Last Minute HALLOWEEN Makeup Tutorial

Last Minute HALLOWEEN Makeup Tutorial

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!! This hasn’t been my week, I’ve been sick with Gastrointeritis, urgh. Anyway, I’m feeling better now and tomorrow I’ll go to school, yay?

So as you could tell by the title of this post, TODAY I’M MAKING A HALLOWEEN MAKEUP TUTORIAL!!!! I’m really excited because I’ve never doing this before and just argh!!!!

This makeup look is last minute because it’s pretty easy to do and it doesn’t make as much time as other makeup looks do, right? And also anyone can do it because all of these are things you have in your makeup bag, I think.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial:

You will need:

  • Mascara
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • A makeup brush
  • WaterIMG_5317

And now let’s do it!

So basically because this involves water and eyeliner, this can get messy, so I would siggest to try and make the effect on your hand before working on your face.

  • Step 1: Put on some eyeliner
  • Step 2: Put a water drop on it. Literally, just one.
  • Step 3: Try to move it around to make the water drop fall and bring some paint with it. 

Now you’re ready to put dat on yo face!

Note: I didn’t do foundation nor concealer nor all of that *though I need it cause I have pimple scars* but you can totally do it.


First thing I do is curling my lashes and putting on mascara, because when my lids get all dark, I won’t tell if I’m curling my lashes or not. This step is optional.


For this eye shadow, I’m not doing to do any gradients, because this is more of a halloween look. I’m going for a smokey look. I’m also going to do smoke on the lower lid because we’re gonna focus on that area.IMG_5225

*aaaaaaand i look angry again* 😭


I did some eyeliner because supposedly this is a crying makeup look, so we’re gonna pretend she effed up a full eye makeup 😛 if you know what I mean 😅. You can do winged liner, liner without the wing… I’m gonna do it without a wing cause I don’t like it.

This is also optional, I did bottom liner on the waterline, but you can’t tell so much because I don’t know if my pencil isn’t very pigmented or maybe I should push a lil more, but that scares me so lol

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for:

Ok so now we’re going to do the same thing I told you, so first we’re gonna draw something similar to stalactites under your eye, there’s where we’re gonna start.IMG_5240

You can’t wait for a long time before putting water drops because the liner dries, so once you draw, you have to add water. IMG_5247

And that was the first drop!!! And you just keep adding water. You can also draw and adjust the shape of the beginning of te waterfall as you wish so it looks a lil more natural.

And here is a little of the progress…1

At the end, when you think you’re done, you can add a little bit of eye shadow over the beginning of the waterfall to make that fade a little and make it more… flowy?


I decided to put on black lipstick cause it matches the rest of the makeup and it looks cool. Here are my lips in case you’re interested IMG_5297

*First time my lips have been on the internet btw*

And now… the final look:IMG_5288

Yaaaaaaay! That was it!!!

Now I think about it, it looks a little clumpy, meh, you know what? You can put some eyeliner on your finger, mix it a little with water, and then pass it over the clumpy area to hide it. That’ll work.


Share your thoughts with me!

What do you think? Did you like it? What are you dressing up as for Halloween? I’m gonna do my makeup and just dress in black, I didn’t prepare anything really special. What’s your fave thing about halloween? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing week! Also an amazing Halloween!! I hope to see you soon!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 😈

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