2018 People’s Choice Awards Fashion Review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day!!!! I am! Today there was no school yep yep! So I had time to post yaaaaaaaay!!! And we all know what’s been going on these days, right?

The People’s Choice Awards!!!! As always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people’s outfits!!!! Let’s do it!!!!

2018 People’s Choice Awards Fashion Review:


Rita Ora:

Omg she looks amazing!!!!! 😍😍

It’s really peculiar and I would’ve never expected that. Like, I wouldn’t ever even try to wear that lovely blue and the golden things on the dress and everything. It’s so goddessy!!! I also love the shoulders and the neck, idk I love it!!!!

I love the hair!! It’s like up and like, secure? But like it also looks a little like wild or something, so I like how she did that. I also love her makeup, it’s on point!!!!!


Nicki Minaj:

Omg yasssssss!!!!! 😝😝😝 She looks just SO GOOD!!!!

She looks amazing, you know, I usually love her stage outfits, but not really her red carpet outfits, but this one I’m really into!!! It’s so her and it’s just argh!!!! It also has sequence so I really love that!!!! And omg it turns into blue at the end!!!!!!!!

I obvs love her makeup, it’s just I think this time she wasn’t wearing so many colors, but it’s fine, she’s Nicki Minaj! I also love her hair!!!! Love the fringe, the length, the color.. love it!!!!


Mila Kunis:

Wow she looks stunning!!!!

I think the dress is a little simple, like, I’ve seen dresses like that in shops and they cost 10 to 20 box, what? I think she could’ve done something more. Her shoes, meh, I’m not really into them.

I really like the makeup, she looks really good!!!! I also love the hair!!!!!! Love the hair color too!!


Sabrina Carpenter:

I love her suit!!!! Like, omg!!!!!!!!!!! I love the stripes, it’s so gansta!!!!! I don’t like the earrings but I don’t usually like jewels so it doesn’t count hehe!!! 😛

I love her makeup!!!! It’s simple, but really good!!!! I don’t really like the hair though, she could’ve tied it, I don’t get ponies or buns leaving the hairs out.

She looks stunning, love the outfit SO MUCH!!!!!


The Kardashians:

Ok so I like how all of them are dressed differently but like together, they still match, like, the don’t make a bad contrast, they match pretty well.

My fave outfit would be Kris’ cause you know, I love suits and I love not showing skin and stuff. Nah but she still looks really good!! I don’t really like Chloe’s cause it’s a little simple and Kim’s is weird, but I don’t really dig it anyway, cause I like weird things. So my faves are Kendall’s, Kourtney’s and Kris’.


Share your thoughts with me!

Which outfit was your fave? Mine it’s either Nicki’s or Sabrina’s. And least fave? Maybe Mila’s. Are there any outfits I didn’t mention you liked? Tell meeeeeeeeeee

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it!!!! I’ll see you on sunday with another post!!!!! Thanks for voting on my insta poll!! See y’all next time!!!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🦄

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