2018 EMAs Fashion Review

2018 EMAs Fashion Review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day!! I am!! Did you notice I’m posting more times a week? I hope to keep that up, but I’ll also have to get posts ready for blogmas, yassss I’ can’t wait!!

So I’m super sad cause this award show took place in Bilbao (Spain), which is JUST 2 HOURS away from where I live BY CAR!!!!! Argh how wasn’t I there? They were so near!!!! Argh, let’s forget it.

Anyway, I’ll be reviewing 5 people from the red carpet, yaaaaaaay let’s go!

2018 EMAs Fashion Review:


Dua Lipa

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay omg I don’t remember reviewing any of her outfits, I’m so excited!!!!!! She looks amazing!!!! 😍

I actually dig her dress-thing, which I didn’t think I was gonna say. Though I feel like if she sits or gets a lil hunch back, her everything will be out 😅😅 I love the sleeves!!!!!!!!

Her shoes are a lil simple, but I think no one has noticed yet 😜

I love her makeup, although aside from the eyes I don’t think she’s wearing that much makeup, I mean, does she really need it? And omg I love the hair!!! You know, I just cut my hair 2 days ago THAT exact length, I love it!!!!!!! 🤤 🤤

This is a look in general I wouldn’t wear cause it’s not my style, but she’s rocking it and it matches her style a lot!!!



Anne Marie

I’ve never reviewed this wonderful woman either, she’s super talented!!!! 😊

I am not the biggest fan of the dress, I like the color though, I just think it’s a little too simple, it looks also like cheaper, and I say this because it looks simple. I think if you’re going to a red carpet, you should try to cause a bigger impact with your fashion. I don’t like the necklace either, I mean, I don’t like jewels in general.

I like her shoes’ color, the drawback is that you can’t really distinguish it from her actual feet 😂

I LUV the makeup!!!! Like, I’m super into dark lips right now, they just look SO GOOD!!!!! 😍😍😍 And it doesn’t matter whether you’re really pale or your skin is really dark, or whether you’re blond or dark hair, you look great anyway!!!!! 😝

Speaking of hair, I LOVE HER HAIR COLOR!!!! Well, and length as well cause short hair is awgh!!!!! 😍😍 It’s on fleeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!



Camila Cabello

Omg she looks like an angel!!!! Dressed…in…red… well, you get the memo 😅

I feel like this is the vibe she’s going for, she most times wears long dresses to red carpets, which is cool, cause these days you don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear long dresses. I just feel like this dress is really similar to the one she wore to the Grammys this year, though obvs the design is different, but you get me, it’s similar.

I like the hair, cause it’s tied in a pony, but maybe she could’ve done something more elaborate to match the dress, I don’t know. I like her makeup as well, she always keeps it natural, which I like! 😊

She always looks good!!!



Hailee Steinfeld

Ok so this is something pretty different and unexpected, I thought she was gonna wear like a long dress or something, you know, as she’s the host… I don’t know 😅

She looks really good!!!! I like the dress, even though I’d never wear it, it looks too uncomfortable, her butt will be out when she sits down. I wonder if they actually worry about it.

I love the fact that her shoes match, I’ve never seen some shoes so matching to a dress, omg 🙏🙏

I love the makeup, I love the natch look!!! Her eye and lip makeup are just argh!!!! I love it!!!! 😍😍



Bebe Rexha

Let’s avoid the fact that her face in the picture is too funny 😛

I don’t love the dress, it’s just not my style at all, I think it’s too rocker for this award, but she’s doing something different from all the other peeps, which is good!! Don’t follow!!

Her shoes match because they have sequence as well, but meh, they look a lot like Dua’s and Anne Marie’s shoes.

I love her choker!!! I mean, I like all black chokers as long as they don’t have any metal 😅😅 I like the makeup too, it’s simple, yet pretty!!!!

I also love her hair, she always has it on point, whether it’s down or not!!! Love the hair color too!!!!!


Share your thoughts with me!

Which was your favorite outfit? It’s hard to choose but maybe Hailee’s? Or Camilas? I have no idea 😅 none of those outfits are really me. And least fave? I don’t wanna say Bebe’s, it’s just many could fall in that category 😅😅 I love all 4 though, I swear! Are there any outfits you liked and I didn’t mention them? Do you agree with my opinions?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Fashion Reviews are always fun to do!! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍕

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14 thoughts on “2018 EMAs Fashion Review

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! And yeah, EXACTLY! A lot of the times I like people’s outifts but none of them are something I’d wear, it’s so weird right?
      Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤


  1. YAY YOU’RE DOING BLOGMAS! Please explain it to me… I kinda know but also don’t 😂I want to try and do it though! Out of all of them I didn’t like Camila Cabello’s the least (basically, I didn’t really like any, but hers was the best)! Rhi xxx

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