2018 EMMYs Fashion Review

2018 EMMYS Fashion Review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a good day! I am! I know it’s been days since the Emmys happened, but I had school and I wake up too early *cries* and I have to sleep early so I couldn’t…

But I’m here today and as always, I’ll be reviewing 5 outfits!!!!!! Les go!!!

2018 EMMYs Fashion Review:


Joey King:

Joey king!!!! She looks like a princess!!! 😍😍

I’m not the biggest fan of this dress, though it fits her perfectly and I think it does her a really good… upper part of the body? No, I’m not even kidding, she looks really good!!

I love that dark cherry color or something, I just don’t really like in in this dress because it’s like really dark and I don’t know… I’m just not the biggest fan. I also don’t like the lower part, it looks like a massive tutu, I don’t know, I think it looks like those tutus you can buy at Claires but like longer?

I love the makeup even though I can’t really tell she’s wearing it. She’s very pretty and I think she knows it 😛😛 I like the hair cause it’s straight, but I don’t like it when they leave hair pieces at the front.

She looks really good, it’s just I’m not the biggest fan of this look.



Yara Shahidi:

Yaaaaay Yara Shahidi!!!! She’s always wearing something different!!! 😄

I like the color of the dress and the fabric, it seems to have a really cool touch. But I’m not the biggest fan of the design. I mean she look’s really good in it but I think the flowers *are those flowers?* at the front, right where her belly is, are not the most flattering thing ever. 😅

I like her hairstyle, I like that she leaves baby hairs at the front, you know? I really like it. She also looks like she’s wearing no makeup, she looks just as good!!!!! 😊😊



Emilia Clarke:

Ok so when I saw her in this picture I honestly almost didn’t recognize her because her hair is up and maybe the smile, I usually see her with a serious face in movies 😂😂

I don’t hate her dress, but I think it’s really weird. Like, I don’t really think the upper part and the lower part match at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like the pattern, but why didn’t they use that pattern for the entire dress?

What I like about this though is that she’s not showing like cleavage or showing too much. Few people wear things like that nowadays. She also looks comfortable in it!!

She’s wearing very subtle makeup, which I like, you can barely tell she’s wearing it!! I like that her hair is up with a middle partition. I just don’t like her blonde locks, I think she don’t match her black hair too much. Idk, I don’t really like that contrast. 😅



Millie Bobby Brown:

Millieeeeeeee!!!! She looks very classy! I like the pattern of the dress and the color, I just arghfldfbjkvld 😩 *cries*

I like that it’s very like, domed?! I don’t know, that’s what google translator said 😅😅 id it looks like a balloon and I really like it!! I don’t like that the straps of the dress are on her arms, I think it’s very pointless 😂 I always wonder if the dress falls off at some point, huh

I like the shoes. What I don’t like is the heel, I only like either flats or like real high heels, like really high ones, I don’t like just half of that *idunno* 

I like that she’s wearing little makeup, she looks more natural that way, she looks great!!! I like her short heair as well, it looks like she just brushed it and went like: there you go! 



Scarlett Johansson:

Last but not least Scarlett Johansson! She looks very good!

The dress isn’t something I would wear, but she looks amazing in it, it makes her body look stunning!!!!! 👏👏 Again, I don’t understand the purpose of her arm straps? I also like the cleavage, which I think I didn’t think I was gonna say, if that makes sense? 😂😂 Yeah you read well. 😅

As always, I think the shoes look uncomfortable.

I like the hair cause it’s put to the back and I always think that looks great!!! Again, love the short hair!!!! 😍 I love the makeup too, I don’t think it matches the dress so much, I think she would wear something more natural with it, but I love it!!!! She killed it!!! 😊


Share your thoughts with me!

Did you like my review? Which was your fave look? Mine was ummmmm I don’t know! I didn’t really love any of them this time 😅 And least favorite? Mine would have to be Yara’s or Emilia’s. Are you excited for the next award? I am!!!! Is there anyone I didn’t mention you liked or didn’t like? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked reading this as much as I liked making it!!! Sorry again for taking so long! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and and an amazing week! See ya next time!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🐰

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4 thoughts on “2018 EMMYs Fashion Review

  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES! Aah Joey looks SO good – probably my fav look. I didn’t really like Yara’s dress but she looks great. Omg I LOVE Emilia Clarke but I don’t really like the dress. I feel like the waist line should be a bit higher. Gurl have you watched Me Before You? She’s always smiling. 😂 Eh I don’t really like Milly’s dress but her shoes looks so pretty. I like Scarlett’s white dress look. They all look stunning! 💓


  2. *scrolls up bc i have so much to say and agree with you* I’m not a big fan of Joey’s look too. I honestly don’t like her dress at all and I think her hair was so, not done?! I don’t know 😂 I think she should’ve put more effort because she’s gorgeous. I like Yara’s look especially her hair but I totally agree with how unflattering the design of the dress is. Um, TBH the only thing I liked in Emilia’s look is her hair!! Millie is so pretty! 😍 but uh i don’t know how she sits with that kind of dress. i’m worried 😂 I think, Scarlett looks so fab and amazing and UGH I loved her look 😍 She rocked the dress – not everyone could do that. I think that’s my fave look among them 🙂
    so it’s obvious that my fave kind of post you write is fashion reviews because i really do have so much to say 😂 I’m looking forward to the next one!! Much love reg ❤❤❤


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