My 2018 Resolutions Review!!

2018 resolutions review

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re having a great day!!! I am!! So today I’m reviewing my resolutions for 2018. I have a bad feeling about this, guys. *cries* Anyway, maybe I’ll do better than I expect.

Who knows? Anyway, let’s do it!!!! I just hope not to disappoint myself too much.

My 2018 Resolutions Review:

  1. Learn code: I have signed to CodeAcademy, but the thing is that they only teach you the “basics” and then you have to pay. So yeah. But you know, I discovered you can learn on youtube, so that’s what I’m gonna do next year. I hope lol
  2. Learn to write with my left hand: Ok so I have this notebook in which I tried to write at least a sentence every day. I haven’t written exactly every day, but pretty much. I’mma show you the first page and then the last so you judge yourself: 

    Pretty good, right? I think so. Btw sometimes when I don’t know what to write, that’s why there’re weird things, cause they lyrics. It’s also written in both Spanish and English. The thing I covered was the name of a teacher, hehe!

  3. Procrastinate less: I’ve procrastinated not as much as last year, mainly because I’ve had more stuff to do and all that, so yeah, as I’ve done more, I think I’ve had a little less time to procrastinate.Resultado de imagen de procrastination gif
  4. Make more collabs on my blog: I did collabs. This year I did 8 collabs *other than the Never Have I Evers, which are a lot more*, at least on my blog. That’s more than the collabs I did in 2017, which were 4, on my blog.
  5. Improve my handwriting: I think I’ve improved a little. But in this new school year, considering the teachers aren’t checking our notebooks anymore, I think I didn’t pay much attention to that. I mean, sometimes I do it pretty legible, but others even I don’t understand it 😅😅
  6. Go less on my phone: I think I maybe have gone less on it? I have no idea. I mean, for the last couple of months I think I’ve gone a lot less on instagram. Although sometimes I leave it away from me when I feel like I’ve used it too much.
  7. Read more constantly: This year I wanted to read many books in summer, as I was going to have more time. But I was so sad I didn’t do it.Resultado de imagen de reading gif
  8. Look at people in the eyes: Yeah, I think I have improved this. I’ve noticed a lot of people’s eye color, when some months ago I didn’t know what color their eyes were 😂 So yeah, I think I improved in this.Resultado de imagen de eyes gif
  9. Stop doing nervous tics: Nope. You know, maybe I should control them when I’m in public or like if I ever do a job interview or whatever, but I don’t see anything wrong bout them. I mean, sometimes it makes people think I’m nervous, but they haven’t told me a lot. Also, you burn little calories moving yo feet and stuff right?Resultado de imagen de tap dance gif
  10. Work out constantly: Yeah, I didn’t work out so much during summer cause, again, I was too sad. But I did work out a little during school days and stuff, so that’s cool!! I still have to work out more.

Total: 6/10

Well, that’s pretty nice. Dude, I have to look at these lists during the year so I remember I have to do these things. Maybe if I put more attention to this, I would achieve more.


Share your thoughts with me!

Did you make resolutions this year? How many things did you achieve? Are you left or right handed? Do you know to code? Do you have nervous tics? This ain’t all ’bout me, tell meeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I hope you achieved all your goals this year and achieve them all next year too!!! I hope you have a great day/night and year!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍩

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23 thoughts on “My 2018 Resolutions Review!!

    • Yeah well, I still have to practice a lot with my left lol 😛
      HOPE YOUR 2019 IS AMAZING FOR YOU AS WELL!!!!!! You’re so supportive!!!!! 😀 ❤
      Thank you so much!!!!!

      P.S. This is the thousandth comment in which I tell you sorry for the late reply lol, I'm so sorry, I just realized there were comments I hadn't replied to from 2018? what? *cries in despair*

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  1. You did great! I don’t write those lol. I do have things I want to do but writing it down just give me something to procrastinate about 😂.

    One thing I want to improve next year is PROCRASTINATION. It has to go. If you have any tips, please help!

    Others; studying more efficiently, work on myself, practice my coding and enjoy university life. First semester was survival of the fittest lol. Speaking of fitness, exercise more.

    Try out I use it. Super cool and if you’re serious about it, you can learn full stack development in two years or less if you’re super interested. Sorry this is so long.

    Happy New Year in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah omg I pretty much didn’t write any of these basically until I had a blog 😛

      And omg I deal with procrastination a lot, believe me, I would have tips, but I don’t really follow them, so I guess they maybe don’t work? My mum always told me: if you’re going slow, hurry up (idk it’s a saying in spanish and I didn’t know how to translate it lol)

      Really? Omg!!! I wish you lots of luck with that!!!!

