2018 Mtv Movie Awards Fashion Review

2018 MTV AWARDS (2)

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a good day. So tomorrow’s my last school day and I’m actually pretty sad cause I’ll miss it and the teachers and the hot teacher… Anyway, I’ll talk about it later..

So few days ago, the Mtv Awards happened and today I’m here to review some of the outfits!!! I actually looked it up and I hadn’t done a review for these awards last year, huh, how weird.

Anyway, as always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people, shall we start? Les do it.

2018 Mtv Movie Awards Fashion Review:

*I’ll do these letters in black cause they don’t look good in yellow*



I have to admit Zendaya normally surprises me with her outfits, I’m usually not a big fan of them, but what I really do like is that she’s different and she makes a statement. 🙏🙏

I actually really like this dress. I like the color, but NOT for that dress, like, white, black, a neon color would’ve looked better in my opinion. I’ve always wanted to wear something like that, the skirt part *idk how to call it* looks amazing, it screams high fashion.

I actually like the hair as well. It’s down but I appreciate that she put some grease on it and pulled it back, it looks great. I don’t like the shoes nor the earrings, but it’s fine cause she looks good. 😊

And like dude, did you see that? It looks like she’s not even wearing makeup *cries* she’s so flawless 😭 😭


Liza Koshy:

Omg Liza, she looks amazing!!! 😍 I LUV the dress, I like the dots pattern (if I can call it that). I actually dig the design, it’s not something I’s wear, but I like the color contrast and yeah… well done!!

Kinda like the shoes, why not? It’s just.. for some reason I feel like they must be really uncomfortable. 😅

I like the bun, you can never go wrong with a bun. 😜 I also like her makeup, I like the colors, cause it’s very natural and the fact that she did matter makeup and nude lips. Get it gurl! *finger snaps*


Yara Shahidi:

Can I just like DIE?! This is the best thing I’ve seen in SO LONG!!!! Damn man, who would’ve thought? A sort of light blue pantsuit and the blazer is sort of like a trench coat, in the way that you can tie a belt around it. Dude, I want something like that.

Just murder me. 😵

She looks freaking amazing. Dude I wanna buy that thing and wear it somewhere, lol I can’t describe how I’m feeling right now.

Her shoes look freaking uncomfortable, how do people bare that dude?

I also like the hair, I like that she has it short right now. I like her makeup I really like the eyeshadow. 😊

I’m dead, someone please call an ambulance. 😂


Eva Gutowski:

She looks great! Is it rude if I say she reminds me of Pocahontas in that outfit? 😅 Wait what? Who said that? 😅😅

Anyway, I don’t like it, she looks like she’s going to the beach, I mean, I know it’s summer, but idk, it’s a red carpet dude. I don’t know.

I kinda like her shoes, although again, they don’t look comfty.

I like her makeup, that’s purple eye shadow right? Yeah, it looks good to me. I also like her hair color, I don’t think she looked really good in black nor blonde hair, this suits her perfectly. I love dark brown hair so yeah. 😛



She looks classy in the way that she’s wearing red, but also kinda different, which is good. I like that she matched the shoes, I don’t think many people do that with red dresses.

I like her hair, I’ve always wanted to tie my hair in a pony or bun keeping the hair partition, but I never did it well, or at least in a way that I liked it. I don’t know. 😅😅

I like the makeup, not a big fan or red lips, but this time I like it cause it all goes together.

She looks really good!


Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your fave outfit? Mine was Yara’s by far!!! And least favorite? Mine was Eva’s, I love Eva though!!! 🙏 Was there any other outfit you liked that I didn’t mention? Tell me everything!!!!!!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it, I never get tired of fashion reviews. I hope you have a great day/night and week!!! Hope to see ya’ll on the next one!

Massive hugs!

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