Happy 2019!!

Happy 2019!!

Greetings peeps!

Happy new year! I hope your first day of 2019 is being nice! Mine is, why not? Also, it’s Tuesday!!!! I don’t know, I like Tuesdays. I was going to make resolutions today but then I thought no.

I’m gonna do them tomorrow. Cause I feel like I’ve never done like a happy *insert year here* post or something. At least not that I remember.

Wait, I haven’t done a proper happy new year wish:Resultado de imagen de happy 2019 gif

Ok now, that’s it.

I hope this year brings you a lot of new experiences *good experiences obvs 😅* and makes you learn a lot of things and gives you good opportunities!!!! But most importantly I hope you achieve all the goals you have for this year. 😝

This year I have the goal of focusing on the bright side of things, not let people’s etiquetes ruin my day and get over the sadness that some 2018 events gave me. 2018 was a good year, I will admit, but some things in it made it really tough. But anyway, that’s all first world problems and there’s nothing in this world that can kill my happiness other than hunger and not having a home and family.

So we’re good!

I actually was a little stressed yesterday, because on every NYE I get these thoughts like time goes by too fast and like maybe I haven’t taken enough advantage of it or like I could enjoy it more. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t I just these these thoughts every year.

Surprisingly when the clock hit 0:00, I felt like there was I took some weight off my chest. Maybe cause this year I have all these goals, and that maybe the pain I had in 2018 will maybe be over soon. But it all depends on me and whether I get over it or not lol 😂😂

Quick announcement:

In case you didn’t know, until January 8th I’m sharing other people’s posts and publications on social media. I’m retweeting, sharing posts on instagram stories, sharing blogposts on both sm… So if you’re interested, lemme know!

Share your thoughts with me!

Did you have a good 2018? What are your goals for 2019? Does time go fast to you? Do you have a good feeling about this year? Did you make resolutions or something? Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it! I’ll be back tomorrow with resolutions! I hope you all had an amazing 2018 and have an amazing 2019! Have a great day!

Happy New Year!
Ana Regina 🎉

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