2018 AMAs Fashion Review

2018 AMAs Fashion Review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day!!!! I know I’m a little late with this post cause not only I haven’t posted in a week *again* but also cause this event happened some days ago.

There should be no excuses but I had school stuff to do and I also went to a trip with school and we went to the opera and then I also hung out with my friends and blah blah…

But let’s not talk about me, let’s talk about these peeps! As always, I review 5 outfits from the red carpet.

2018 AMAs Fashion Review:


Taylor Swift:

She looks stunning!!!! 😍😍

You know, she’s one girl who wears things that aren’t necessarily what’s in but still she looks fresh and she doesn’t look old fashioned at all, right? Idk, maybe it’s just my perception. 😛

Again, the dress is a bit too short for me, but I get it cause she’s wearing really high boots so I get the memo. I love the square sequence thing that’s going on, she looks very disco but also futuristic!!!

I’m also IN LUV with her makeup!!! 🤤 It’s not too much, which I like, but she looks amazing. I mean, she doesn’t even need it, right?

I also love her hair cause you know I’m not a really big fan of people who die their hair blonde, but her hair looks really good cause it’s like a bit dark blonde and all more or less the same tone, now THAT looks natural!! And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure whether she dyes her hair or not. 😅


Camila Cabello:

Ok so everybody’s saying this look is meh and feels like she’s missing something… Lemme say I’m not that into the dress but more like the idea that she did a corset with a pantsuit. Maybe I would’ve liked the corset to be like the ones you tie, and maybe like beige or something and then some nice long, large grey pantsuits. yassssss 😍😍

I love the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although the heel scares me. I would make it thicker.

I don’t love the hair cause it’s like too rocker for me *she always has it like that Ana 😅* but I love the makeup!! It’s very subtle which is great!!!! I also love nude lips!!!!


Cardi B:

This gurl is KILLING THE GAME!!! 😝😝😝 okrrrrrrrrrrr

Ok so I never thought I was gonna say this but I love this dress!!! I love the flower pattern!! Together with the thing on her head it reminds me of her music video for I like It, right?

I think there’s nothing more o say, I love it! She looks like mother nature.

I like her shoes, I really really dig them along with the dress. I also LUV her makeup, I like it when she does pink eye shadows 😊😊


Lauren Jauregui:

I know this has nothing to do really but this woman is SO PRETTY!! 😭😭😭

Ok so I’m not the biggest fan of this dress. I don’t even like the cut, nor anything really. Maybe the pattern, but not the fabric. I feel like she should wear something more elegant, idk something that matches her face, hello?

I like her hair. You know, I’m into the people who have like really light skin and then really dark hair, I like that contrast. But I think she should’ve also straightened her hair or something.

I like her subtle makeup, though she doesn’t need it at all. 😍😍

American Music Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 09 Oct 2018

G-eazy and Halsey:

Ok first off, I didn’t know they were back together. Well, I don’t even know why they broke up in the first place. 😅

Ok let’s start with him, I know girls go first but his outfit is easier to explain: Umm, I think the 3 fabrics he’s wearing; the velvet blazer, the silky shirt and the leather jeans are a bit schizophrenic to me. I don’t like his boots either. 😅

You know, I like white hair, but I think this guy looks way better in black hair. Way handsom-er. 😂

Now let’s go with her: I prefer her in either white or black hair 😛 this hair color doesn’t suit her at all in my opinion. I think she looks really good in that dress, but that doesn’t mean I love the dress, it just does her good. 😅

I don’t love the shoes, I like the medusa vibe though, tzzzzzzzzz 😝 I don’t dig the makeup so much, I’m not a fan of light blue eye shadows.


Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your fave outfit? Mine I think is Taylor’s. And least fave? Mine would be G-Eazy’s. Are there any outfits I didn’t mention you liked? Did you agree with my reviews? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I think the Tony awards are happening soon so stay tuned! Or maybe there’ll be another award before that! Anyway, have a great day!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍋

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24 thoughts on “2018 AMAs Fashion Review

  1. Girl i wish i could see Cardi as the same woman she was before her recent beef with Nicki,i just cantttt, she looks like a million bucks but i dont support her any longer. Plus im a little bit of a hypocrite because since Taylor had all that drama with Kanye and blah blah blah i see her as a badass. I love her, se went all the way from country girl to a dark powerful stunning confident non-apologetic queen

    Pd: keep doing this posts i loooove them!🍒

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yeah omg the beef with Nicki Minaj is just argh, have you seen cardi’s latest insta videos? they’re like SO OPEN about the problem, she spilled ALL. THE. TEA.
      I support both still, idk
      And yassssssss Tay tay’s a queeeeeeeeeeeeen *praying hands*



  2. Okay, Me being a fan, I love how Taylor Swift look like.
    I love this Ana, Girl.
    By the way, Have you watched her opening performance of ‘I did something bad”?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My favourite out of all these is definitely Taylor. Stunning is THE WORD for it. As for Halsey and G-Eazy, I’m not into it. I didn’t even know they were together in the first place lol.

    I’m okay with Camila’s outfit but not that into it. The idea is nice but overall it’s just a plain black outfit.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah omg she looked STUNNING!!!!!! And you didn’t know about Halsey and G-Eazy? LOL i just found out cause I saw them in red carpets hehe 😛

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! ❤


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