The Faking On The Internet

Fake Things On The Internet (1)

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a good day! So I thought today would be a good day to talk about social media, people on the internet and how people only show the good sides of things…

Because most people on social media, you know, they are always like: wohooo I’m having so much fun with my friends *who are actually not so close to me but I wanted to post a story on insta about how much fun we’re having* or like: yaaay it’s summer, al last we’re gonna party everyday *when actually you’re bored af at home*.

It’s very curious how people get to trick people into thinking they’re very social, when the moment you meet them in real life, they happen to have not as many friends.Imagen relacionada

There’s also the type of people who have a lot of fun with friends in real life and are always extroverts and smiling and everything, but then on social media they always post emo captions and post quotes on insta stories or tweets like: “when you thought things couldn’t get worse” or “life is sh*t, “I hate everyone, they’re all @$$holes”.

I’m an advocate that people post happy things when they’re happy, share positive vibes, right? And maybe be real about your situation when things aren’t so good? Although maybe the best idea would probably be not to post it, who knows, there might be people who are happy about your bad situation and have the nerve to let you know.Imagen relacionada

But I think there must be a balance; don’t post super happy things when you’re sad everyday in school are always talk sh*t about life, nor share super sad things on social media when in real life it seems like you’re living the best life out of ll of us, right?

Few times people here on wordpress have told me I have a very positive attitude, and I don’t think I’m that positive, I just think I’m a happy person. But sometimes one doesn’t feel so happy, right? And that I think I should work on, maybe if sometimes I’m feeling sad, I should be more open here and on social media, I’m not talking about crying my @$$ off on the internet, but just being open to the fact that I’m not always doing wonderfully.Resultado de imagen de poker face gif

As they say on inspirational image quotes, it’s okay not to be okay.

I think no one wants to post sad things about themselves, I mean, who would go like: “oh, let’s post a tweet about how I failed 3 projects and 4 exams and then post on instagram a picture of me crying, I’m gonna get so many followers!”

I sounds really stupid to be fair.

Final word:

All I’m saying is kids, if you’re not having a good day, you don’t have to post anything, who do you need to prove you’re happy? Or doing good? Just don’t post if you don’t feel like it. It’s fine to be sad, but you shouldn’t fake it. Really, no one on social media really pays attention on how you’re doing, unless your life is super cheesy or there’s people who hate you. Who knows.


Share your thoughts with me!

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Do you follow a lot of people like that? Do you know anyone like that? Do you think we should be more open about feelings on social media? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I liked making it! I wish I could post more often but I’m in school *cries* but I hope to be more active this week! Have an amazing day!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 💧

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15 thoughts on “The Faking On The Internet

  1. I think there’s a line and it’s hard to define. There’s something kind of therapeutic and sweet about being able to go on social media and say “I’m having a bad day / I feel lonely / My life isn’t perfect” and have someone, be it irl best friends or just some stranger you follow, know this and possibly engage with you to say “I’m here for you / Here’s something to make you smile / This feeling will pass” because sometimes having social media is the only place you can turn to to vent and even just saying it in words to the void is enough.
    The issue is if it’s constant and it’s clearly bait to get followers/likes. A simple Tweet vs a staged and edited Insta pic are different, ya know? People need to stop using their sadness as a way to manipulate people. I think it’s important to show that your life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, especially online where we are conditioned to only share the good things, but there are still ways to do it right.
    I think fakeness online is something we’ll always have to deal with, but it’s something that is hard to call out when I think we’re all a little guilty of it.

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    • Yeah, exactly, it’s always a good thing to open up about your problems and it’s really nice when you get support. And like you said, most people do it to see how many followers they can get with that.
      And yeah, like you said, there’s a way to do it right. There’s a balance.
      And yeah, it’s sad this will be a thing forever, and like you said, some can’t really criticize it especially when you’re guilty of it. But we’re all human and learn from experience. At least I hope this lessens over time. 🙂
      I loved your comment 🙏🙏🙏

      P.S. I’m sorry for the late reply.


  2. This is very true! With the rise of social media, people obviously don’t want to reveal the bad parts of their life and want to seem like their best self. That’s social desirability bias and kind of inevitable but people can be so fake. I stopped using Instagram because I felt judged and got tired of comparing my life to everyone’s amazing life. It’s unhealthy so I decided to stop.
    I even know of a girl irl, who has a fanbase because she’s an actress and she posts about being positive and kind to each other (which is good modelling for her fans) but she’s the complete opposite in real life and not really a nice person.

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    • Yeah omg social media is really stressful in that sense, sometimes I feel like everyone else’s life is better, but then in real life, they’re most likely going through a lot
      I think it’s a great choice you’ve made, quitting social media is one of the most healthy things you can do 🙂

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  3. I really like that you’re positive and that you’re a happy person. It makes me smile every time I read your posts.

    As for social media, I HATE when people are fake. Since I mostly follow only friends who post people content and not books etc, I know most of the time when they’re faking because I know them. I really hate seeing that we have to pretend online.

    I hardly post on my personal Instagram and it’s because I find it depressing to even go on that account. It’s just people showing off and that makes me sad whether I know they’re faking it or not.

    I’m all for posting on social media when you’re genuinely happy about something, and I’m all for posting something if you’re sad and need some assurance. But I hate anyone being fake.

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    • Awwwwwwww thank you so much!!!! It means so much you say that!!! 😀 ❤

      And omg yeah I don't follow most people I know irl because I have a blogging account only, but some follow me cause there's no other account. But yeah, I also see some of their posts and stories and see how different that is from real life. Argh just, don't they get tired of that?

      And yeah omg lol I get why it's depressing, at first I found really entertaining seeing people I know's posts, but over time it gets a little repetitive, and like you said, it's all bragging about where you go, things you buy and people you meet and how many friends you "have".

      And exactly, posting about our feelings shouldn't be a problem, the problem is haters, if you have a lot of followers or get bullied, and people being fake about it.

      I loved your comment, I agree 100% 😀 ❤


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