My Thoughts on ASMR

My Thoughts on ASMR

Greetings peeps!

I hope you’re all having a great day! I am cause next week exams will be over, yay!! Argh, it was time! I’m finally gonna be free from of that stuff! Now let’s talk about ASMR…

So everybody knows that ASMR has been a  pretty huge thing lately and everybody is super fond of it, right? And I just wanted to sit down and talk about that!

It just doesn’t entertain me

Don’t get me wrong, for some reason, sometimes I get asmr videos on my instagram feed as suggestions. I do watch them, some of the until the end, the thing is they’re not something I look up or something I go like: Oh let’s watch asmr videos!

Some are interesting because the colors are pretty and some are satisfying to watch, but it’s really something that kinda makes me bored, you know? I just don’t see the entertaining thing to it, you know?

Let’s talk slime

Ok I like slime. I never bought slime, but I like it. I think it’d be really cool to play with, the thing is I don’t find it interesting to watch videos of people playing with it, I’d prefer to play with it myself, you know?

Like I said before, it’s boring for me to watch it.

Now voices

Argh I actually do hat when people whisper to the microphone, it’s super cringy!!!

STORYTIME: When I was in elementary school, I remember one day in class two of my friends sitting at each sides next to me hadn’t brought the book to school and I had, so the teacher told us to share my book.

She told all of us to read in silence and my two friends were reading while moving their lips. They weren’t whispering, which would’ve been better, they were making noises with certain consonants and I heard that on each of my eras and it cringed the hell out of me.

It was awful. I couldn’t read.


So I think I’ve never really liked people talking really low right next to my ears, it makes me cringe a lot and makes me wanna punch them in the face. Don’t know why though.

I know know if you’ve watched it, but Cardi B did an interview on the BBC radio 1 and they told her to do asmr. It was cringy AS F*CK! I mean, the things she said didn’t help either cause she was talking you can imagine, but either way!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cardi, but that was super hard too watch. Well, listen.

Here’s the link to the video in case you’re curious. I’m not inserting it into the post cause it has strong content. Argh why?


Share your thoughts with me!

Do you like ASMR? If so, what’s your favorite kind? Do you dislike slime? Why? Did you watch Cardi B’s ASMR? Did ya cringe? Do you like slime? Do you buy it or make it or what? Tell me anything you want!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked making it! I also hope you have an amazing day/night wherever you are and an amazing week! See ya next time!!!

Massive hugs!
Ana Regina 🍩

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11 thoughts on “My Thoughts on ASMR

  1. Aaah girl I’m totally with you on that. ASMR creeps me outtt. I find it cringy when people do it but I like imitating it sometimes haha. I get asmr from paper flipping but I would not like to watch paper flip for two hours, thanks very much.

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  2. Love your post! Honestly, I watch ASMR on a regular basis when I am studying. It helps me a ton… But I definitely hate some ASMR content that they post, some of which are really uncomfortable like a murder roleplay? Crazy aunt goes on a picnic with you? oh gosh and especially the sexual ones x_x

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    • Thank you!!! 🦄🌈 And it helps you study? I had never heard that, it’s really cool! And yeah, some same are REALLY uncomfortable to listen to, argh I hate when people specialize asmr
      Thank you again!! 🤪

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