I Recreated JustABlankSpace’s Drawings!


Greetings peeps!

Hey I hope you’re having a good day, I’m dyyyying argh I don’t feel too good. But enough about me, today I thought it was time to share more *drumroll* BLOGGER DRAWINGS!!!!

Yaaaaay!!!! I know, it’s been a while since the last one, whoops! 😅 Today I’m recreating JustABlankSpace’s Drawings yaaaaay!!! *you should all go follow her blog if you’re not following already*

I Recreated JustABlankSpace’s Drawings:

DISCLAIMER: I’m not taking credit of the drawings nor trying to make them better than the originals, they’re other people’s creations. I just thought it would be fun to recreate them as an experiment. I even asked them for permission to share them here! 😊 So yeah, click the links to visit their blogs!

Her drawings are on the left, and mine are on the right.

Drawing #1:


I really like this first drawing, I think it’s really cool!!! I love the heart and the colors of it, it makes it less realistic *and by that I mean gross cause it’s more anatomical* and more artistic! 😊

I couldn’t find the exact same colors, I think hers were a little darker, maybe I should have given them a second coat, I don’t know 😂 You can also tell she splashed a little bit of color in there, I did that too, but I think in my drawing you can tell less *sigh*

So I love the letters, I know there are special markers to make them like that, but as I didn’t have it, I used a fine permanent marker to draw the shapes and then fill them in 😜 I think I didn’t do badly at that.

Drawing #2:


In this second drawing you can tell a lot of differences 😂😂 The first one is that my whale was much lighter and the tail in comparison to the body was really thin 😂😅 I didn’t know really how she did this color-water-flowing-splash in the whale’s body, but I tried my best.

You can also tell she splashed some blue in the background, which I did too but again, you can’t tell 😭 😭 She also drew some drops or bubbles and mine are considerably smaller 😂

This one I think I didn’t do so bad, apart from the colors I used.

Drawing #3:


And last but not least, the third drawing!! You can see I also tried to recreate her hand pose and everything 😂 Although that notebook of mine is pretty meh, I use it to draw for my blog only

In this one, again the colors I used are much lighter than hers. I think anyway I didn’t do so bad with the color gradient 😜 She also stuck a girl *which I imagine is herself* to that, so I did that too, I don’t know if you can tell I stuck her as well 😭

LOL so she wrote a quote with a typewriter she has at home, which is really cool!! But as I don’t have that, and I was too lazy to do it with my computer and then print it and then stick it, I decided to recreate the typewriter fonts as well #CheapAF

Final thoughts:

You most probably realized my notebook pages were a little wavy, that’s because that paper, even though it’s a little thicker than normal paper, isn’t suitable for watercolor, so that’s why. I could’ve let it rest, but I took the pictures just when I finished.

I don’t think I did so bad, like in other times, I think I did quite well, if you don’t take colors into consideration and other lil factors 😅


She does a lot of journaling and I really like it cause she adds pictures and drawings, so I took these drawings from her journals! 😊 These pictures I got them from her instagram account, she’s @just_blankspace btw

Thanks so much JustABlankSpace for letting me share your drawings and letting me recreate them!!! This was really fun to do!!!

Share your thoughts with me!

Did you like her drawings? Which is your favorite? Do you like whales? Do you have a typewrite too? Do you like lettering? Did you already know her? How do you think I did? Tell meeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it!!!! I’ll be making more recreations!!! I hope you have a fantastic day/night and a fantastic week!!! See ya next time!

Massive Hugs!
Ana Regina 🐳

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