      Omg thank you so much!!! I’ll give it a go! I needed this, thank you!!!!! 😀 ❤

      And don't worry, I love essay comments, I'm so sorry for the late reply, seriously, I'm really sorry 😦

      Happy super late but happy new year!!!! ❤


  2. soooooo i just STALKED your blog design and girl it looks FABULOUUUUS hehe

    okay so this is gonna be a lengthy ramble bare with me!

    1) OMG twinning i’ve also used that website to learn coding! and ikr so annoying you gotta pay to learn the more oooh skills *sighs* we can be coding buddies. i like wordpress and how it lets you do some html codes in the background aha have you had a go?

    2) HDAHJSDHJASHDJSAHADS how can your FIRST day be so AMAZINGLY NEAT AND LEGIBLE and then your last page is just PERFECTION okay so this is really cool i wanna try doing this in 2019 THANKS FOR THE INSPO

    3) uhm uhm uhm yes and no?? like sometimes i waste so much time in the day that i gotta sacrifice sleep to get ish done

    4) yesssss you did and yes the never have i ever series were so much fun and a great way to get to know loads of new bloggers. loved reading them all. and of course we continued our yearly blogmas collabs and got more to come x

    5) mhm well i mean my writing is still tiny but yay yours, which is already pretty looking, got even prettier woah

    6) snaaap i mean tbh i dont spend a lot of time on my phone idk i get bored if i dont have my besties online to annoy but sometimes you do get caught up in scrolling through quotes, songs ect

    7) omg same same same i love reading and books and all but i havent been able to balance time enough to read as much as i would like. oooh we should sync up and set each other reading goals or something perhaps to motivate

    8) OMG SAME SAME SAME I ALSO ACHIEVED THIS like since starting work i think it’s helped my confidence and people skills a lot. although uhm i tend to cover my mouth when i speak to people sdkasjdksj so i need to work on that

    9) it’s okay if they gonna hate they can go bye bye YOU DO YOU GIRL it’s okay to have nervous tics if it’s your way of dealing with nerves

    10) uhm me workout hahahahahaha but hey GOOD LUCK HOPE YOU GET TO WORK OUT MORE

    Loved reading this reflection xx
    much loveeeeee

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    • Don’t worry, you know I love essay comments!

      1) Yeah I actually have tried it, but not a lot, it’s really cool though!

      2) Really? You think so? Awwww thank you! I actually have a more legible handwriting with the left as I take more time to di it and the right is just like meh I’ve been writing for 12 years 😛

      3) omg I lose so much sleep trying to get stuff done argh!

      4) Thank you!!!! That reminds me I have a few more NHIEs to make lol 😛

      5) thank youuuuuuu, but it has nothing to do with my normal handwritnign lol

      6) No no no, the time I spend on my phone is not with friends and chats, like I get texts and stuff, but most of it is from instagram and all that, you know?

      7) I hope you will be able to keep up with books as much as you can!!!

      8) yassssss omg right?

      9) and yeah omg I just can’t fight nervous tics, like I don’t even notice them lol 😛

      10) yaaaay me too, I still have to work on that

      Thank you so much for your comment, you’re super supportive and I love you! ❤
      much love!!!!!

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    • Really? Thank you!!!!! 😀 ❤ And you're also bad at eye contact? Omg we have to improve! I'm turning 18 in pretty much year and a half, I don't wanna be an adult and be as shy as I am right now, argh it scares me!!!!!!

      P.S. I'm so so sorry for the late reply 😦


  3. Pingback: happy 2019 x

  4. That’s so cool that your learned code and aah your handwriting with your left is amazing! I broke my collarbone once and had to write with my left for a whole month! It was terrible. Yep I need to procrastinate less and go less on my phone AND exercise more. Ughhh. I’m actually great at eye contact. Idk I just look at people as a whole and automatically not focus on different parts to look at? It’s not too hard for me but I’m glad you’re improving. Love this post and happy 2019!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwww thank youuuuuuuuu, I’m glad you think so! I still have to practice a lot to be more fluent, let’s say 😛
      Omg that must have been so stressful! And was it hard during exams, yeah right?
      You’re good at eye contact? Omg can you give me your brain or something? 😛
      I know it’s freaing late but I hope you’re having a nice 2019 so far!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Npppp! Nooo hahah it was a few years ago before exams 😂 Idk just don’t overthink it. Look at the person’s face but mainly their eyes (don’t look at their lips- that’s awkward haha) and yeah. It’s kind of automatic for me idk. That’s okayyy and you too! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh ok lol that’s good! Omg really? You don’t look at their lips? That’s so series! Usual sly I lol at the whole face, but I don’t really focus on lips either 😂😅
        Thank youuuu 💜💜

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