Why Do Girls Dress So “Adult” These Days?

Why Do Girls Dress So Adult These Days_

Greetings peeps!

How is life treating y’all? I hope well! I’m doing good, thanks! So today I’ll be talking about fashion again yaaaaaaay!!!!! Cause lol I’m a fashion guru, nah just kidding, psssh!

Anyway, yesterday I did the fashion review for the TCA’s 2018 and I said that girls dressed too adult lately, it was something I’ve been actually thinking about since some time ago but I had never thought about talking about it here!!! So today’s the day!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not gonna hate on celebs I’ll be talking about, I’m actually a fan of theirs. I’m not hating on my friends either or anyone that’s reading (or not) who shares the fashion tastes I’m criticizing, I think people are free to do whatever they want as long as they don’t harm others.

I came to think of this because I saw pictures of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, I’m a fan of theirs, I follow them on social media. This is how they dressed, in case you haven’t seen it:

Dude, Maddie *the one on the left* is 15, I’m actually some days older than her, and Mackenzie turned 14 recently, what? How in the world have I never shown my belly or my non-existent boobs and they have? Ok they showed just a little, but come on!!

Random reader: Maybe it’s cause dey celebs 🤷‍♂️

Maybe, but there’re girls in my class, even girls like even 3, 4 or something years younger than me DRESS LIKE THAT!!! And by that they show skin and wear high heels, they wear makeup, they wear big earrings…. I’m not saying I’m against those things, don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying they’re too young to wear those things, maybe if they were a little older they wouldn’t look so weird.

You have a whole life to be an adult, why start so young, enjoy being a kid, kids!

Also, do you really wanna LOOK older? Honestly, I have classmates who could look 25!!! Is that what you want? Don’t you wanna look 20 when you turn, idk 20? 😅

Little story:

Some of my friends drink, some of yours may too. So one day we were hanging out and they wanted to buy some beers, they actually got the beers which I thought was pretty weird cause they don’t sell alcohol to under age peeps. But they only asked ONE of my friends for his ID *he’s short and really thin, he could look 12* 😅. They guy or girl that gave my friends the beers must have thought they were idk, 23 or 24!!! Why? Cause their cleavage was too much and, as hard as it sounds, being overweight makes you look older.

It’s also weird to see people younger than you wearing things that show too much skin, or wearing high heels or you know those lingerie looking bras that are so in right now and you can have it out and it’s ok?Resultado de imagen de disgusting gif

Well some my friends have worn that to school and it’s like: how did your parents let you leave the house like that? You know you’re still in junior high? You don’t even know who the f*ck is Bill Gates is nor what DNA really is nor what incompetent really means but you wanna look mature. Ok 😑

Have a glass of GET IT TOGETHER!!!

Another story:

So at the end of this year, as some peeps are leaving the school and some others aren’t *because higher school divides in 3-ish branches* we organized a dinner and pretty much every student in our generation went, teachers went too, but not all of them, sadly.

So obvs as it was the last dinner 😂😂, you’d say it’s a special occasion, so you have to dress better than usual. So I wore this shirt that’s pretty extra with a normal plain black skirt. Here’s the shirt:IMG-20170824-WA0013

*I’ve actually shown both the shirt and skirt in hauls*

Dude, there was a girl who wore literally a BRA with TIGHT LEGGINGS and SUPER HIGH HEELS. I’m sorry, some of the people reading this may like it, why not. But those outfits, especially in teens *pretty much kids* is painful to look at. And I’m really sorry but it really makes you look cheap and vulgar *just looked that word up, don’t know if that’s what you’d call it*. It’s true, you look really bad.

See? Be extra like me, but don’t wear dirty looking things k? 😅💖

But that wasn’t the worst thing, she was one of the a lot of my super well  mannered classmates who were throwing bread and other food. 🙄 Not only that, maybe not her, but others threw WET NAPKINS!!! Who knows what could’ve been in the napkin other than water?

At least if you’re gonna dress “adult”, FREAKING ACT LIKE IT, ya nasties!

Final word:

  1. I think you have a whole lifetime to be an adult, why start now? Who doesn’t like looking young? Unless you wanna marry an older guy who doesn’t like young girls, idk? 😅 Why would I say that? 😅
  2. If you still decide to wear more “mature” clothes, you should act like whatever age you want to appear, or at least your age, which you’re not acting like either.


So that’s my rant of the day, I hope you liked it. I had to really say these things, cause it seems like only few people think like this, that’s why I wanted to know what you think!


You know what’s funny? I am someone who looks younger than they are, so years after making this blogpost I made a youtube video trying to make myself older lol, here it is

Share your thoughts with me!

So that’s my rant of the day, I hope you liked it. I had to really say these things, cause it seems like only few people think like this, that’s why I wanted to know what you think

Am I a prude? Should I have everyone see my bra? Just kidding, I don’t have any bras 😂😂 What do you think of this? What do teens wear where you live? What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen anyone wear? Do you dress extra like me? Tell me everything!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it, I had a blast! I also hope you don’t hate me after this, we’re still friends right? I hope you have a great day/night and a great week!

Massive hugs!

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21 thoughts on “Why Do Girls Dress So “Adult” These Days?

