The Truth about Class Delegate Elections

The Truth About Class Delegate Elections

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re doing good!! As school is beginning, I decided I could rant and throw some tea a school stuff, right? It’s just really fun, isn’t it? Nah just kidding, but it’s true!

Anyway, today I’m gonna talk about something that happens every time school starts, yes… *drumroll* Class delegate elections. *sarcastic crowd going crazay* 🎉😑


This post doesn’t go to anyone in particular, I’m not talking about anyone in particular, nor I’m against class delegates, I’m just going to talk about what really happens.

The truth about Class Delegate Elections:

Ok so imagine a class where the tutor asks for volunteers to be the class delegate. Half of the people don’t wanna be delegate and half of the people do, but they’re so shy and scared that no one will vote for them they don’t volunteer.

Now imagine absolute silence for the next 10 minutes.

The teacher is looking at all of them like: hey, does no one want to do it? But actually they’re just frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm and just wants to leave the class until we’ve made our minds, or disappear 😅😅Resultado de imagen de frustrated teacher gif

So finally ONE person volunteered, but we need at least 2 people so it’s fair. So 5 minutes later someone else finally decides they wanna do it and then the voting begins. The teacher gets a bit more content, but still wants to beat the crap out of us 😂😂

For some people it’s hard to decide because they like both kids, but then for other peeps it’s hard as well because they like none of them. Some just leave a blank vote.

The person who wins will be delegate *obvs* and the other person, at least in the school I’d been for the past 4 years, the second person with the most votes becomes sub-delegate and not only that, but they are the ones in charge to tell peeps to throw all our ish to the bin and pick up whatever rubbish peeps leave in class, as well as taking the rubbish out. So no one wants to be the second one 😂Resultado de imagen de throwing papers gif

One year the sub-delegate said he wanted to quit after they voted, but then the teacher was like no no no you can’t do that cause it’s a) against the rules and b) very immature from you blah blah blah

And it was funny cause every time a teacher asked who the delegate was and we answered, they were like: really? you voted for them? who was the other candidate? Then we tell them and they go like: omg society is effed upResultado de imagen de frustrated gif

But then most times it doesn’t even matter because the delegate gets called to do things not very often and the sub-delegate had to actually do their job few times.


That was it, I was actually gonna make a “final word” but I didn’t really know what to say so yeah! There must be a moral somewhere, there totally is, but meh

Share your thoughts with me!

Are you delegate elections like this? Have you ever been a delegate? Has any of your friends been delegate? Do a lot of people volunteer? Tell me everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I liked making it, I’ll be making more school posts so yeah, stay tuned! I hope you have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 💎

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4 thoughts on “The Truth about Class Delegate Elections

  1. Gurrrrrrrlllllllll spille the tea, in my class was the exact opposite, NO ONE WANTED TO BE THE DELEGATE, not even the people who were ” smart” and mature. We had to decided who the fuck was going to go to the only three meetings that the delegates have, by a raffle.

    At the end we were all upset with each other because lets be honest this is kind of a drag to us. And guess what ?? Im my class’ sub delegate

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    • Gurrrrrrrrrrl really? Omg yeah but I also think there’s people who want to be deleagte but maybe they don’t want to say it in case they don’t get votes? who knows really 😛
      And yeah, it’s kind of like a roller coasted of emotions and stress in the class lol 😂😂 And yaaaaaaay you subdelegate? You should’ve been delegate!!!!!!!


  2. My class is literally the opposite, EVERYONE wanted to be the delegate, I mean seriously everyone, it’s because at my school, you can actually change stuff, like you can change the food in the canteen, or the uniform etc, so we had to do a speech and then got the class to vote…and I guess luck was on my side because I got the majority vote, apparently my speech was funny lmao first time I’ve ever heard that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • REALLY? Wow I thought everyne in the world was the opposite, glad not everyone’s the same!!! And WHAAAAAAT? You can change stuff? That’s amazing!!!!
      And whaaaaaaaaaaaat? You delegate? GO GURRRRRRRL YOU DESERVE IT, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! 😀 😀 ❤ ❤


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