Pros and Cons of Sad Music

Greetings peeps!

*I actually wrote this post in 2017 but for some reason never posted it, I kept it all as I had written it. Well, almost everything. And I also posted the gifs now cause it didn’t have any*

I hope you’re all having a good day! Cause if you are, I’m about to bring you down with some negative thoughts!! Nah, just kidding, but you can stop reading if you feel like this may make you sad.

If you’re still here, thanks! Ok so I got the idea of this post cause do you know the song Summertime Sadness by idk who? Yeah, well, that gave me a great idea.

Random viewer – Omg that song was released about a century ago, who ya think we are? 🙄

Ok, I’m sorry, let’s continue. So, as I was saying, I got the idea from that song. I didn’t really wanna talk about stresses we go throughout cause I ain’t stressed. I believe. Anyways, time to begin this post, I’m gonna shut up.

Pros and Cons of Sad music:


  • It’s music: I mean, who can live without it? I don’t know, some weeks when I’m in school and I spend days without playing music in my bedroom, it just doesn’t feel like me. It doesn’t make me feel sad or anything, I just enjoy life less? I don’t know. 😅Resultado de imagen de dances gif
  • I makes you vent: Crying is awful, but it makes you vent. It’s like when you vomit, don’t you feel like WAY better once you go everything out? I watched a video on youtube that said that there’s a hormone released by your brain that makes you feel that way after vomiting. Anyway, back to the point: Venting is good.
  • These songs unite people: If you listen to this song that makes you feel that way, and you find out someone else likes it too, now you have someone to cry with!! And BAM! Problem solved! Kinda. 😕Resultado de imagen de people hugging gif
  • Culture: Knowing anything is culture. Knowing a song means knowing the time it was written and the artist. I guess that should make you feel better. I don’t know.
  • Sad moments make happy ones after: You know the song Be Alright by Ariana Grande? *btw it’s a jam, you should listen to it if you haven’t already* It says and I quote: “The hard times are golden cause they all lead to better days.” And it’s true! There’s also a saying in Spanish that says: “No hay mal que por bien no venga.” which kinda  means that there’s nothing 100% bad, you can always get something good from it. 😊Resultado de imagen de ariana grande be alright gif


  • No matter if you feel good or bad, it makes you feel worse anyway: Omg I swear I can’t ever listen to sad music cause it always brings me down and it pisses me off cause I like some songs but I hate feeling bad and arggghh!! 😤Resultado de imagen de when the party's over gif
  • Songs make memories: You know when you used to like a song some years ago and then after not listening to it for a while and then you listen to it again, it reminds you of that point of your life? *that was a long question, wasn’t it?* Well, sad songs remind you of sad memories and that ain’t good, for personal experience.
  • Sad music can be relatable, unfortunately: Even if the artist’s situation doesn’t have to do with yours, you’ll always try to find similarities cause that’s what your crazy brain does.
  • Melodies hurt: Maybe there’s songs that aren’t even about sad things, but just the melody makes you wanna cry every time you listen to it. Dude, if I got money for every time that happens to me… *sigh* Not proud of it, but mehImagen relacionada
  • They make you feel like utter crap: That’s basically why it sucks. Those songs make you feel low as the inner layers of the planet and the worst is that you wanna listen to them over and over until that negative demon leaves your soul. 😐

And that was it for the pros and cons list. I found it really hard to find pros cause I can only see cons. But I could gather 5 positive things, which I thought I was uncapable of doing.

Do you like sad music? What’s your fave sad song? I got lots of them, they’re all shuffling in m head no that I’m so eager to hear them cause ermm.. it’s summer, I honesly don’t know why, but summer makes me a little sad, maybe it’s hormonal, cause since I was a kid I never really had a reason.

I hope you guys liked this post. And yeah, I’m still not over my crush *wipes off tears* I’m sorry today’s topic was a little negative but next post will be more positive! Have an amazing day!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina

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