Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition with Mary Añonuevo!


Greetings peeps!

How are you guys dowing! I hope good!!! So today is another Never Have I Ever Day! I think I don’t say it enough but I’m really proud of this blog post series, thank you all!!

Anyway, enough of the corny stuff, today we have the amazing, the really sweet and friendly Mary Añonuevo from Omgryry!! 🎉🎉 She’s an amazing blogger, she’s funny and very creative in her posts, not only that, she’s super duper nice with everyone!!! You guys HAVE to follow her blog!!!!!!!!!!

As always, the RULES are that she’s gonna be answering my Never Have I Ever questions by saying NEVER or HAVE and she’s gonna give an explanation to some of them of why or why she didn’t do those things.

Before we start, she made a little intro foe you:

Yo, folks. I’m Mary! or you can totally call me Ryry if you want us to be ‘friends’. You can totally do that. or you can totally follow me *winks & runs away* Anyways, I would like to thank the purely amazing and talented Ana Regina for letting me play this cool game she created in her blog. She always has the best ideas and (not gon’ kid) she’s one of the best bloggers in the Blogosphere. Umm.. so let’s now see what kind of a blogger am I? Yeah… great.

*blushes and giggles* Ok now let’s start:

Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition with Mary Añonuevo:

Never Have I Ever…

Not replied to a comment intentionally


Let’s all admit it, people. There are comments that don’t really need a reply. But that doesn’t mean that I just ignore it like “i don’t need your comment. bye.” – totally not like that. Those are the kinds that deserve “likes” and not “replies”. You agree with me, right? right?

Liked a post you didn’t read


Welllll, yeah. When there are posts in my reader that really don’t hype me up, I click like like like like for support. YAS guys, it’s called support! idk about you but – ugh is it a bad thing? I never thought of that before. is it really? oh god. Please tell me it’s not

Commented on a post you didn’t read


Oh my god, am I a good blogger now?? Commenting is a lot of effort guys. for me. I don’t comment unless I really want to say something to the writer and express how I feel about his/her writings. And what would you comment if you didn’t actually read the content? *thinks… until it took forever* you get my point now.

Wrote a hate comment


I LOVE MY FOLKS. We’re on the same planet, people. When aliens invade our planet, we need each other’s support. So never spread hate, ever.

Dissed a family member on your blog


My sibs and I used to fight a lot and sometimes – I mean ALWAYS – mom disagrees with me. But it’s just not OK to do that. And I cannot. Thank you.

Dissed another blogger on your blog


I just said it – I LOVE MY FOLKS.

Dissed a friend on your blog



I don’t remember dissing a friend… Um, last year I wrote about a dying friendship but it was not really ‘dissing’ you know.

Unfollowed someone


I want to, because sometimes I go to my reader and be like “god ryry, why did you even follow this blog?” Those were the blogs that post content that does not entertain me AT ALL. For example, I saw a post talking about the male reproductive organ in not an educational way and I was like *face slaps* Yeah. Thanks Reg for reminding me to unfollow that – oh i don’t know what to call it.

Promoted your blog on other blogs in the comments


That would take a lot of self-confidence. I don’t have that XD

Deleted a published post


So here’s the thing: there’s this guy that I really liked before and I wrote tons of awkward posts about him and when he found out about my blog, I was head over heels to delete those posts before he even reads it! I almost cried because… because *sobs* those were some of my top posts *sobs some more*

Deleted a draft


Am I the only person here who doesn’t take “drafts” more seriously?? I don’t usually write online because it takes up a lot of internet data and I just write all of my drafts in Microsoft Word. It only becomes an actual WP “draft” once I pasted it on WP and then leave it be because I have to do something. never mind.

Deleted a comment of yours


Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh is this serious?? Is there actually a delete button for comments? Oh my freaking gosh. I just posted a cringy comment on someone else’s blog before unintentionally and I didn’t know how to delete it! Did I just not see it or what? I’m mind blown.

Deleted someone else’s comment


Again, I didn’t know there was a delete button???

Not done a tag/award you were tagged for


Maybe I’ll do it in the future if I don’t like a certain tag but I haven’t done it yet before. I love doing tag posts (they’re super fun) that’s why I never miss a chance to write about what other bloggers nominated me for.

Read a post and not liked it


There are posts that I don’t like the content and ugh I wish I hadn’t wasted my precious time. So I click back and scroll down…. and scroll up again and find that very post and like it because guys, SUPPORT. But sometimes, I don’t do that.

Forgotten your passoword


Hahahahah I have tons of account around the internet and I NEVER forget any of my passwords (I have like 5+ different passwords?) because I have a technique *winks* I do not write it down (I dare not to because I might lose it and someone else will find it & that’s not a good story) but as I’ve said, I have a technique. And that’s a secret. XD

Forgotten your blog address


This is probably the easiest thing to do? Never in my life would I forget my blog address *counts how many times I changed it already but still recalls ’em all*

Called a blogger another name


Never because you can’t be mistaken like that, that would be so awful But also have, because I give them nicknames. I love nicknames, ya’ll. I can totally discover your blog for 5 minutes and you’ll see me calling you a nickname in the comments. XD For example, Ana Regina. Everyone calls her Ana but I call her “Regina” or “Reg” because I want something different lol i hope you get me

Accidentally left your account without having logged out


Because I don’t “accidentally” leave it. I leave it on purpose. AKA I’m too lazy to log out and what’s the point when I’m the only one using my laptop? Hehe

Have envied another blogger


oh my god can all of you please slap me right now very hard because i know that being envy is not a good thing and Papa God will be mad but UGH. I’m an insecure blogger. When I check out other blogs that are so cool and all that, I get envy but totally not in a really bad way. I use them as an inspiration.

Final score:

Never: 13 Have: 8

*in total there are 20 questions but we must consider she once said “never/have”, that’s it*

Congrats Mary, actually many bloggers have a similar score to yours, that means you’re a good blogger, don’t worry lol 😂😂


If you guys wanna read the post where I played Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition, click here!


You can let me know through the comments, via email, which is, or either Twitter or Instagram.

Share your thoughts with me!

Have you ever played Never Have I Ever? Have you ever done any of these things? Have ya not? Would you like to play this game on  my blog?? Tell me erryting!

I hope you liked this post as much as Mary and I did making it, thank you so much Mary for taking part in this!!! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!

Massive hugs!

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8 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition with Mary Añonuevo!

    I finally found the delete button!! I found it yesterday and I was SO pissed off?! It’s been there for a long time beside the like button and I didn’t even see it? HOW COME IS THIS POSSIBLE??? i’m gonna kill myself rn 🔪😂
    Thanks for letting me participate in this game Regina! I had so much fun doing this 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. SHIT RYRY THIS IS AMAZING! Firstly, I get what you mean about deleting published posts. On an old blog, I wrote a post about someone and they found it and I absolutely freaked out. I love your answers and this tag is the best thing to happen to the blogosphere seriously!

    Liked by 1 person

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