My First Ever Makeup Tutorial

My First Makeup Tutorial

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! So one thing I’ve been wanting to do on my blog for a long time was makeup! I didn’t really know how cause dis a blog but I thought, why not?

I also thought maybe you’d like it, idk! I thought I could try something new. 🎉

I don’t actually do makeup a lot, specially cause I never wear makeup to go out, I’m 15 and not famous, I also think it  would give me more pimples and literally I’m just young and too ahy to wear it, let’s be honest. Oh! And it makes you look older. 😊

Actually I’m not gonna do a full face makeup tutorial cause I can’t show my face *coughs* my parents don’t let me until I’m 18 *coughs* But I’ve already shown my eyes before so I thought of doing an eye makeup look! Right?

How I do my eye makeup | First makeup tutorial:

BEFORE YOU READ: Sorry if the colors aren’t so good, you could probably tell better in real life, maybe sometimes it’ll be hard to tell the colors I did and where I did them. I hope to get better at this with time.

Also, I may seem a little angry in the pictures, my eyebrows are just like that, don’t worry 😅😅

So this is my eye without makeup, I think I had done like a base with concealer or something, cause my veins show a lot in many parts of my face 😜 If you can’t tell my veins, I did it!IMG_4210

After that I started doing the outer corner of the eye, I used a dark brown, to make a bit of a smokey look. Omg I sound like a fashionista 😂😂 Ok I just started to cringeIMG_4221

Argh the colors are so BAD!!!!!!! *cries and gives up for a moment*

Then I did a less dark brown tone next to it, towards the inner part. Does that make sense?IMG_4232

Then I did an even lighter dark on the inner part. It’s like I divided the eyelid in 3 and did 3 tones. I obvs then blen


ded it all together. 😛

Next thing I did was to add a little bit more of pigment and obvs do the same gradient on the bottom of the eye. I also added a very light color on the inner corner of the eye, I don’t know why people do it, but I did it. I guess it makes you look more awake, though I look sleepy in this one so it probably didn’t work 😂😂😂IMG_4250

I also added the light shade on the top, just below the eyebrow. Gosh I don’t remember the name of that bone and I don’t wanna guess cause there’s so many bones beauty gurus mention in their tutorials 😭 😭 😭 *definitely gives up*IMG_4254

You can tell I did the rest of my face cause you can see highlighter 😜

As I said before, makeup makes you look older, so something I noticed that makes you look younger *I’m not actually sure, I just think it looks good* is adding a bit of pink in the middle, like JUST between the eye and the bone, to make you eye POP when you raise your brows! Idk, you can probably not tell in the picture. I opened my eye so you could see it better though.IMG_4263

And last thing I did was mascara! That concludes the tutorial!!! I don’t do liner not only cause I’m still practicing, but also because it makes you look older and you can’t tell the mascara so much, which I absolutely LOVE so I just can’t do that to mascara!!!IMG_4277

I didn’t fill in my brows or anything, I just brushed them, I just can’t find the right eyebrow colors and I’m really bad at them anyway, it just doesn’t look right.


So since a week ago or so *probably more* I took pictures while I did a makeup look to make this post! I posted it on instagram as a sneak peek! psssst, follow me btw! You guys seemed to like it a lot which I’m really happy about! Also my irl friends seemed to really like it!IMG_4304

Excuse my pimples btw

Honestly, that picture looks a lot better than I would have ever thought, like gurl, is that you? 😂😂 I’m really impressed, it turned our pretty good in my opinion. 😜 I obviously edited the colors and cropped it but it still looks a lot better than I expected 😂

I wish my crush could see it…what? who said that? 😅


It wasn’t THAT professional but I’m really happy with the result considering it’s my first makeup tutorial. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE’S ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO DO NEXT!

Share your thoughts with me!

Did you like the look? Did you not? Was my tutorial helpful or anything? Do you think there’s anything I missed? Do you do your brows? And liner? Do you wear makeup often? Tell me everything!!!!!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it, it was really cool! I hope to be doing another one soon! I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!

Massive hugs!

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38 thoughts on “My First Ever Makeup Tutorial

  1. AAGGAHG IT LOOKS REALLY NICEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! This was a really great tutorial! I don’t wear makeup but you were great at explaining how to do the eye! Maybe you could show like a cat eye next? ( if that is even a thing idk I’m just pulling random words from my head 😂😂) Great post! xx😂❤️

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  3. Your eyes 😍😍😍 It looks really good! Do you like struggle applying mascara? Because I do, especially when I have to redo the eye thing all over again after sneezing with my freshly applied mascara. UGH I hate it 😂 Great post, Reg! XO

    Liked by 2 people

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