My First Day In Higher School

My First Day In Higher School

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day!! Actually today’s my second day in school but I didn’t have time to write on Sunday, whoops! Anyway, it’s like  hours for me, anyway…

So my first day was on Friday 14th, so last Friday. I decided it was kind cool to share this to idk, I guess make people who start new things less scared… why not? I’mma tell you more or less what happened.

First Day In Higher School:

Ok so in case you didn’t know, I started year 11, which would be the first year of higher school, there’s 2 years in Spain and before that there were 4 years of junior high. So normally, all high schools have all 6 years, but mine didn’t, so I had to leave *cries effing hard* (they actually had it, but it was a branch I wasn’t taking, neither did other students, if you wanna understand a lil better, check this post).

So because we had to go to another school, we were pretty terrified. I barely slept o you get the idea, I was even awake when the bell rang.

Speaking of that, my school used to start at 9:00 am so I would wake up at 8:00, now it starts at 8:00 for me and because I have to take a bus to go to school, I’m waking up at 7:00 cause this school I am going to now starts at 8:15. The school is like 18 km away from my town so it’s fine.

7:00 – Terrified af. I went to the bathroom. Then I put on my clothes. Then I went to have breakfast.
7:20 – I’m ready. I make sure everything’s ready.
7:38 – I left my house to go to the station which is about 5 minutes away from there if I go walking.
7:44 – I’m there. My friends and classmates, and just pretty much everyone from my town that goes there too is already there. The bus arrives at 7:45.
8:02 – The bus arrives. We get in. It leaves about 3 minutes after that.
8:15-ish Buss arrives at school. There’s quite many people in there.

We had class with the tutor and then the other teachers, they all seemed nice. A little serious, but nice. I mean, I think all high school teachers are serious at first so it’s cool.

In junior high we used to go to a different class for every subject everyday of the week, which isn’t that big of a deal if you know where everything is, but when you’re new somewhere, that sh*t scares the hell out of you. Thank god we only had to change classes once, to go to the computers room. *sigh*

I pee a lot, so I needed to go to the bathroom during break time. I asked a teacher where it was, but she didn’t know. I asked a group of girls who didn’t know how to explain it, so I wanted to find it myself. I couldn’t. I asked another group of girls and they finally explained it in a way I could understand. I FOUND IT!!!!! *sigh*

Me and one of my friends found a teacher we had in 7th grade *4 years ago* who greeted my friend and they kissed and she asked my friend how she was doing blah blah… but she didn’t do that to me. She looked at me, but I think she didn’t remember me.

I was so confused I didn’t even think of asking her “hey, don’t you remember me? I was in that class to, sitting next to this and behind that”.I actually had missed that teacher for a really long time. It was like a kick in the butt seeing her acting like I wasn’t there. You’re probably thinking maybe I changed a lot in 4 years, but I actually haven’t changed much, actually my friend changed more than me.

I have to admit I cried that night about that.

Anyway, if I stumble upon her soon, I’ll ask her. I’m just a little afraid she won’t remember me even if I give hints or something. Well, good thing is she’s not my teacher this year, that would be infuriating. I rather not think about it lol

The timetables were a little effed up, because the tutor told us which subjects weren’t compatible with which *which they should have told us before school started, but oh well, whatever*, so my tutor told us that History and Universal Literature were incompatible, so I had to go to the chief of studies’ office and change that. I didn’t know where it was, but then they told me. I changed the subjects, which again, isn’t that big of a deal, but you know.. I hate having to do those things.

In my class, out of 19, there’s 8 people from my town, so we’re almost half. That’s comfortable in the way that you already know some of them. But also when you’re the only newbie, everyone asks you were you are from and stuff, but when there’s like a thousand new people, you understand they interact more with each other so it’s harder in that sense.

School ends at 14:15 and then we have to take a bus back to our town. Then I walked again from the station home. I arrived at like 14:40.



  • I obvs am not in my comfort zone yet, I’m gonna have to wait for some more weeks. to feel comfortable.
  • And as I don’t like waking up early, having to take a bus and socializing with new people and cause I miss my old school, right now I obvs miss it a lot. Like, a freaking lot.
  • The day went by pretty fast, not like really fast, but pretty fast.
  • The teachers seem nice, other students seem nice too, I think it’s a calm place to be.
  • The day wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t even bad at all. We didn’t have to change classes at all almost.


And that was it!

Share your thoughts with me!

Has school started for you? Are you in a new school? What year are you in? Are you an introvert like me? Has any teacher forgotten you? Is changing rooms stressful to you? Do you pee a lot like me? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked making it! I hope it was entertaining! I hope you have a nice day/night and a nice rest of the week!!! Se ya soon!!!!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍭

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10 thoughts on “My First Day In Higher School

  1. I’m starting a new school next year, and I’m freakin terrified. I won’t know anybody, new rooms for every subject – basically I’m FREAKING OUT SO MUCH. (I’m in Australia, starting Year 7 at the start of February, if that helps)
    Your post did nothing to help, but it was enjoyable to read. It was also great to know that EVERYBODY GOES THROUGH STUFF.
    Oh, and I’ve had the teacher thing. I legit cried when she left last year (pregnancy) and now she’s come back and not remembered me! It’s sad.
    Rhi xox

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    • You’re starting a new school? Omg good luck I know how scared you must be
      It must be awful not knowing anybody, the good things is it forces you to interact with other people, I’ve been in this school for 4 days and I have not really interacted with people :/
      And yeah, that’s what I wanted, I wanted to see if people could relate, that makes us feel better right? 🙂
      Really? The world is so small, it happened to you too? I’m so sorry, it feels like a kick in the butt. But meh, that shouldn’t define us as students, right? 😀 ❤


      • Thank you! Ahh, interaction – my good old friend. (Funny story – my parents didn’t let me take a book to orientation because they were worried I would just sit there and read. True.) Definitely relatable! And yes – it does make us feel better!
        Mm, sadly, it did. Anyway – she did recognise me after like 2 hours, soo… is that a bonus?! xox


  2. Haha. You’re posts are so funny. Don’t worry, starting a new school or grade is usually like that. It takes time to adjust and feel at home. I guess when you start making friends you’ll start looking forward to going school


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  4. I’m sure you’ll settle in – your day sounds pretty positive considering the circumstances, and so things should improve still more as time progresses. Wishing you lots of luck! ❤️

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