Me Reacting to ‘Esta Noche’ by Bia ft. Ariana Grande

Me Reacting to Esta Noche by Bia ft. Ariana Grande

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day!! I am! So I decided I wanted to react to songs more often and the last reaction I did was last month, so I thought it was time! Right? Ok yassssss

Today I’m going to be reacting to a song that’s very underrated, it’s called ‘Esta Noche’, but it’s not in Spanish, so don’t worry if you don’t speak the language, hehe 😜 It’s by Bia and Ariana Grande. And lol I know my last reaction was for God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande as well, but I just love her songs! And I swear this one I discovered it not a long time ago. I even put it in my playlist post yesterday 😂😂 stop judging me! 😭

Me Reacting to ‘Esta Noche’ by Bia ft. Ariana Grande:

I didn’t paste the whole song, cause for instance the chorus repeats itself.



Uh, he said he want him a ‘Rican, a foreign thing, no English-speakin’
No hablo inglés at all when we freakin’
It’s always intriguin’ ’cause I gotta do all the teachin’
¿Cómo se dice “You handsome?”

Ok so I love this cause I’ve been really into the latino vibe lol 😂😂 which is weird cause I’m hispanic lol but yeah, I like it! So he wants someone who doesn’t speak english? It’ll be hard to comunicate but ok 😛 I mean, do they need to? *everybody like whooooo*

I LUV the “como se dice you handsome” that’s just amazing 👏👏

This is God, baby, this wasn’t random
I might just let you sleep over my mansion
Then wake you up to sweet pussy and plantains
Oye, you nasty, oh, ya tú sabe

So god put them together, okrrrrr And whaaaaaaat? She’s got a mansion? What’s better than that? And omg wake up to what? I wouldn’t call it sweet, but whatever 😅 And I literally had to look up plantains, it’s bananas apparently. Ew

I don’t get why she calls him nasty, when she started talking dirty 😂 He didn’t even say a word 😂

Me gusta cuando que tú tiene hambre
I call you papi and you call me mami
Yo tengo jugo de swag en mi sangre

She likes it when he’s hungry cause she’s too, let’s leave it there, we don’t wanna see them “eating” 😅😅

She calls him daddy and he calls her mama *or something*, ok? I don’t know if it’s just me but calling a guy you like or a woman you like parent names is freaking weird and just really dirty? Like, no matter if it’s english or spanish


We came from favelas
Livin’ a life like novelas
She gettin’ money, respect her
This a real bitches fiesta
Esta noche

Favelas and novelas rhyme, cool 😅 Dude, she’s gettin’ money so you just respect what she does okrrrrrrrr And a real bitches fiesta? What? Real bitches? What does that mean? Is it like: get out of here, you don’t belong? 😂😂


Uh, he said I’m driving him loco, he know I’m too fly to be local
Any friend of mine gotta be fine anti-social
And Grande, she don’t like ’em broke, yo tampoco
He fell in love with the coco

Ok he likes her, but I don’t get the “too fly to be local”, what? And I get why she wants him to be anti social, she wants him JUST FOR HER, which I understand, cause I’m a very jealous person too 😅😅

Honestly, who wants a broke guy for a boyfriend? Come on! Errybody wants a suggar daddy, even if they’re rich themselves! It’s good that I make them bills, but you gotta work too!

Coco? Like the movie? Did she write that cause it rhymes? 😅

Gave him peace of mind, he spent his last dime on the toto
Siempre sale en mis fotos
Too bad I don’t though, ‘cuz I don’t need no extra promo
Get down with my mafioso

He spends her money, that’s bad. He’s always in her pics? I mean, he wants them insta followers, he wants you to tag him. I would do that too 😂😂 And yeah, she’s already famous, she doesn’t need his 5 followers.

Did she just call her man a mafioso?

You can decide whether you want it plata o plomo
I do my dirt on the low though
Trap all I know, though
You ain’t got whose money? ¿Cómo?

She wants thim to give her money or else she will kill him? LOL now he owns her money, this is funny! 😂 I’m not sure I got the 2nd and 3rd lines. And he doesn’t have her money? I mean, I expected it, Ari already said he’s broke 😂😂

Break up with him, or kill him. He ain’t givin’ you dashmoney anyway


Here’s the song in case you hadn’t heard it. I really liked it, even when I hadn’t read the lyrics, cause honestly, until you read it, who understands sh*t? Here it is:


My thoughts on the song:

I really like this song, the lyrics can be a lil dirty, but hey, tell me a song that’s not dirty nowadays. I still like the vibe cause they talk in Spanish and they talk about money and de mafia *I’ve been really into the Godfather movies lately okrrrr?*

I really like the ukulele? Is it that? Or a lil guitar? I don’t know, but mariachis use that in songs, so I like it, cause it reminds me of that. I really like the beat that they put to it as well and the fact that they rapped to it and just anything Ariana Grande sings in becomes automatically amazing. Even if she didn’t sing like you know, using the belting and stuff, her voice is just really beautiful.



Share you thoughts with me!

Did you know the song? Did you like it? Do you like songs that talk money? Do you speak Spanish? Do you like Ariana Grande? And Bia? Tbh I didn’t know her until I heard this song. What are your thoughts on the lyrics? Tell meeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you like this post as much as I liked making it!! I’ll make another reaction soon! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and rest of the week! Hope you had a fab month!

Massive Hugs!
Ana Regina 🌵

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