The Worst Instagram Stories

The Worst Instagram Stories

Greetings peeps!

How’s life? Mine is ok, I feel like even though it’s summer, time is going by kinda slow, weird, huh? Anyway, let’s not talk about that, today we’re going to have some fuuuun!


Because today we’re gonna talk about some of the worst Instagram Captions!! Yaaay gossip! 😝 Let’s admit it, sometimes we say we don’t give a crap about what other people so but actually we LUV hearing about deir lives! #Uhuh

DISCLAIMER: This post isn’t meant to offend anyone nor was inspired by anyone’s content in particular, I’m actually going to even exaggerate some of the content people put out there. This post’s aim is 100% to entertain and make laugh. Also, all of the Stories shown in this post were made by myself. Go avocados! 🥑

The Worst Instagram Captions:

Les TMI Storytellers *ha, get it?*:

Dees people basically tell you their whole life through stories, I mean, that’s ok, but they also tell you even the smallest details that literally no one cares about. They basically make us gossipers get tired of gossiping.

I mean, some of those stories are funny, but some are too much. 😂

Like bro, I’m glad you’re having fun today, but you honestly have to waster less retina on the phone.

Les depressed haters:

Dees peeps are depressed af and hate everyone on earth. I think that’s cool, what’s not cool is that they make EVERYONE know it, they want to tell the whole world how much they’re suffering with their first world problems.

We should spread love, not hate! Also, if you’re really having problems, ask for help, insta stories will create even more problems.

Les famous wannabees:

So dees peeps think they’re youtubers or bloggers or whatever content creators, they also think their opinion is worth more than anyone else’s and more importantly, they want us, peasants to validate them and send them feedback.

Ok, it’s cool you think you’re cool, but you’re just like the rest, you’re just gonna make people hate you.

Les insta chainers:

So dees are OBSESSED with story chains, they think people want to hear their pre-made Q&A’s and also they want to reply to questions in private so everyone who sees the story asks themselves what they wrote, cause that’ll make them get insomnia.

It’s ok to do these things every once in a while, also if someone tags you, but dude, stop talking about yourself ALL THE TIME, start doing something a little more productive on the internet!


Omg I had SO MUCH FUN doing these insta stories, man, I have to do these things more often 😂😂

In case you didn’t know, I made other 2 posts criticizing social media, I did The Worst WhatsApp Statuses and The Worst Instagram Captions. Check them out… if you want..😅😅

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you relate to these? We’re all human here, have you done any of these? Do you know anyone who does these? Do you like Instagram stories? I have to admit I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with them. Should I do a part 2? Tell me anything!!!!!!! 😝😝

Also, if you want, share your insta account with me in the comments, I’ll follow ya! Let’s have a party! My user is @anarrregina

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked making it, this was funny to make! I hope you have an amazing day and an amazing week! I hope to see y’all next time!

Massive hugs!

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