Dreams of the Month | March 2019

Dreams of The Month March 2019

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day!!! I am!! So March is over and I just can’t believe it’s April now omg! Anyway, that means it’s time for another dreams of the month post!!

As always, I’ll be telling you what happened in 4 of the dreams I’ve had this month. How do you remember dreams from this month? you may be asking.. I have a Dream Journal where I write them down!

Now let’s begin!

Dreams of The March 2019:

March 3rd, 2019

I dreamed me and my friends were in an attraction from like a theme park, but it wasn’t a roller coaster or anything, it was a little sh*ttier. 😅 Anyway, we probably got in like twice in there.

When the second ride ended, one of my friends went to see me and the other friend I was sitting next to in the attraction. Apparently, he was wearing a new jacket that was really really warm, so he hugged me to show me.

The thing is that hug lasted WAY too long. I mean like probably 20 seconds? 😖😖 What? I mean, he was my friend and stuff, but what the fuck?

Resultado de imagen de awkward hug gif

I felt so freaking awkward, you know? I mean, he didn’t hug me like in a pretentious way like touching this and that, just a static hug, you know?

March, #idontrememberthedate 2019

I dreamed me and my parents were on a plane about to take off and supposedly it was already moving to, you know, be in the right place to start running and fly.

Well when it was moving slowly, it went through a department store? Like, we were in an area where they only sold soaps, what? The hell? 😱😱 What was that supposed to mean?

Not to mention, Hitler was there too.

Resultado de imagen de springtime for hitler gif

Actually some of the passengers, me included had to go off the plane and we were going back in few minutes, and Hitler took me. I actually was with him for HOURS. And then I saw him talking with my English teacher super friendly? What? I don’t wanna know what kinda relationship they had, omg!!!!

March 20th *i believe* 2019

I dreamed me and my friends were in an abandoned apartment in the middle of nowhere probably and there was no floor. We were on floor 0, but like the floor was literally the soil and grass and all. It didn’t have rocks, but it had many big tree roots.

Then I saw it. It was a snake kind of camouflaged among the roots. It was dark green. I didn’t move at all, we couldn’t even tell if it was alive or not.

But then a kid few years younger than me who I’ve seen in real life who’s not my friend was there with us and then he showed me little snakes and worms with snake faces. They scared the eff out of me. I wanted to kill him so bad! 😡 😡 Resultado de imagen de snake gif

March 30th, 2019

I dreamed I was at the disco with my friends and some classmates. We were like a group of 5 people. Oh and the hot teacher was there too! Argh, why does he keep appearing in my dreams? It makes me super sad.

Anyway.. we actually were talking a lot. Oh wait, I forgot to say our group was the only one in the disco. We were the only mother effers there lol! 😂😂 Like what? There was music playing really loud like normally and it was dark and there were colorful lights and all, it was just weird.

We didn’t dance a lot, not to say I don’t remember us dancing at all lol! 😂

Imagen relacionada

Anyway, we actually had really nice conversations. It was nice to talk to classmates I don’t usually talk to and to have a nice conversation with my ex teacher, you know?

And obvs when I woke up I was f*cking upset.

Dream count: 10

I must say I had many more but I couldn’t remember. It’s becoming harder to remember them. Like, I remember them in the morning most times, but then in few hours I completely forget.


Share your thoughts with me!

Do you get a lot of dreams? Is it hard for you to remember them? Do you have a dream journal? Do you get weird dreams like this? What have you dreamed lately? Tell me in the comments!!!!

I hope you liked reading this post as much as I liked making it! I’ll see ya next time with the next post! I hope you all have an amazing day/night and a great rest of the week!!!!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🌩

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