Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition | with Charley!


Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day! Lol today I had no idea what to post and then I was like omg recently people have sent me Never Have I Ever Answers and I was like how am I so..

Smart. Kidding! 😜

Today I’m very excited to have the amazing Charley @ TheMissCharley here to play Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition! *psssst, fallaw her blawg*

As always, the RULES are that she’s gonna be answering my Never Have I Ever questions by saying NEVER or HAVE and she’s gonna give an explanation to some of them of why or why she didn’t do those things.

Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition with Charley:

Never have I ever…

Not replied to a comment intentionally


If I don’t have a response for the comment, I won’t reply, but I will give it a like.

Liked a post you didn’t read


Commented on a post you didn’t read


Wrote a hate comment


And I hope people don’t do this! Be nice!

Dissed a family member on your blog


Dissed another blogger on your blog


Dissed a friend on your blog


People will find a way to your blog if they don’t follow it, so I leave all my frustrations with others to my journal, writing, or text messages with friends.

Unfollowed someone


Simply because I get overwhelmed by emails or notifications sometimes and need a good cleanse.

Promoted your blog on other blogs in the comments


But only if relevant or if it’s the box that says it will link your most recent post to your comment.

Deleted a published post


Deleted a draft


A lot of times my drafts can get outdated, or I don’t feel like posting it anymore.

Deleted a comment of yours


If it had a typo. *shrugs*

Deleted someone else’s comment


If the comment was hateful or disrespectful or spam.

Not done a tag/award you were tagged for


I probably forgot to do one at some point, but I love doing them! Just send me an email, message, or link up to a post!

Read a post and not liked it


I have looked back at some of my older posts and thought about deleting them, but I didn’t because it’s all about the journey.

Forgotten your password


All the time! Thank goodness to Google remembering passwords.

Forgotten your blog address


Called a blogger another name


Usually by their social media username or blog title. I even sent out a package to one of my blogger friends by using their first and middle name that they go by online instead of using their last name which I know.

Accidentally left your account without having logged out


People actually log out of their accounts? I’m always scared I’ll forget my passwords.

Have envied another blogger


When I first started blogging, I wanted a response like the experienced bloggers right away which seems ridiculous now. I learned really quickly to not compare or envy others and instead network and put myself out there.

Final score:

Never: 9 Have: 12

The sum makes 21 but in one answer she said both never and have! That’s amazing!!! There has been people who have made something very similar, either 8/12, 13/9…


If you wanna read the post where I played Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition, click here!


You can let me know through the comments, via email, which is, or either Twitter or Instagram.

Share your thoughts with me!

Have you ever played Never Have I Ever? Have you ever done any of these things? Have ya not? Would you like to play this game on  my blog?? Tell me erryting!

I hope you liked this post as much as Charley and me had!!! Thanks Charlie for taking part in this! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and an amazing rest of the week!

Massive hugs!

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6 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition | with Charley!

  1. Interesting post Ana! 🙂
    I felt like this post was talking about me because most of the stuff I did 😛
    BTW, your blog is beautiful – visuals really flow well together, the layout overall is neat! 🙂 And congratulations for hitting close to 2000 followers – that’s insane! Keep it up! x Doni 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!!
      And really? Yeah, it happens a lot!
      And awwww thank you so much, I’m super glad you think so!
      And thank youuuuuuuuuu so much!!!!!!!
      Keep it up too!
      Thanks so much for your comment, it made my day completely!!!!!! 😀 😀

      Btw sorry for the late reply

      Liked by 1 person

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