2018 Bet Awards Fashion Review


Greetings peeps!

How’s it going y’all? I know my last 2 posts have been fashion reviews lol but it’s fun to just sit down and have a fashion chit chat, right? Last year I didn’t do the Bet Awards so..

As always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people’s outfits. Let’s start:

2018 Bet Awards Fashion Review:


Skai Jackson:

Skai Jackson! I hadn’t heard of her in a while! She looks so different now! I just googled her and she’s my age?! What? She was born in 2002, I thought she was like 12, 13 or something… *brain explosion* 🤯

I love her outfit!!!! I really like it, I think I’m a little dead okrrrr 😍😍 I love the jacket and shorts ensemble, it’s like white but not THAT white, I’m obsessed. I also love the orange things on the jacket neck, they’re really cool, they give a lot to it!!! I also like the turtle neck shirt that says Pucci LOL 😂

I like her pony cause she kept the middle partition. I don’t like jewelry so my opinion on the earrings doesn’t count. I don’t love her shoes, I think she could’ve worn something else, idk

I really like her makeup!!! She kept it pretty simple but I really like it! She did nude lips and I like that she didn’t do eye shadow *at least I think she didn’t do it* but she did do mascara which I LUV 😝😝😝


Blac Chyna:

I don’t know if I like this or not lol

I mean, I’d NEVER wear it, spceially cause I have the boobs of an 8 year old girl 😅 *tho I actually prefer it but no one asked me hehe* but yeah. I mean, how do her boobs hold in place? And like, they’re not covered at the bottom dude, what if she jumps or runs? I know she must have tape on her nipples, but what the hell? Too risky

I like the double slit of the skirt *I believe that’s what it’s called* idk I just like it. It’s extravagant, which I think is how everyone should dress for red carpets, but idk, I feel like I’ve already seen things like this.

I LUV her hair, I love the color and also the 20’s curls, argh I really like it!!! I also love her makeup, more people should take advantage of red carpets and go big you know?

I like the transparency of her shoes, cool!!!


Amber Rose:

Ok so I don’t hate the dress, I just am not a really big fan of the color, what I really like is that it’s velvet and argh the design!!!! 😍😍 I’m not saying I like but her tattoos really look like they’re part of the dress lol I don’t like the shoes, I don’t like golden heels *lol get it?*

I like her hair, it’s white, which I like, I also like her curls, I think they’re on point. 😊 I like her makeup as well, her lashes look amazing!!!!

Dude, can we take a moment to appreciate how white her teeth are? Yassss 🙏

I feel like I said very little, did I miss something? Huh


Nicki Minaj:

Yassssss Nickiiiiiiiii

Ok so I love when people wear latex clothes either for red carpets or concerts or anything, I really like it!!!! I would’ve preferred another design, but I like the red, she looks good in it!!!

Literally, how does she keep her boobs in place? She must have a lot of tape there 😱

Love her boots, she and Ariana Grande rock these boots, they wear them a lot! At first I didn’t like them, but now they make me wanna have some like those!

I like her hair put to the back, I really like it!!!! Her makeup looks amazing as well! Now I think about it, I think I’ve never seen her wearing red lipstick. Huh, interesting..

2018 BET Awards - Red Carpet


Yaaaay Normani! I’ve seen her alone a lot lately. Dude, don’t tell me Fifth Harmony are gonna split. Dude! *5 mintues later googles it* What? It says it ended in 2018. I have to say I kind of expected that, almost all bands dissolve. What a shame, I love them, hope at least they keep doing music.

She looks amazing!!!! I think the outfit is too simple for a red carpet, it doesn’t even have sequence or glitter or anything… Well, it could’ve been a trash bag and she’d still rock it. 😛

I love her hair!!! Quite short, straight.. Yassss I also LUV her makeup like ARGHHHH I’m OBSESSED!!!! I love the yellow/golden eye shadow, I didn’t think I was gonna say it but I really like it!!!!! Never thought that would look good. She just made a statement!!!! 🙏🙏

I like her shoes, yeah!! 😊


Share your thoughts with me!

Whose’s was your fave outfit? Mine was Skai’s, it’s age appropriate and really cool! And least fave? Mine would be Normani’s even tho I LUV the makeup!!! Was there any other outfit you liked? Tell meeeeee

I’m also thinking of doing a fashion review collab and have another person review with me, what do you think?

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it. I hope you have an amazing day/night and hope your week has been good so far. I hope to see y’all probably tomorrow!

Massive hugs!

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