream of school as unhealthy-ly often as I do? Are your dreams as crazy as mine? Do you have lucid dreaming (can you control your dreams)? Tell me erryting!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it!! I also hope you have a great day/night and weekend! Now I’mma go either eat or read a little, no one asked me but it’s fine..

Massive hugs!

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