Attempting a Smokey Eye!!

Attempting a smokey eye

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! So actually today I was gonna do a shopping haul, but I couldn’t so I’ll be doing my second option, a makeup look! Yaaaay I’m so happy!!

It’s been a while since I did a makeup tutorial for the last time. Dude, I gotta make more!! Anyway, now you have some makeup juice from my blog! Lego!

My Attempt for a Smokey Eye:

Step 1:

Ok so first I put some primer, which really makes the skin smoothers to apply the makeup, IT DOES WORK! Then, I put some liquid foundation to hide all those veins I have in my eyelid.

Then I put some black on the outer corner of my eye and right over the eyeball?? Does that make sense?IMG_6729

Step 2:

Then I wanted to try out this thing instagramers do of like, putting some liquid concealer and then putting some glitter on top. So I tried. I opened my eyes in a way I got it all over the place, but them I fixed it.IMG_6737

I didn’t have glitter, but I thought shinny eyeshadow would do more or less the same job. I also did the under eye and the inner corner.IMG_6752

Step 3:

Then, I tried to put a lighter shade over the part where I put concealer, because it didn’t make as big of a contrast as I thought. I think you can tell, right?IMG_6758

I think I should’ve put the light shade in the first place, that would’ve made a better contrast. Who knows?

Step 4:

And last, I did my eyelashes! I curled them and put some mascara on.IMG_6766

Why do pics always look lighter on the phone? Argh!!

Anyway, that’s the final look! I’ve done smokey eyes before, but I haven’t done it with more than just 2 shades lol


Share your thoughts with me!

Did you like the look? Do you like smokey eyes? What’s your favorite type of eye makeup? How many shades do you usually do? Tell meeeeeeeeee


I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it!!!! I’ll see you next week with some more juice!!! I hope y’all have an amazind day and an amazing next week, see ya next time!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🐰

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12 thoughts on “Attempting a Smokey Eye!!

  1. Great video, it turned out looking great! I’m doing my first ever makeup look on my blog next week, I’m attempting Valentine’s Day makeup, maybe you could give it a go? I’m using some metallic pink and darker red shades and doing a matte pink lip and drawing hearts on my face (inspired by Nikita Dragun’s latest video) I’d love to see you give it a go! x

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  2. I just love your eyes so much ughh 😭 The final product looks great! I’ve done (well actually someone else did it for me) smokey eyes before and it’s slightly different from this! I can’t for the life of me create a smokey eye because it will just end up looking like I had a bad black eye 😂 I’m super bad with eye shadow 😂 I agree with autumngirl, you should try a Valentine Makeup Look! 💗 xx

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    • Really? Awwwww thank you so much!!!! I’m so happy you liked the outcome! 😀 And really? What a coincidence!!!! 😛 And omg lol XD but you should practice, my first makeup attempts turned out awfully, I swear, once *idk if I had already told you* I removed my liner before it was dry and it got all over my eyeball, it was entirely black!!!! I thought I was going blind!!!!!! *cries*

      And thank youuuuuuuu, omg I’m a little late for valentine’s day, but think I can do it still!!! 😀 ❤

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      • *no i dont think you’ve told me already* YOU’RE EYEBALL????! my gahd gurl hope it didn’t hurt so much? What a nightmare 😂 I’m gonna need more practice and patience 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah omg it was so scary! I thought we had to go to the hospital, but I washed it out and it came off 😅😅
        And no, it didn’t hurt at all, it was just the experience 😂
        And yawwwssssss do it!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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