Society Is Taking Concepts Too Far

Society Is TakingConcepts Too Far

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day!!! I am!! So today I wanted to tell you a lil storytime, cause I’ve been waiting to tell you this foe a long time, believe me! Ok let’s go kids!

Also since our society is fighting against things like racism *which is what I’m tot talk about right now*, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism… Let’s start:


So I was hanging out with a friend of mine some weeks ago and we were gossiping about classmates and friends we have who are in relationships and if they broke up and then third wheels and so back and so forth.

I told her about this one time *she wasn’t there that day* the group and I went to a friendly volleyball match in which one of us was gonna play, we were there for her. I told her about how this couple in particular asked me to talk to them with Mexican accent (I live in Spain so they don’t hear me talking like that at all) and then I was talking to them in “Mexican”, and after a while:

She: I’m bored, and you?
Him: Me too, let’s go outside.
Both: *stand up*
Me: *in my mind* f*ck dose b*tches

They didn’t leave me all by myself by the way, we were like 10 other than them literally.

So when I told this friend, she was like what? And I was like yeah, I can’t believe it either. And then she was like: But they shouldn’t have asked you to talk with Mexican accent for them in the first place, that’s racist. (she said pretty much something like that)

What the eff? Are you $#@% nuts?! 😡

a) it’s not racist because they were just curious about how REAL Mexican people talk and they just wanted me to show them, there’s nothing wrong with that!

b) I’m actually white, like even MY HAIR is lighter than yours, were you suggesting I’m another race, really? Are you stupid? And I’m not saying this cause “racism towards white people doesn’t exist” *which is stupid, it does exist,  just maybe it’s not that common I guess*, but because THESE PEEPS I’m talking about are white as well!!!!!!


Actually it’d be xenophobia *which shouldn’t be either actually in this case cause I’m Spanish too*, cause some Mexicans are white. And even if I weren’t white, it’s not about the race, it’s about culture, they did not offend anyone asking that!!

End of the story

I actually just told her “a)” because it actually got me thinking for a while. 😅 Racism? Do you smoke Ibuprofen or something?

I mean, I thought the concept of racism was pretty clear, some may BE racist, some may not, but I thought we all knew what it was, damnit! Let’s go to google:racism definition

See? Did they show any prejudice? Did they discriminate me? They left when I was talking to them but not cause I was Mexican 😂😂 Did they act superior? Well, they act superior towards everybody so that’s not racism don’t worry guys 😂 dey not racists

Like, now I’m pretty sure she calls a lot of things racism. You know these stupid girls who think it is sexist and rude to open doors for girls? What the f*ck? They’re confusing being a gentleman with being an @$$hole. You know I would open the door for my male teachers too? Is that sexist towards guys?

Wow, now you can’t even be polite anymore, smh. But that’s another blog post!! 😏

Anyway, I think that’s what my friend does, but with racism.

Final word:

  1. Being against racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism… is the best thing you can do, but don’t take it too far, there’re some limits. Not everything is racism and so on.
  2. Also, BE FREAKING DOCUMENTED *is that what you call it?* on the topic and make sure you freaking know what things mean before you apply them into every situation!!! Ya nasty!
  3. People from countries that aren’t ours ARE NOT A DIFFERENT RACE. That sh*t is measure by appearance and DNA! Also, MEXICANS ARE NOT ANOTHER RACE!! Some Mexicans are white, some not, but they’re not all the same race, you ignorant!!!!


Wow, I thought this post was gonna take me shorter time 😜 whatever, I like talking society and criticizing 😅

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you agree with me? Was that also your definition of racism? How would you define it? Do you know people like this who know nothing but think they do? Where are you from? Has anything like this happened to you? Telll meeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it!! I’ll be talking more society soon!! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and an amazing week! I’ll se y’all next time!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 💎

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4 thoughts on “Society Is Taking Concepts Too Far

  1. This post is underated! Great post BUT I think you were defending the couple too much. I mean they were curious and they weren’t discriminating you but I get where your friend is coming from because they just came up to you, asked for the accent, and left. It’s not racist but it’s a teeny bit rude. Racism to me is discrimination and judgement towards others based on their ethnicity, race, skin colour etc. (essentially things we don’t control) In this case it wasn’t racism and yass I totally get what you feel about people things too far. People get offended so easily nowadays – it’s crazy. Also, doesn’t every country have a certain label. It’s not a race because race is by regions (Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian..etc) but Canada has Canadians and Pakistan and pakistanis etc. Again, it shouldn’t define who you are as a person but it’s just a way to describe where you come from. Anyways, great post and so many people label any comment as racism, homophobia etc when it really isn’t. Great post! (I already said that but oh well)

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    • You think it’s underrated? Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! 💖💖 And do you think I was defending them? I mean, they were rude, but what I mean is that they were not exactly racist by doing that, you know?
      Omg finally someone that thinks people get offense easily too 🙏🙏
      And EXACTLY! It should define you as a person, it’s just a fact about you, right?


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