My First Time Doing Le Cat Eye Look!

My First Time Doing Le Cat Eye Look

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all doing good, I am!!! So as some of you may know, some days ago I did my first makeup tutorial on this blog and I’m super excited because it was really fun!!!!

So on that tutorial *which you can check out here* I asked if there was any tutorial you guys wanted me to do or a look I could try, and the amazing Kerys @ TheEverLastingLibrary asked me to do a cat eye look!!!Kerys recommendation cat eye

Thank you so much Kerys for the suggestion!!!! 💖💖 Everybody follow her blawg okrrrrr

Now let’s start:

My First Time Doing Le Cat Eye Look:

Ok so I’ve actually tried this look many times, but I’m just not the best at eyeliner, because I have an incredible fear of poking my eyes and also effing the whole thing up and having to start all over again.

I’ll say I’m not the most indicate person to do a cat eye because my eyes, are like “tired eyes”, like, my eyelids tend to go down lol as if I were tired or sad, you know? Also, my lashes are always down so yeah.

People use makeup to look pretty, I use it to look happy 😂

I didn’t show this but I always start off by putting some concealer on my lids, not really to give it an even base tone, but more because you can see my veins lol 😂😂😂 My genetics BEG for makeup 😂

Then I put on a purple-ish eyeshadow, it’s actually my mum’s but all eyeshadows I had were either brown or black. I didn’t wanna use brown cause I’ve already used it in my last makeup post and the black I didn’t wanna use it either cause I was not gonna do a smokey eye look, I’ll do it another day. 😊IMG_4486

*cries* why do i always look so angryyyyyyy 😭😭

Then I also applied that on the lower eyelid, if I can call it that 😅 Dude, I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and still don’t stick with what things are called 😅😅 I also put some light shade on the inner corner of my eye as well as on the beginning of the low eyelid thing and just below the eyebrow. Maybe you can’t tell in the pictures, but I swear I did it 😅😅


Then I did my eyeliner very carefully. I did just the normal line, then I prepared myself mentally to do the wing.IMG_4502

And now I did the winged liner. My eyes are not exactly symmetrical, but for being the first time I didn’t mess it up and put eyeliner everywhere, I think I did ppppprety good, idkIMG_4509

Then I curled my lashes and put on mascara! I don’t do my eyebrows, not only cause I suck at it, but because I think they’re ok like that and I look really weird if I do them.

This is the final look, I actually forgot to edit the colors before uploading it, but I think it’s ok like this:IMG_4537


Actually I was going to do my lower waterline liner as well, but I suck at that so much it got in my eyes and I always freak out when it gets there cause it’s like having black tears in there, it’s freaking scary!!! 😭 So I ran to the bathroom and took it all off 😂😂 So yeah, let’s pretend this is what I was going for.


Whoah, that was an emotional roller coaster, I was pretty nervous and I ended up effing it up, but I’m really happy with the result!!! Also, I’m sorry the pictures aren’t that good when it comes to quality, I took them myself and I may not have the best pulse ever, hehe

Thank you so much to Kerys for the suggestion again, I had so much doing this, I hope you liked this post!!!!


Share your thoughts with me!

Did you like the tutorial? Did you find it useful? Have you done a winged liner before? Do you prefer normal liner or winged liner? I prefer the normal one lol. Can you do waterline without effing it up? Tell me everythingggggggggg

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it! I was really really fun! I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing rest of the week! See ya on the next one!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍭

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16 thoughts on “My First Time Doing Le Cat Eye Look!

  1. Omg I totally relate! If anything comes near my eyes I totally freak! 😂 Also you look GREAT. Thank you for doing this! The wing was absolutely fabulous! It must have been terrifying when it got in your eye! Black tears sound pretty creepy! 😂❤️ Loved Reading this! xx ❤️😀🍍🍍🍍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah right? It’s so scary!!!! And THANK YOUUUUUUUU ❤ No problem at all, thank you for the suggestion! 😀 It WAS very scary, but I guess I wasn't so scared cause it happened me before on halloween lol 😛
      Thank you so much again!!!!!!! 😀 ❤ ❤


  2. WHAT?!!! This looks SO good!! Every time I try the wing it looks like I got attacked by a raccoon and became it (if that makes sense 😂) But seriously, YAS GIRL. And hahah same I use makeup to make me look happy as well. 😂 Like I’m happy but my eyes sometimes look like they’re about to judge your every move so idk 😂 Loved this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 😀 LOL it actually happened me every other time I tried to do it, I should’ve taken pics of it lol 😛 You do makeup to look happy too? LOL yas, found someone like me!!!!!!! 😀 And omg mine just look tired and pissed LMAO 😛
      Thanks so much!!!!!!!! ❤


  3. LOVE THIS!!! 💘 Like, how??? I always mess up the other eye once I do great with the first eye… My gahd how do you make them even like that??? 😭 *runs to my room & applies eyeliner & hopes for an even winged lines* Maybe that’s a natural gift 😂 Great post, Reg! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!!!!!! 😀 ❤ And yeah omg I always do worse on the first side and then do it better the second time 😛 And omg it was pure luck and I also liked to draw when I was younger *i still like to tho* 😛
      Thanks so much agaiiiiiiinnnnnnnn 😛 😀 ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That cat eye is amazing! So for your waterline, and tightlining too for that matter, don’t use liquid liner. Use something like Smashbox’s gel liner, or for drugstore I think loreal makes an inexpensive eyeliner that you twist up instead of sharpen. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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