My Thoughts On How Languages Are Being Taught

My Thoughts On How Languages Are Being Taught

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day! You know, usually here I talk funny and relatable things, or at least I try, right? But as I talk pretty much everything, I talk lots of things lol 

So you see recently I’ve been making posts that could actually teach you something, like talking conspiracy theories, slang, PCOS, periods in general, other stuff…

And today I wanted to talk languages! If you didn’t know, english isn’t my mother language, so I had to learn a lot of it on my own, through the internet, mostly.


I’m not criticizing anyone’s way of teaching any language in particular, also I understand teachers are supposed to teach sticking to a certain criteria and maybe they don’t teach they way they’d prefer to.

I’m just going to share my *as much as possible* objective opinion on how languages are being taught in general. My opinion may not be the best cause I’m not a teacher, I’ve never had to use any method of any sort to teach anyone anything.

My opinion of how languages are being taught:


That’s what teachers mostly work on, right? Cause it’s everything, it’s very important to know what tenses you have to use and the order in which words go, right?

So most of the things I’ve learnt, I didn’t learn grammar, we actually saw grammar after I learnt it in first place. But it’s good cause it has helped me understand context better. I’m not gonna say I learnt nothing in class.

What I hate is grammar and expressions’ exceptions, arghResultado de imagen de exhausted gif

Why? Because I see my friends have to memorize it ,when to me, I just knew what to do or not to do according to whether it sounded right to me or not.


I think in most English classes they tell the students to read, even if it’s at loud. I think students read a lot, and I  think it’s really easy to understand a language in written form, but you can’t understand what you read until you understand and know how grammar works.


Same thing, if you don’t know grammar, you can’t understand, let alone produce your own words and phrases and just express yourself the right way.Resultado de imagen de express yourself gif


Okay listening is really hard. Ok so it’s easy when you’re in class and the teacher plays a conversation between 2 people talking about holidays, yaaay *cries in despair* 😭😭  but it’s not how real life goes. There’s peeps who talk hella fast and there’s no way in hell you’ll understand that without recording them and playing it slo-mo.Resultado de imagen de i don't understand gif

If you think you’re gonna nail listening skills just with your class’ audios, you’re effed.


So apart from saying “how are you” “I’m good, thanks, and you?” “my name is” “I’m whatever years old” we practiced no speaking at all until 8th grade when we started doing presentations. And I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work at all, maybe you learn something, totally, but you just memorize without actually understanding, and then when people ask you something you have to answer in your own words, your grammar is a pile of faeces. 💩💩

Pronunciation,  Intonation & Fluency:

  1. So, obvs if we don’t speak a lot, we can’t really work on pronunciation. Even if we work on it, kids don’t give an eff and keep on making mistakes as if they were paid for it, cause it’s impossible to be so stupid.
  2. If we don’t practice pronunciation, let alone intonation.
  3. If we don’t even speak at all, let alone out of school, how are we supposed to speak moderately ok?


Sometimes when the teacher tells you to say something or read something at loud, half of the mistakes you make, they don’t correct them.Resultado de imagen de oh great gif

How the eff are you supposed to learn? They say they do it not to demotivate us, but that’s what they’re supposed to do, and who cares? The more you do it wrong, when you learn you did it wrong, it’s gonna be harder not to keep making the same mistake, cause you’ve been doing it for ages! 😠😠



  • Teachers focus a lot more on the theory than the practice, it’s totally perfect to work on theory, but we need practice over all.
  • But it’s also not their fault if students don’t stick with anything they’ve been taught.
  • I think she should have more conversations and debates. I think we should mainly speak.
  • Students should practice more on their own, cause there’s no other way they’ll get there.
  • Last but not least, every mistake should be corrected and written down in a notebook so you’ll remember forever.


And that was it, hope it wasn’t too offensive, cause I read it and part of it was like: are you ok Ana? 😅 Anyway, I hope it made you, relate? Learn something?

Some of you know that I’m a pretty much self-taught English learner, is that what you call it? Idk. So as I learnt *well, i’m still learning* English in a way most people don’t learn languages, I thought there could be posts in which I talk how I learn or what I think about stuff or things like that.

Share your thoughts with me!

How many languages do you know? Is English your mother language? Are you a self-taught in any language? Or anything that’s not a language? Do you agree with this? What do you think about how they teach languages? Tellll meeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! Languages are cool! I’ll  be making more post like this! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and an amazing week!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 👓

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4 thoughts on “My Thoughts On How Languages Are Being Taught

  1. Gurl you know whats worse?? Learning more in private lessons than in the actual English class. I hate this because, yeah i have the opportunity to get double the amount of info and ask what i want without being interrupted by 13 lame ass teenagers. But some of my classmates cant afford private lessons, So they get stock in the limbo of wanting to reviw things but having to wait three days or so for the next English class.

    I swear some of this teachers (you already know who *wink* *wink*) sit on their desk all class specting us to only do activities on the book. They dont even talk with us or do more fun stuff, like you said before with the theory and practical stuff.

    Also i think that we need to have a certain level of English, you know?? Im not saying that you should learn every fucking phrasal verb or have a perfect spellin ( because neither do i) but We’ re almost in University, you should know how to introduce yourself in English or at least try. Because i can tell you, i have the most lazy ass classmates in the hole high school. They dont even PRETEND SIS. Praise the lord.

    Also i think that if your teachers arent motived themselfs, who do they expect us to be motiveted?? Like,I love English. I breath in English. I cry in English. But as i said before, if the teacher is only going to be sitting, arms crossed the hole hour looking at us while we do the fricking workbook, girl you know i dont like your class. Girl you lazy.

    I loved this post 🍒🍒🍒🍒


  2. Aaah gurlll I love this post. My mother tongue is Arabic and I speak it and everything but my English is way better just because I moved to Canada at an early age 😂 You’d be surprised but the way they yeah English in Arabic countries is so good that when I came here I was like uh we just had an English exam and you’re practising how to write? I think writing and reading should come early just because you start to understand it together instead of trying to match the sound to the letter you know? I self taught myself some Turkish hehehe and the secret is Turkish dramas. 😂 Watching people talk but with subtitles helps a lot. My French teacher used to just put videos sometimes with no subtitles and I’m like k but I don’t understand 😂 I really need to get it together with french so I’ll just go hunting for a french drama. Great post!


  3. People: Hola
    Me with sweaty palm: um COW!
    Hehe I get it.
    Both English and Malay are my mother languages since I talk both of them when I was younger but I would go mostly towards English cause my grandpa spoiled me with English words to the point where my Malay vocabs are low. I actually speak a little bit of Spanish since my mom and I watched this think Spanish drama where the camera gets close to their face when something spicy is happening. I’m currently learning French, Italian and Danish. I know how to read and write Hangul and I gave up on Russian and Chinese.

    That’s a long one but I love your post! You just described my Malay teacher!


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