  1. I agree that it’s inappropriate but in Maddie and Mackenzie’s defence, the outfits they wore for dance were always so revealing, so they’ve kind of grown up being comfortable in that stuff.
    The real problem is that there’s this pressure on young girls to dress older than they are and that really means dress ‘sexier’. Shorts sold to girls from age 6 and up and tiny, and it’s hard to find longer shorts that aren’t Bermuda. The rise of makeup influencers mean that sixth graders are perfecting eyeliner and lipstick so early and therefore looking almost identical to a twenty year old.
    Instagram and the popularity of social media is allowing people to show off and show a best, most attractive side, so kids are able to see so many kids in their peer group looking a certain away and they feel the need to do the same.
    There’s this unspoken message to young girls that they need to always look their best to feel their best and they need to show off their body. I was feeling it when I was their age so I can’t image what it’s like now. It’s a problem that’s getting worse and it’s society’s fault, but there’s no quick fix. Parents need to perhaps be stricter, social media influencers or role models with a young following need to perhaps spread better messages, and stores need to stop literally selling sex.

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    • Yeah I totally agree with that, they always used to wear those type of outfits and their makeup was TOO MUCH although I understand it was for the show.
      That’s so true, booty shorts are everywhere, I barely know people who don’t have them. I actually have bermudas, quite many, not cause I can’t find normal shorts, I just happen to like them 😂
      And yeah, eyeliner and lipstick is too much for 6th graders.
      The bad thing about fashion and trends is that a lot of people feel like because everybody wears it, they have to wear it too, even if they actually don’t like it. And then they end up liking it. :/
      Yeah, society is making girls think they actually should show skin, or else they won’t look feminine or “good”.
      I totally agree with the fact that parents should orientate (is that the right word?) their kids to dress appropriately for different situations, and like you said, influencers should also try to use their influence 😂😂 to make a positive change on this, but they’re just like these peeps who just follow the trend. :/

      Thank you much for your comment, I really liked it!!!!! 😀 ❤ ❤


  2. I agree so much, I was looking at the evolution of Millie Bobby Brown’s fashion and she went from dungarees to literally bralettes, I was like Eleven?? I mean, yeah she’s allowed to change her style and wear something more sophisticated than dungarees as she’s like 14 now (how did that happen, what??) and I love her to bits but dress your age please. xx

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  3. I FREAKIN’ AGREE REGINA!! I’m with you!!! Maddie looked hands down stunning but 15??? Oh my god. She might’ve took it too far. Teens should definitely look good and ladylike (if they want to) but at least still look presentable! I personally wear feminine clothes too but I still keep in mind that I’m still a teen and I don’t want to look super over the top as it looks like you’re seeking for too much attention. Most teens here wear OK clothes so I’m ok with that too. But other girls tend to overdress and i hate it 😒 AMAZING POST REG! 💖

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    • YAAAAAAAY GLAD SOMEONE THINKS LIKE ME *actually we’ve had this conversation before hehe* 😛
      Yesh Maddie looked amazing, but sadly not her age :/
      LOL presentable, I loved it! You made me laugh, I agree *praying position hands amoji*
      And exactly, I’m shy so I’d not wear things like that, and let alone as a teen
      Exactly, I don’t really mind what they wear, but it makes me uncomfortable when they show boobs, cause I can’t stop looking at it and it makes them uncomfortable, WHY WOULD YOU WEAR SUCH A CLEAVAGE OMG!!!!!! 😀 ❤

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  4. Yes it’s true that girls and women are wearing more “inappropriate” clothing as the years go by, which I think is mainly due to peer pressure and social media influences but at the same time, women have the freedom to wear whatever the hell they want. Everyone has their own opinion but it’s wrong to shame girls for dressing the way they do. I agree that girls should listen to their parents and also, try to avoid peer pressure but you can’t shame them for trying to fit in because for the most part, that’s society’s fault. If a girl shows off her legs or wears a crop top, and is seen as provocative or “giving the word idea”, that says more about the person judging her.

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    • I get what you mean, what I’m saying is that society (like you said) and influencers just follow the trend and that’s it. I know it’s hard to fit in society, but not because everyone’s wearing idk a bra over the t-shirt you’re gonna do that too, there’s a saying in my country that says something like “in fashion, wear what’s comfortable to you”, you don’t have to wear everything everyone else is wearing. Also, if society criticizes you for being the only who doesn’t dress ” a certain way”, then they can say whatever they want.
      And I agree with you that people and women (who are people too lol why did I say that 😛 ) can wear whatever they want, but we all have to admit people showing a lot of skin get judged by society and that’s not fair, I think the least problems you can have.

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      • That is very true that a lot of influencers follow trends. That’s a really nice saying and I agree that everyone, particularly women are pressured to be a little more revealing but at the end of the day, it’s all about wearing whatever you want, that is comfortable, yes, but also is something you can express yourself with, even if that happens to be almost nothing, if it’s truly what that person wants to wear! 😂 The problem I have with women being judged for wearing clothes that do show a lot of skin is that people make accusations of them being slutty and you get a lot of men thinking stuff, which is a really big issue.

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      • Thank you, yeah it’s a good saying. 🙂 Exactly, people need to wear whatever they want and as you said express themselves 🙂
        And yeah, I mean, people have obvs opinions about other people’s clothes, but you shouldn’t say it to them, I mean, if that’s what they want to do, just respect it, right?

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