My 2018 Summer Bucket List Review

My 2018 Summer Bucket List Review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a good day! I am freaking nervous because tomorrow I’m starting school… in a new school which is freaking terrifying and also cause I’ll miss the old one blah…

But let’s not think about that, let’s think about this summer and how it went. 😊 *tries to smile when she’s stressed*

Today as it’s my last day of holidays, it’s time to do a Summer Bucket List Review!!! Let’s see how many things I haven’t done yaaaaaay 😛 If you wanna check out my bucket list post, click here!

My 2018 Summer Bucket List Review:

  1. Post daily on my blog: Ok so I din’t post literally daily, but I did post many times this summer. I posted at the end of June a lot, I posted 17 posts in July, 16 in August and in September, I posted everyday so far except for the 10th. I think that’s pretty good, I’m actually proud! 😝😝Resultado de imagen de yay me gif
  2. Be active on social media: I was pretty active I would say, I didn’t like share my thoughts on tweets or post stories or instagram posts about me everyday but I did post a lot and that’s great!! I also kept up with people I follow.
  3. Start a blogging project: I created a tag, which is the Avocado Tag, which I think turned out pretty well, yaaaaay!!! And I also started a series of me talking about PCOS. Other than that, I didn’t do more projects.
  4. Make music: I found some apps to make music, but you know, they’re pretty limited and you have to pay for minimal things to use and it’s hard, also sometimes I just forgot 😅😅
  5. Learn code: I noticed that CodeAcademy only gives you like free 101 courses and you have to pay for the rest, but I found out there’s everything you need on youtube, so I wanted to try that. But I was busy getting blog posts ready for when school started and going walking, hanging out, doing things and going places with my parents… And I also forgot as well 😅Resultado de imagen de ashamed gif
  6. Work out everyday: I wanted to do that, but some days I was too sad to play JustDance or twerk or just do anything. Sometimes when you’re sad you’re also lazier and your body feels exhausted having done no exercise. So yeah. But I’ve been working out for the past 2 days, I did JustDance once, I used the exercise bike few times… It wasn’t better than last year, but better than other years. Though I did go walking for usually 6 or 7 km with my parents everyday.
  7. Practice twerking: I did it for maybe a week or two, but when I felt sad I was just not in the mood, though it’s really fun and it does help a lot cause it makes the legs work a lot.Resultado de imagen de twerking gif
  8. Go to the swimming pool: I did not go the swimming pool even though I wanted to, but some days there were parties at town, some days I went shopping, some days I was sick, some days no one would hang out, some days I completely forgot… You know. 😕
  9. Practice writing with my left hand: A lot of days I would write just anything on my left hand notebook, I can’t tell if I did progress, but it’s nice to practice!
  10. Clean my bedroom: I did clean my closet and organize some things, but “donating toys” part I didn’t do it. It’s one of those things you always leave for the day after, and I’ve been doing it for a year 😭 😭 Resultado de imagen de crying gif funny


Things done: 5/10

I did 4 things pretty much as I wanted and other 2 I did them but not completely, so 4 and then two halves make 5 😂😂

I think I didn’t so as bad as I thought I would, I think I was forgetting more stuff to do actually. Though I think I could’ve done more, cause last year I think I did better.



So I can’t log in to my twitter account, I just can’t *cries* I’m still trying to get it back but in the meantime I decided to create a provisional account, my new username is @iamanaregina in case you want to follow me, it would mean a lot!

Share your thoughts with me!

What were things you wanted to do this summer? Do you twerk? Do you work out on your own? Or at home? Are you left or right handed? When was the last time you cleaned your room? Tellll meeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it!!! I hope you have a great day/night and a great rest of the week! Omg I’m so nervous about school I can’t even asjkcisvjfokb

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🐠

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7 thoughts on “My 2018 Summer Bucket List Review

  1. Even if you didn’t manage to everything that was on your list it still sounds like a great summer to me. I also haven’t done everything I wanted but I’ve done the things I really wanted to do xx

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  2. The moment I saw twerking, I immediately went from normal face to SHOOK face. Like yes gurl! At least you were productive, that’s what matters most 🌈 ish. But hey I’m proud of you! You deserve a cookie 🍪

    Liked by 1 person

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