Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition with Bayance!!


Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a good day! Today is another Never Have I Ever day!!! I actually kinda didn’t know what to do today, but then I remembered it was time for NHIE!!

Today we have a very special guest: Bayance!!!!!! She’s an amazing blogger *she’s very funny as well* and an amazing person as well as friend!!!!! I’m so happy that she’s here today!!! 🎉🎉 Errybody follow her blog!

As always, the RULES are that she’s gonna be answering my Never Have I Ever questions by saying NEVER or HAVE and she’s gonna give an explanation to some of them of why or why she didn’t do those things.

But before starting, she has a lil’ intro for y’all:

Quick intro – Can I just say, Ana Regina is like one of the most creative bloggers out there. She’s literally so sweet and funny and all her followers are blessed to have her in their feed. Her series are so cool so I decided to take a shot and try this one. I had so much fun answering the questions (or statements?) and collabing with her so you should totally collab with her if you haven’t already. Tysm for having me on here, Ana!

Awwww… wait, where were we? Oh yeah, the questions!

Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition with Bayance:

Never Have I Ever…

Not replied to a comment intentionally


I’ve never left a notification unclicked (wow talk about blogging OCD) so I always make sure I reply to comments. The only times I’ve left comments was when I opened the notification and intended to reply later because I had to go and then completely forget about it until 34 weeks pass and then it’s too late. *

Liked a post you didn’t read


Aah I’m guilty. I rarely do it but sometimes I just skim through or just click like because I like the blogger but the post is not really for me. * Ugh now I look like a bad follower. *

Commented on a post you didn’t read


Okay I may have liked a post or two but commenting without reading is a huge no-no. I’ve had it happen to me before but I can’t think of an example at the top of my head. It’s really cringy and I’m just there like umm did you even read the post? So yeah, if I ever comment, I have to read the full post and write an essay, there’s no in the middle. *

Wrote a hate comment


Oh heck no. I’ve criticized a certain opinion once but I tried to be civil about it. It definitely wasn’t a hate comment though. I’ve never even seen a hate comment on anyone’s blog post before – everyone in the blogosphere is just too mature for that. *hairflip*

Dissed a family member on your blog


No, thankfully. I love my family and can’t imagine talking bad about them on my blog lol.

Dissed another blogger on your blog


Nooo – like I said before, no one has time for beef here. **

Dissed a friend on your blog


Anddd here’s where I get a bit salty. If you’re an OG reader of mine, you’d probably know that I had a bit of beef at my new school last fall. Thankfully, everything’s fine now but let’s just say I spilled a lot of tea in my monthly wrappers. *

Unfollowed someone


Some bloggers just didn’t interest me anymore and I wanted to read posts from bloggers I enjoyed reading from in my reader. I went through a bit of filtering a few months ago and now I read and comment on posts more often.

Promoted your blog on other blogs in the comments


Ugh I hate when it happens to me so I know how it would feel like for someone else. Plus I find no need to promote my blog on a post that a blogger worked hard on. The only time I promote my blog is when bloggers host a blog party and that’s what you’re supposed to do or if I have a post that’s relevant to another blogger’s post and I quickly mention it instead of writing a 10 page essay haha. **

Deleted a published post


Although my old posts are super cringy (still are), I’m actually a pretty proud potato to where my blog has come today. Plus, I feel like I didn’t change that much writing wise and I’m proud of all the posts I’ve published.

Deleted a draft


Definitely. Either I just left it to rot and had no motivation to open it again or I thought of an even better idea so I included that draft in another post amongst other things.

Deleted a comment of yours


I really wish we had a delete button for comments on other bloggers’ posts because there’s so many times I used slang in a comment when it wasn’t too appropriate (and by slang, I mean omg and gurlll – I don’t swear, I promise *). I know you can delete and edit your own comments on your posts and I only did that once when I felt like I’ve come off as rude so I quickly just edit it. Like this one time where this girl commented on a recipe and said “I’ll try this for my kids soon” and I was so stupid and replied, “yas girl, chop chop” like what was I thinking? Yeah, that comment quickly turned into a “hope you enjoy” with 500 smiley emojis within the span of 2 seconds. **

Deleted someone else’s comment


Self-promo and spam goes in the trash.

Not done a tag/award you were tagged for


It’s not that I haven’t done it, I’ll do it eventuallyyy. No seriously, I will. Totally not procrastinating or anything. *

Read a post and not liked it


I’d read a post, not know what to comment or decide to come back later but never do. 😥 It happens rarely though. RaReLy.

Forgotten your password


This is probably not smart but I have the same password for everything and it’s been the same since 6th grade. Yup, hackers, come at me (please don’t). *

Forgotten your blog address


Mine is pretty easy and Bayance is my code squad nickname thing from 2 years ago so I obviously still remember it haha. Plus, if I ever reveal my real name, you seriously won’t be surprised because of how similar they are.

Called a blogger another name


Only with anonymous bloggers that are not revealing their names anytime soon (*cough*Alexa*cough*). Me and one of my blogging besties have fake names for each other because it’s easier to communicate that way lol.

Accidentally left your account without having logged out


Say what? I’ve never logged out of my account. It’s practically on every device in the house lolll.

Have envied another blogger


We’ve all done it. But I’ve learned to be thankful for everything I have and envying someone else will not improve anything. Just focus on yourself and your growth and don’t compare yourself to anybody else because you’re unique and original just the way you are. What a run on sentence but here’s your cheesy motivation of the day. *

Final score:

Never: 10 Have: 10

Yaaaaaaaay Bayance!!! You’r really balanced, actually only 3 other people other than you *and me* did 10 and 10!!!! It’s amazing, I guess that means you’re a great blogger. Well, we’re all great bloggers, this game isn’t meant to judge anyone actually. 😅😅


If you guys wanna read the post where I played Never Have I Ever Blogging Edition, click here!


You can let me know through the comments, via email, which is, or either Twitter or Instagram.

Share your thoughts with me!

Have you ever played Never Have I Ever? Have you ever done any of these things? Have ya not? Would you like to play this game on  my blog?? Tell me erryting!

I hope you liked this post as much as Bayance and I liked making it!! I hope you all have a great day/night and a great rest of the week! I’ll see you on the next Never Have I Ever!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍍

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