2018 Summer Sales Haul | Part 3


Greetings peeps!

I hope life is treatin’ y’all well! So today it is sadly the last shopping haul day *cries* but don’t worry, I’ll do more obviously! Most probably on the next sales lol wait, who said that?

In case you missed it, here are part 1 and part 2 of this haul. 😊 Let’s go, I’m really excited!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: Not bragging.

2018 Summer Sales Haul | Part 3:

By the way, I’m sorry if the lighting is FREAKING bad, I took the pictures just today and it’s rainy so they day wasn’t really suitable for les pics.

ITEM #1:


This first thing is a sweater than I freaking love!!!!!! 😍😍 You know, the first time I saw it I kinda died, I just really like it!!! It has these squares that remind you of car races which I really like and it has something written on pretty much the entire back, I love it!! It seems to me like futuristic! 🤤

I also like that it has a pocket and you can tell on the middle picture that it has a slit on the sides, which I love because usually boys clothes are tight on the hips and because I’m a girl, that doesn’t look the best 😅😅

It was from the boys section, lol that’s the good thing ’bout being short lol 😂😂

ITEM #2:


This second one is also from the boys section hehe

You know these jackets that are getting trendy that don’t have the zipper all the way down, it just goes to the chest and they have a pocket on the bottom? Well, those don’t seem very comfortable because of the way you put them on or take them off, but they look EFFING GOOD in my opinion. 🤤🤤

So I found this one that’s pretty much that style and it DOES have the zipper all the way down, it’s just horizontal, so it still has that pocket below. It was also 3 POCKETS, WHAT? It’s amazing! I also really like the color, bright yellow is really cool!!! 😍 I love it cause it’s PRETTY and PRACTICAL!!!!!

ITEM #3:IMG_4718

This one is a really cool bag with the prince of wales *again* fabric and it has plastic covering it!!! So I’ve always wanted to have a plastic bag, but they’re usually transparent, which I don’t like cause I don’t want them to see my wallet nor my period pads 😂😂 but in this one it’s pretty and it has plastic!! It’s PERFECT!!! 😄

I also like that the zippers are hidden *idk if you can tell by the picture*, not that I don’t like zippers, but I never had anything like that before.

ITEM #4:IMG_4732

*really? the lighting is only good with some effing glasses?!*

These are some REALLY COOL GLASSES!!  They’re really nice, I like the shape, the fact that they’re black, the thickness, EVERYTHING!!!! 😍😍😍

ITEM #5:


These are some STAR WARS SHOES YAAAAAY!!! But not only that, they have BELCRO and they are LIGHT SHOES!!!!! Yeah, you heard well. I really like the design as well, I love the Darth Vader in them, it’s simple yet really cool!!! 😍😍

The picture obvs doesn’t show the light too well, but you know how it looks irl. Also, I forgot I COULD have closed the window blinds, but anyway I don’t think it would have looked  that good.


This was so fun to do!!!! I’m sad I won’t be doing hauls in a while. I have to gather things I but until I can make a proper haul, yay 😊😊

Share your thoughts with me!

Did you like the clothes? Did you not? Which was your fave? Do you like futuristic clothes? Do you like yellow and mustard? Are you a star wars fan? What are some things you’ve bought lately? Tell me everything!!!!!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it!!! I love clothes. I’ll do another haul very soon! I hope you have a wonderful day/night and a wonderful rest of the week!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍌

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