A Tribute to AVICII | R.I.P. Tim Bergling


Greetings peeps

I hope you’re having a good day. So today’s post (as you could see by the tittle) isn’t gonna be all happy and positive vibes as other posts I make. Gosh, don’t know how to start..

So as you may have seen on the news or social media, Avicii aka Tim Bergling died this Friday (April 20th) at 28. Not cool. : (

I was on social media when I found out, I had already seen like pictures of him and a lot of people like singing songs in other DJ’s concerts and stuff but I thought he had released an album or single. A lot of people said things like “Can’t believe it” “One of the best djs in out times”… But I never read a RIP, until someone actually did. I was like no no no… how? If it appears in Wikipedia, he died, if not, it was a bad joke.

: /

I didn’t think I was gonna cry, but I did. You know, he wasn’t like all of these djs that you know, talked about like dirty things in songs or anything, his songs talked about love, feeling good, life… There was more to it.

I was a really big fan of him when I was in 6th grade, so 4 years ago. His songs really caught my feelings, I would feel them SO MUCH. I would listen to them EVERYDAY  (not even kidding) with my pink headphones on (which I still have) playing his songs on my ipad while drawing and painting, these were the paintings, I actually had posted them on my blog at the time:Mundo candyPositiveCommentsDibujo CakeDibujo ElefantDibujo locoDibujo mixto

The one that says “All You Need Is Love” is actually a little of one of his songs.

I even actually made a post recommending his music and songs, as it was 4 years ago, when I started my blog, it’s in spanish, it’s actually effing short, here you have it in case you wanna see it.

I also bought his album that summer, I’d listen to all of the 10 songs, it was his debut album. : ( He had done music before tho. I like each and every song in it, he was a master at music, dude. Other than that album, I also like this kinda remix he did to the song Feeling Good by Nina Simone, it was SO good. I liked it even more than the original. Also his song Gonna Love Ya from 2015 was amazing!!! Omg and Levels and I Could be the One…

I also like his song Waiting for Love, but the lyric video made me wanna cry, cause the story is basically a kid and a dog that were friends, then the kid when he grows up he has to go to war, and the dog gets lonely, so he goes many places to find him. When the guy returns, the’s got both legs (I believe) amputated and they’re both really happy to be together. It was hard to watch.

Yesterday, I posted on social media a mini letter to him:

It’s not very deep, I know, but I didn’t mean it either. What a freaking bad post I’m making, I didn’t even think of doing a better handwriting for the mini letter. Also the word meaningful… *sigh* so stupid I couldn’t spell it right. *eye roll*

Still can’t believe it. Like, I was hoping to hear a lot of new music from him and knowing you’re not going to is awful.

I haven’t got a lot more to say other than I hope he’s doing good wherever he is right now. Or at least that he died in peace.

Now to finish, I wanna share this song you may know called Lay Me Down, I found it really hard to choose a song so here goes nothing:

Share your thoughts with me

Did you like his music? What was your fave song from him? How did you find out he died? Anything?

Rest in peace Tim, will always remember you. Thank you so much for making music.

I hope you… liked this post? I don’t know. I had to make this or else I’d be an awful person considering how much I liked him. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and next week!

Massive hugs

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