My Holiday Guilty Pleasures List?!

My Holiday Guilty Pleasures List

HO HO HO peeps!

I hope you’re all doing great! I have a cold and it’s not as bad as it has been other times but ugh I CAN’T WITH IT!!! Anyway, at least school finishes for me today yaaaaaaay!!!!

That’s something ahsjdklfv

So on wednesday, so 2 days ago, I was thinking of making a guilty pleasures list, because I had done one about 2 years ago or something, and I thought I could do one, but XMAS related!!!!! So yeah, here we go!

My Holiday Guilty Pleasures List:

I sleep a lot, like, A LOT

I don’t sleep as much as I should when I’m in school, but here, I sleep like I’m a bear and I biologically feel the urge to.Resultado de imagen de sleep gif

I sometimes do nothing at all

I mean, when you have time to learn or look up new things on the internet or just try going somewhere new, I just do the normal, eat, sleep, blog, repeat.

I procrastinate

And leave all the work I have to do for school until the last minute, however, I still blog hehe… I mean, who hasn’t done that? Everybody. It’s like summer.

I watch youtube a little too much

Like, as I said before, when I could be looking new stuff on the internet, I stick to these content creators who teach us a lot, but there are other things I could be learning instead.Imagen relacionada

I eat more chocolate than I use to cause it’s Xmas

Because who doesn’t use excuses for everything? Xmas, your birthday, someone else’s birthday, summer, mental health day, your saint day, festive days you don’t even celebrate…

Leave my Xmas wishlist till the last minute

Honestly, I’ve done that SO MANY TIMES since I know who Santa is… Like, why can’t I just say it, buy it and then put it under the tree and wait till Xmas day? Right?Resultado de imagen de last minute gif

I’m on the computer way too much

Like, because I usually blog everyday during the Xmas holidays, I’m on the computer a lot. Sometimes I even feel weird when I stand up or look somewhere else, and that scares me. I should organize my time.

I barely leave the house

Like, why? What for? It’s freezing out there and this is a small town, there’s nothing to do here, everything’s dead! Also, I always rather be at home, honestly. I prefer that over going somewhere for holidays. Travelling is great, but stressful.


At first I thought I didn’t have guilty pleasures, but one always finds something. They ain’t sins right? But they could be better… or something 😛

Share your thoughts with me!

Do you relate to this? Do you like chocolate? Do you procrastinate too? How often do you blog on holidays? Do you like travelling in Xmas? This ain’t all about me, tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope y’all liked this post as much as I liked making it! I’ll see you tomorrow with another post! Yaaaaay school’s over!!!!! I hope y’all enjoy blogmas holidays as much as I think I will!!!!

Merry Blogmas!
Ana Regina 🎄

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