Testing Primark’s Jumbo Eyeliner | LOL WHAT?!

Testing Primarks Jumbo Eyeliner lol what

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day!! What? She’s posting twice a week now? Since when? Who is she? I’m actually organizing my time, believe it or not. Also, I have an exam tomorrow asjdklfbgñh

Today I thought it would be a good day to do my first product review, yaaaay!! I’ve seen people do them and I thought it would be cool, cause every once in a while I buy new products and you peeps know I love sharing my opinion hehe 😛

Les do it!

Primark Jumbo Eyeliner Review:

Ok so this is like a felt tip pen eyeliner, which is JUST what everyone needs, it’s much easier than drawing that line with a weird lil pincel brush, it’s stressful. This is much handier, so that’s why I wanted to try it.

Here it is:

So as I expected, it’s easy to apply and very handy, it takes a lot less time and concentration. 🎉

Here’s how it looks:

*I hate looking angry in pictures, I swear I’m not!!! 😭 😭  Maybe I have to open my eyes more? Idk*

I think it could totally look like liquid eyeliner, maybe if you look at it closely you’ll tell it’s a marker, but no one cares, it’s not a bad thing either 😂 you’re just a pro at easy things 😂

I don’t know if you told  the marker says “water resistant, smudge proof, long lasting”. We’ll see about that 😈😈


Now let’s do some experiments…

Experiment #1:

I actually tried rubbing my finger gently *I’m not gonna go harsh on the eye just for an experiment 😂* on the liner to see if it was smudge proof, and it didn’t come off!! I’m not adding a picture cause it looks the same.

Smudge proof: ✔️


Experiment #2:

So I went to the bathroom and tried to put some water on it. Take a look:IMG_4794

*now it looks like I cried, love it 🙄*

It didn’t come off, which is great! Yaaaaay!!!! At least it doesn’t look like it.

Water resistant: ✔️


Experiment #3: Things are getting tougher…

So after I put some water, I rubbed my finger over the liner and take a look:

It came off *fail sound effect*

Which means you can wet it, but you can’t try to dry it unless it’s using air, because you’ll take it off. And you can also you can’t smudge it, only if it’s wet.

Smudge proof: ❌ 

Long lasting: ❌ 


Final thoughts:

I love how it’s easy to apply, I like that it doesn’t smudge if you rub your eye *unless you use your nail, obvs* and I like how it looks good! It’s a marker, however, it doesn’t look transparent at all, you know? It’s great!

I’m a little sad it doesn’t resist to water, you’d have to dry your face without touching your liner, but you may forget. If you’re someone who cries a lot or swims, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you aren’t in contact with water a lot, you can totally use it. To me it’s perfect cause I don’t cry in public nor I leave the house with makeup on 😅😅


And that was my first product review!! I had a lot of fun cause it was not only applying it and sharing thoughts, but also experimenting and commenting it, loved it!!! I hope to do this more often!!!!

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you have marker eyeliner? Have you ever tried it? Do you prefer liquid or pencil liner? Do you have any water resistant products? Do they actually work? Tell me everythinggggggggggggggg

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it!! As it’s october I’ll think of Halloween posts for you to enjoy!! Hope you have a lovely day/night and a lovely next week! I’mma go study now.

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🎃

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9 thoughts on “Testing Primark’s Jumbo Eyeliner | LOL WHAT?!

  1. I find that with primark makeup it’s good for the price it is, so its gonna be really great because its so cheap! But i love that you actually put this to the test x

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