Thoughts Kids Get On Christmas Eve

Thoughts Kids Get On Christmas Eve

HO HO HO peeps!

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope your day is going well!! Mine is! So out of all the times I posted on Xmas Eve, I’ve never really talked about Xmas EVE, so today I’m doing that, peeps!!!!!

Now, as a teenager and knowing who Santa really is and being excited for things other than presents, it feels different. I remember as a kid being completely impatient for Christmas since like December started o even before.

Let’s talk about that!

Thoughts Kids Get On Christmas Eve:

Here are some of the thoughts I’d get as a kid on Christmas Eve:

  • 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄Resultado de imagen de xmas eve gif
  • Omg that means tomorrow’s xmas!
  • *imagines a huge pile of presents under the tree*
  • *shivers*
  • I wonder what I got!!
  • Cause I asked for this doll with lots of hair to do some braids
  • And I asked for the Playmobil pool as well
  • Dude, that pool is so cool, and this rhymes 😝
  • Omg and what if there’s something I didn’t ask for?Imagen relacionada
  • I wonder if it’s colors or pencils
  • or ewwwww clothes
  • or even worse, money
  • argh
  • who gives clothes for xmas?
  • and gives money? money is for buying food!!
  • who wants food for xmas?!!
  • I want some dolls with a million pieces of clothes to dress them!!!!!
  • What time is it? Still 4 in the afternoon
  • times goes by SO SLOWResultado de imagen de impatient gif
  • I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight
  • I never sleep
  • Oh my god what am I supposed to do until Christmas?
  • Just wait?
  • I’ll play with some toys
  • What time is it?
  • 4:01pmResultado de imagen de desperate gif
  • fine, I’ll just go play
  • *5 mintes later*
  • is it xmas yet?
  • 4:20 pm
  • *cries again*


I would get those thoughts repeatedly during the entire day and at night, it’s unbelievable how I didn’t pull my hair or something.

Share your thoughts with me!

Were you like that when you were a kid? Would you get a lot of presents? Have you ever been on the naughty list? What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? What things would you ask for on xmas? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it! I hope you’ve behaved along the year and hope Santa gives you lots of presents! I hope you have an amazing day!!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!
Ana Regina 🎀

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    • Thank you!!!! Yeah, right? It’s super annoying!!!!!
      I’m so so so sorry for the late reply, I didn’t think I had unreplied comments since december? What? Merry super belated xmas!


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