Closing #LeBlawgChat + More Newsssss

Closing LeBlawgChat + More Newsssss

Greetings peeps!

Hope you’re having a good day! So lately so today I’m not making a normal content post, but I’mma tell you some news that you most probably don’t care about yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

So let’s start!

I’m closing #LeBlawgChat? 😱

WAIT! Before you say anything, I’m not closing is like FOREVER, I’m just leaving it temporarily becasue I think I need to have a higher reach to make chats. I also must take into consideration I didn’t promote them too much. 😅😅

I had a lot of fun making the chats, thank you so much to everyone who has joined, it really means a lot you supported my initiative, I honestly can’t thank you enough.

Special thanks to:

  • Chloe Lauren who also hosted the last chat on May, thanks so much!
  • Elm who, joined the chat except for one time I think, that means a lot!!!
  • Bethany who also took part in MANY chats and has her own as well, next chat will be tomorrow @ 6pm BST!
  • Kiya who was in many chats!!!! 😍😍
  • Kate Hawkins Who was in the chats too!!!! 💖 💖
  • Charley, who was not only there, but also she had her own chat some time ago along with Sumedha, so I asked her for advice before starting my own.
  • Sumedha herself, who also helped me to do polls correctly on twitter about the chat hehe
  • Nervous Bookworm she was there as well!
  • Kate who also participated in the chat! 🦄🦄
  • And last but not least Smriti who had a wordpress blog before

I think I didn’t miss anyone, did I? If so, I’ll edit this. 😊 Follow them if you don’t want me to come to your house and kill you

I may go back to do the chats, sure, but maybe I have to meet more people on twitter so they join if they’re interested. idk 😛


I got a feature post!!

The amazing Bella from TotallyRandom did me a feature post cause I was one of the people who participated in a contest she did on her blog. She said really nice things about me, thank you so much!!!!!! Here’s the post in case you wanna read it! She now started a new blog called The Everlasting Library and she’s known as Kerys now. 😜 She’s really funny, follow her!!!!!!


Another special thanks!

I did a poll both on instagram and twitter about what post to make. I was actually gonna make all of the posts anyway, but I thought it’d be cool to ask people what they preferred to read and make them participate, idk 😝

Here are the polls cause it makes me seem more interesting if I show them


P.S. Follow me on social media asjghdndkd


A very nice comment!

I get really nice comments all the time, but what I appreciate about this one is that this peep not only said what he liked about the post, but also did a very good suggestion. He commented on my most viewed post evarrrr by far, it was a Movie Review of Marrowbone, a scary movie. Here’s the link in case you wanna read it.

Here’s the comment:Faft Ferret's comment

I agree that I should’ve not removed stars from the rating because the fact that it was scary should’ve actually added points. I also think with movie reviews I should write with a more proper English, but I also thought that the fact that I wrote it differently, would maybe make people interested, because it’s not something you see a lot. Thank you so much Daft Ferret, even if you’re most probably not reading this. 😊

Btw soon I’ll make a post specially dedicated to all of you nice comments, one of them might be yours! Stay tuned!!! 🎉


I would do the typical “Share your thoughts with me” paragraph but this is all about me and meh and you most probably don’t care. Well, I’ll do this: IF THERE ARE ANY POSTS YOU’VE WRITTEN YOU WANT ME TO READ, SHARE THE LINKS WITH MEEEEE ok that’s cool!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it even though it was a little blah blah blah but whatever, I’ll make normal posts again. I hope you have an amazing day!

Massive hugs!

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11 thoughts on “Closing #LeBlawgChat + More Newsssss

    • Awwww thanks so much, I’m gonna miss them too. 😦 Aw really? You read the chats? That’s so amazing, it means a lot you did!!!!!! I hope I start doing them soon too, I’ll try!!!!!


    • Yeah right omg you were probably there on the first chat, idk if I told you guys but I cried lol literally because most of us have been friends for over 2 years and that’s amazing to think about
      Awww thanks for saying I’m a great host, and no problem!!!! ❤ 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • YES i was there for the first chat and i have the screenshots of it when we all got emotional aha and aw bless i didn’t know you cried *hugs* but glad to know it was a happy cry aha x yes two years and countinggg!

        Liked by 1 person

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