Christmas When You Have A Blog

Christmas When You Have A Blog

HO HO HO peeps!

I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas time!! So I was thinking about the fact that actually Christmas gets pretty different when you have a blog, right? It sounds stupid, but it’s true.

It sounds stupid cause it’s not like bloggers are like superman and have two lives and one of them is like unbelievable full of adventures, but it’s different cause we may see it a different way.


Bloggers are no weird evolved species better than the rest of the humans. I’m just gonna kind of explain how Christmas is for people that have blogs.

Christmas When You Have A Blog:

Ok so obvs when to everyone Christmas is a season to go on holidays, spend time with de family, sing xmas carols… People who have a blog not only celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Blogmas! 🎄Resultado de imagen de blogmas gif

On December we try to post as much as we can ONLY about Christmas. There are bloggers who don’t celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate Blogmas by posting daily. 😝 We crazay!

We also obvs visit our families, put up the xmas tree, blah blah blah, but apart from that, we blog! When everyone is taking a break from things and resting, we keep doing what we love doing!

We take advantage of the holidays because we have all of our time to post stuff, meet new people and be active in the community!! 😊 I’ve actually met many of my friends during Xmas holidays, either cause they found my blog or I found theirs.

Little story:

You know, during the last days of school of last year, we were doing pretty much nothing in class because all exams and projects were done, so I brought my blogging notebook to use that time to plan schedules, blah blah… I don’t really like doing or talking about blogging in school cause I do it in english and everyone there speaks spanish, so it’s freaking awkward.

So this friend who was sitting next to me asked me: what is that? And I was like: It’s a calendar I have to plan things to do in holidays, I’m scheduling blog posts. And she was like: You write on holidays?

*represes anger for a moment*

Imagen relacionada


LIKE WHAT?! That’s like asking a painter if they paint on holidays!!! What the eff?! Do you think anyone is here pushing me to blog or do you think I get paid for this? Totally not! I do it for myself, cause I love doing it, so I do it 30/12 *that’s 30 days a month every month, like 24/7 lol*

Maybe she was envious, why not, maybe? I don’t know, but I thought she would understand because she has a hobby she “loves” – and I put the quotation marks cause I think she does it to brag about it – , so if she “loves it so much” and obvs she still does that hobby of hers on winter, why wouldn’t I do my hobby on winter, right?

So back to that conversation: I answered yes 😂😂

End of the story

I feel like my friends see blogging as maybe an intellectual thing, maybe? Cause it has to do with writing ans stuff? But what’s intellectually about me talking about my opinion on things, doing hauls… I mean, it’s obviously somewhat intellectual, but it’s not like I’m writing about society or economy during the middle ages or about how certain atoms bond with each other, right?

Everyone finds amusement in something different.

But just because it has to do with writing doesn’t mean it’s boring. It’s fun, I write about fun stuff *right?*, we do collabs, we play games, we design our images, we get likes and comments and followers… It’s like social media! *but better, what? who said that?* But posts are longer and you can make it as long as you want and add as many photos as you want. Imagen relacionada

I sound like I was sponsored. I get myself sick.

Back to what I was saying… Yeah, we see xmas holidays as an opportunity to blog more and all that. We also have the Bloggers’ Secret Santa, which is really really cool!! We also do tags related to xmas, we share what we got for xmas…

It’s also exciting because you learn how your friends in other countries are spending their holidays or how they celebrate, the traditions they have, what their xmas tress look, what they got…

It’s really nice to have all your time, cause it’s very stressful when you’re in school and have to juggle both things.

Also, what feels better than sitting or laying in bed in front of your computer in some really warm blanket and really cozy peejays and socks with some hot chocolate/coffee/tea next to you? That’s what I love about winter!!!

Well, some people have alcohol sometimes, right?Resultado de imagen de computer tea gif

Final word:

  1. Bloggers usually blog in winter when they have time.
  2. We have fun doing what we do, cause it’s cool!!
  3. Christmas is not only cool traditionally, it’s even cooler when you have a blog!


Share your thoughts with me!

What are your hobbies? Do you do Blogmas? Do people irl know you have a blog? Do you know their thoughts on it? Have you ever been asked what I got asked? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it! Hope you idk learnt something in case you don’t have a blog. I hope you have a great day/night and a merry blogmas!

Merry blogmas!
Ana Regina 🎁

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9 thoughts on “Christmas When You Have A Blog

  1. Yeah it is I wish we could have a white christmas but at the same time the holidays are good cause we can play crikcet and go to the beach. At the same time Australia is weird and sometimes in July it is hot and in summer it is cold you never know. hahhaha

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